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The American Institute of Architects Advocates for Better Policies

     In 2010, Robert Ivy was appointed the vice president and head cheerleader of the American Institute of Architects. The premier organization that represents professional architects and designers saw that Ivy is not only competent but dedicated to revolutionizing the lives of architects through the introduction of viable policies. Robert Ivy’s reign at AIA began in 2011 when he was made the chief executive officer of the organization. Since then, members of AIA have enjoyed the input of a great leader.

Ivy’s Leadership

As a renowned architect and leader, Robert Ivy of AIA has vast experience in editorial works. His professionalism is reflected in his dedication to empowering architects across America. Ivy’s roles include generating viable advocacies for architects and their assistants. He has been on the forefront of initiating instrumental, community projects in his reign.

Ivy’s Advocacies

Perhaps the most notable factor that Robert Ivy is defined by is his character and commitment to generating new projects at AIA. To him, AIA is more than just working with architects to better their future as he focuses on initiating successful projects with the masses. Ivy’s roles extended to Ivy Architects where he served as the head. Ivy ensured that his teams are well-versed with building and design as that is the foundation of every community across the world.

Robert Ivy’s Roles

Robert’s roles at AIA extend to society projects and management. He also covers political and environmental initiatives. His focus lies in addressing issues that affect the building environment. By enhancing the voices of architects, Ivy has developed a platform that provides helpful resources for this profession.

AIA was established in 1875. The foundation is a project of 13 experienced architects who were moved by their passion for revolutionizing the industry. From that moment, AIA has expanded its services and reach across America with the primary purpose of catering for architects. With the central office in Washington D.C, AIA is trusted to facilitate the growth of architecture as a field and industry.

AIA’s Profile

AIA has over 50,000 members in different jurisdictions. The company uses these members to reach out to the community through significant projects. From builders, engineers, project managers, team leaders and associates, AIA has transformed the industry. AIA comprises of additional groups like the associate member’s group and emeritus. These groups play instrumental roles in developing strategies that will be used to structure building and design.

AIA’s Contribution to Women’s Career

On the other side are planners who focus on creating beneficial and structural designs. AIA continues to thrive in the midst of a competent world. For AIA, all projects are based on finding the means towards developing the careers of architects. To sum it up, AIA believes in women and their ability to contribute to architecture. That is why the company handles their licenses by initiating the sponsorship.

How Avaaz Picks its Campaigns

Avaaz, which means “voice” in various languages, is a United States-based civic advocacy group that empowers millions of people in the world to act on pressing global, regional, and national issues such as corruption, poverty, conflict, and climate change. Since its founding in 2007, Avaaz has become an online pressure group to be reckoned with, and its rapid growth is just one part of what makes it entirely different from campaigning organizations or traditional charities.

Its model of online organizing allows individual efforts, however small, to be quickly combined into a powerful collective force. Part of its achievement is down to the ease with which you can participate in the process. Once you log on to Avaaz’s website and get a petition that interests you, adding your voice to it is as simple as keying in your email address. You can also spread a campaign you are fond of by clicking on the social media tabs, which in turn posts the information about the petition on your Twitter feed or Facebook wall.

Avaaz’s members submit campaign ideas, and once an idea is accepted, it passes through a rigorous selection process. First, they send a tester email to a random selection of 10,000 members in selected a country. If at least 10 percent of the chosen group does not open the email, the idea gets discarded.

Emails that pass this process are then tested for content and must have around 40 percent conversion rate. At least two in five of those who opened the email must click through the website for it to go viral.

A promising campaign will encourage more than 80 percent of the selected group to sign the petition, and emails that achieve this ratio are then rolled out to the entire membership of Avaaz in the relevant country.

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Highland Capital’s James Dundero: 3 Decades of Distinction Within the Financial Industry

Founding member and President of Highland Capital Management James Dundero continues to advance the economic interests of his clients through his firm’s award winning financial products.

Winner of the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities and recognized in both Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation and by being Morningstar’s premiere-ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund sets this high achieving Dallas, TX-based firm apart.

Building on a track record of 3 decades of prior successes, before Dundero started Highland he served as the chief investment officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. During the 5 years of tenure at the firm, he grew the startup to $2 billion in earnings.

Dundero came to Protective Life from American Express, where he served as a portfolio manager, responsible for $1 billion in fixed-income funds at the time of his departure in 1989.

A graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Business, he graduated earning degrees in Finance and Accounting with Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma honors in 1984. That same year, James Dondero was accepted into the Morgan Guaranty Program, beginning his career in financial analysis.

Currently Dundero presides as Board Chairman for Highland’s affiliates including NexPoint, NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Health. He is also active in other organizations sitting as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

His management responsibilities at Highland include oversight of the firm’s operations and investment strategies for its retail and institutional financial products.

One of the original innovators of the Collateralized Loan Obligation, Dundero maintains Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant certifications.

James Dondero’s Highland also supports and sponsors a wide range of philanthropic activities assisting civics and educational programs.

Providing the Dallas Zoo with $1 million, Highland was key in building the 4,500 square foot Hippo Hut, saving the zoo’s hippos and providing resources for events and educational displays.

Other charitable activities include donations to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, Uplift Education, Southern Methodist University’s Capital Management Tower Scholars Program and Education is Freedom.

Dallas’ less fortunate have also been the recent recipients of Highland community assistance. Dundero announced a $1 million challenge grant, providing 50 percent matching on donations made to The Family Place, a counseling and shelter services facility for the area’s victims of violence.

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How James Dondero Became a Philanthropist After Becoming Rich

Highland Capital Management is a very influential financial advisory company based in Dallas, Texas.


It is led by the co-founder and President of the company, James Dondero, who is an expert in finances and in giving investment strategies to his clients.


James Dondero has an impressive record of successful investments, including his own company, Highland Capital Management, which today is one of the strongest financial corporations in Dallas, and has made Dondero and his partner who co-founder the company billionaires.


The entrepreneur and financial expert today is a philanthropist and uses some of Highland Capital Management’s profit to fund some honorable initiatives and foundations through the help of some of the company’s partners. As a philanthropist and a charitable person, James Dondero has already donated millions of dollars on multiple occasions like when he donated to the Dallas Zoo to help bring back the hippos and restore their habitat inside the zoo.


He is also a big supporter of the “The Family Place,” and he made a $1 million grant to support their cause and initiate a challenge in the foundation.


As a financial specialist, he founded the Highland Capital Management and has employees that are trained and gather experience from some of the best economists in the United States, including himself. Any employee in James Dondero’s firm is well-trained and experienced with investments, and they will find a custom, tailored financial plan for all kinds of clients and newcomers alike.


Commonly called as “Jim Dondero” by his friends and family, the man is committed to studying investments and the latest profitable assets in the world to help suit the Highland Capital Management’s clients with the most efficient and secure methods of earning money.


Today, James Dondero has been awarded with the nomination of one of the biggest philanthropists in Dallas as well as in the whole Texas. Having already donated to his firm’s Tower Scholars Program, where he promoted a lot of exposure to educational opportunities, he is also improving the education in the country by emphasizing the importance of a good study to develop the nation and the quality of life of the communities.

Cassio Audi and Music

In life, we all have something we want by all means. Cassio Audi is not any different, as he was interested in being popular while he was young. This led him to a music rock band in Brazil. With the status he has today in the Brazilian society, some people don’t know that he once had a music career. His dream came true as the band gained popularity, in Brazil in the 1980s and early 1990s.

About Cassio Audi
Cassio Audi is a prominent businessman and a philanthropist in Brazil. He holds a significant position and status in the society. This is due to his highly regarded skills in the financial management sector. In this sector, he is known for his application of strategic planning and critical thinking skills. This skills and his enchanting music background are some of the things that attract people to his services. His music is an indication of creativity, and his ability to engage in many successful ventures at the same time.

Cassio’s Early Music Life
Cassio was a member of a popular band in Brazil, called the Viper before joining college. This band was formed by teenagers from a similar setting. Cassio was the heavy metal drummer of the band and in those times, drummers would exemplify the heavy metal music. He was responsible for the unity of the group, and also providing emphatic beats. Together with other members such as Felipe and Andre, they created sounds that made Viper a popular band, in the country. This led to the first album called ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. Other hit songs included the ‘Fate of Theatre’

Cassio’s Combination of Music and Business
Despite his success in business, Cassio doesn’t forget his past life in music.He uses music because he understands it provides a creative-based solution. This solution has made clients admire his music due to creative approaches.

From the early music life of Cassio, it’s clear that his desire to be popular was fulfilled through music and business. This is a lesson that through knowing what we want, hard work and dedication our dreams are still valid.

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Gama Writes!

     Alexandre Gama is special. He holds multiple awards in copywriting, copyediting and even advertising – with a few marketing endeavors all along the way. He holds ranks as one of the top businessmen in Brazil and the proud owner of Neogama, a company he started on his own dime before the early 2000’s.

Gama has nearly seen it all: From the rise and fall of glorious copywriting agency empires in the early ’80s to the very founding of top ad companies in the ’90s, he has both witnessed and lived to tell many a tale from his unique experiences. Not only that, but he continues to share his advice from countless personal and business experiences throughout his many years of service thus far – and he certainly hopes to be able to share a few more for the next few generations to come. He resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

For Seductive Lingerie, Contact Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette has become a household name to the seductive, yet independent woman. The brand provides lingerie that is beyond what was formerly available on the market. The brand products range from sexy bras, pants and even sleep outfits for ladies.
Honey Birdette is the vision of Eloise Monaghan, who is an entrepreneur. He started his first store in Brisbane and has since then reaped ample success. The greatest success of the venture came from the fact that it was the first of its kind in Australia. Hence, the modern woman, who loves beauty and seduction flocked the store and spread the word around. The success caused Eloise to later open more branches in the continent. Currently, there are over 55 Honey Birdette stores in Australia.
Other than the physical stores, Honey Birdette made its presence felt in the social media through channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Consequently, customers in other regions such as the U.S and U.K started making orders. In the last one year, the U.S sales rose by 374%, causing Eloise to open a Honey Birdette e-commerce site in the U.S. The venture is aimed at helping customers get faster and cheaper deliveries. Moreover, the site will make returns easier and quicker in cases where the client is not happy with a product. Other than that, Honey Birdette intends to commence retail stores in the U.S. soon as a way of giving the customers more personal services.
The success has also been felt in the U.K., where the brand has several retail outlets. The first outlet was at the Covenant Garden, and the positive response from the customers prompted the opening of more stores in White City and Victoria Gate. There are also plans to open ten more stores in the UK in places like Liverpool and Newcastle this year. By the end of next year, the management intends to have over 40 stores in the UK.

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How Mexican Media Heavyweight Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega Winning Tactics Survived?

     Mexico’s media landscape is fast evolving. Over the last two decades, top industry players such as Grupo, NW Editorial, and Condé Nast have transitioned to contemporary content distribution. The region’s political climate has long influenced traditional media giants, however, it’s a culture that’s constantly challenged by an emerging generation of publishers today. For example, critics have remarked on the rise of investigative journalism taking precedence over government-censored viewing. With politics shaping the nation’s economic, social and cultural events, it’s become synonymous with the media houses.

In bringing personalized media services to readers, Grupo, Condé Nast, and NW Editorial are the latest addition to join the PressReader lineup. They’re leaning towards diversification while maintaining a global competitive advantage over legacy rivals, El Universal, Editorial Notmusa, Grupo Expansión and El Economista. These partnerships present the avenue to diversify an already multifaceted platform offering 100+ top-rated Latin American and Mexican titles. PressReader offers translation features to complement its audio-enabled all-you-can-read service.

Largely, it’s helping media outlets extend their reach globally. Editorial Televisa’s DMD (Deputy Marketing Director), Ramon Garcia, expressed immense gratification in his franchise becoming the industry’s leading Hispanic media vendor. In a technologically advanced society, viewer demands for personalized content have significantly increased. With PressReader, Mexican media vendors can distribute in-demand content to readers across international borders and locally. Grupo Televisa operates the largest franchise offering Hispanic content worldwide.

Its powerhouse EVP (Executive Vice President) and director, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was promoted to office in 2000. He’d previously held an internal position as CEO (Chief Financial Officer), an appointment that lasted some 4 years. The promotion to EVP and managing director came as no surprise. As of April 1997, Grupo Televisa also nominated Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega to join its distinguished panel of board directors. Grupo Modelo accorded him the same endorsement in 2009. He also chairs the group’s Finance Committee.

Since his installation, he’s been credited for Grupo Televisa’s economic success and expansion across U.S. markets. In addition, Mr. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega remains committed to his responsibility as a board trustee of the Mexican non-profit, ASF (American School Foundation). He’s also the chairman of the Mexican organization, Kardias A.C. Similarly, Mr. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega among the esteemed board members overseeing Fundación Mexicana para la Salud A.C.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America to Launch New Comprehensive Treatment Platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the leading hospital systems in treating cancer patients. To expand their treatment methods, they recently partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to launch a new comprehensive oncology treatment platform called Clinical Pathways.

The first Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) hospital opened in 1988 in Illinois. Since then, they have opened four more hospitals across the country. CTCA has become renowned for its advancements in treating every type of cancer. The doctors and staff at CTCA locations work only with cancer patients, allowing them to dedicate their time to each patient and give them personalized care. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative medical approaches, CTCA is able to guide cancer patients through their treatment.

Partnering with Allscripts, an electronic health record system and Nanthealth, a health care data company, CTCA has designed a technological advancement that will help its patients make critical decisions about their care. Clinical Pathways presents patients with a selection of treatment options that have been customized to the CTCA standard. The selection presented to each patient will be tailored to their specific needs based on recent research, treatment regimens and complimentary therapies. Clinical Pathways will make it easier for patients to deliberate treatment options with their healthcare teams.

In addition to assisting patients, Clinical Pathways presents a system where doctors can access the latest cancer research and literature. CTCA currently has over 200 doctors, specializing in over 50 different oncology areas. With Clinical Pathways, these doctors can access an unbiased, evidence-based medical library with over 2,700 peer-reviewed, evidence-based treatment regimens for all cancers and cancer subtypes.

With this new platform, CTCA will be able to widen its scope on diagnosing and treating cancer patients. Clinical Pathways is currently available to patients at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America locations.

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What Is The Traveling Vineyard?

     The Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells incredible wine that could allow for you to make some serious cash. The Traveling Vineyard is a brand that can give you the opportunity to make money in this industry. When you work as a wine guide for this brand, you can achieve so much and experience a lot of growth in the long run because of how well they handle business.

The Traveling Vineyard has a huge number of wine guides who come together to sell their best flavors to other people. If you have the ability to get people interested in buying wine, this is the way to do it. When you get into direct sales in this industry selling their wine, it can be a scary but also rewarding experience. Working with their incredible team can allow for you to overcome your biggest fears and help you to witness what you are capable of.

The Traveling Vineyard loves to help their wine guides tackle on new opportunities and see new growth. The reason why this brand is amazing is because they provide their new sellers with the information they need so they can make money in this industry. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new, completely inexperienced, or you don’t even know what direct sales even is. There are people who were once in your shoes and had no clue what this business was all about and now here they are creating great success with their business as wine guides.

The flexibility you can have as a seller can allow for you to have a life outside of this business and actually have another job and only do this on the side. Countless people enjoy working with the Traveling Vineyard because it’s very possible to have this as a job alongside others. If you want to make money selling wine, this is the way to do it; with a company who can actually deliver what they promise and provide real results.

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