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Political and Social Contributions of George Soros in the USA

For decades now, Gorge Soros has been an influential role player in the political and social fronts, thanks to his generous nature. Soros is Hungarian-born who left the country and studying Economics in London. According to Forbes, Soros started humbly, engaging in waiter and railway porter jobs. Later, he started a financial career at a merchant bank.

Then, he moved to New York, where he started working at Wall Street before building an establishment with $12 million in 1969. This later became the Quantum Fund. In his successful path, George Soros shorted the British pound in 1992 alongside Stan Druckenmiller. He raked in significant profits that he was considered to have broken the Bank of England.

All along, he has been a renowned investor through his Soros Fund Management. This year, the large finance investor hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, a prominent Wall Street woman. She was to assume the duty of running Soros’s investment portfolio as the Chief Investment Officer of the fund. This is the seventh CIO to work for Soros Fund Management since 2000. Soros has not only been an icon in the investment world but also in the political and social arenas as well.


Political and social contributions

In between his successful investment ventures, Soros has played a significant role in spending on the political as well as the social fronts. According to the Politico, the billionaire has been offering financial support to political candidates since 2004, when he gave out $27 million to John Kerry in a bid to defeat President Gorge Bush. He also committed over $25 million in financial support to Hilary Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates, the Politico reports.

Besides, he has also donated several million dollars to Priorities USA Action, which was a super PAC supporting Clinton. Soros also gave $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, which was yet an opposition research aiming Trump and other Republican candidates too. Moreover, he gave $700,000 to Democratic Party committee’s assortment.

Soros has been supportive of Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party. However, he has been against policies that may not bear positive results for the citizens. For instance, in his recent warning, he advocates against leaders embracing “siren songs”, terming it as a policy that could only mean a challenge in fighting terrorism.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

On social contributions, Soros has also offered a big deal of philanthropic donations. One of the ways he has played a significant role is through his international foundation. This has donated well over $13 billion to nonprofit in the last three decades. They have also been aimed at shaping democracy in the East of Europe. Other causes that his contributions have aimed at include enhancing access to healthcare as well as education in the US and the world over.

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End Citizens United| A New PAC Devoted to Curbing Dark Money in Politics

Last year, End Citizens United, a new political action committee, expressed its commitment to campaign finance reform and be a renowned PAC. To spearhead its endeavors, End Citizens United made plans to funnel tens of millions of dollars to various Democratic candidates who were running in Senate races and the competitive House across the nation.

In the same month it was formed, End Citizens United raised over $2 million from small donors. Also, it expected to receive a total of $25-$30 million according to Richard Carbo, the group’s communications director. During the same duration, End Citizens United also unveiled the endorsement of 11 candidates belonging to the Democratic Party. Some of the mentioned candidates included Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Since its inception, End Citizens United has received about 136000 donations with average grassroots donations amounting to $14.86. Additionally, the group consists of five staff members including Valerie Martin and Reed Adamson, who are experienced in campaign management.

The Objective of End Citizens United

The driving force behind End Citizens United involves passing a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizen United. In 2010, this decision facilitated the emergence of a tidal wave of dark money and Super PACs in politics. Furthermore, over 325,000 individuals had signed the group’s petition aimed at forcing Congress to reverse the Citizen United decision. End Citizens United expected the number to rise after partnering with another group dubbed as Ready for Hillary.

End Citizens United has plans to create an independent expenditure arm early in 2017. The arm will be aimed at financially supporting candidates through numerous initiatives such as direct mailers, polling and television ads.

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About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that was formed on March 1st, 2015. Since its inception, the group has maintained its commitment to not only counter Citizens United but also reform its campaign finance system. End Citizens United aims at showing the voters, elected officials, media and candidates the devotion of the grassroots in combating the billionaires’ intentions to buy the elections. This action plays a vital role in fostering a broad coalition aimed at pressuring legislators to take action and campaign finance reform.

The End Citizens United is steered by its mission to combat the high spending in politics by the wealthy in society. The objective also involves dismantling the rigged political system through passing state ballot measures and electing campaign finance reform champions. Elected champions are intended to work towards ending dark and unlimited money in politics. The group also hopes to accomplish its mission through raising the money issue in politics as a national priority, electing pro-reform candidates and utilize grassroots membership to display political power. Follow the organization on LinkedIn.