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Nick Vertucci, From Student to Teacher

Nick Vertucci started out as young, 18 year old kid living out of the back of his van with little purpose or direction. After an interesting change of events his life took an upward turn as he became his own boss selling computer parts. During this time period he had the opportunity of starting his lovely family as he married his wife and had three amazing daughters. His life seemed to be on a fast track to success until Nick Vertucci was hit with the unexpected dot com crash in 2000. This left him in an extremely vulnerable position as he spent 18 months unemployed, slowly watching his financial situation deteriorate and dissolve with no solution in site.

One day however during this seemingly long, hopeless time; a friend of Nick invited him to go to a 3-day real estate conference. At first he was reluctant to go, as he preferred to enjoy his weekend, but after some convincing he decided to go and experience it for himself. This decision was the vocal point for his life taking a complete u-turn and changing drastically. Nick Vertucci says that the best decision he ever made for his life was to attend that workshop.

He closely took in everything the speaker had to say over those beneficial and life changing three days. Although not everything made sense to him at the time, his gears had already began turning and for the first time, he knew exactly what he could do to dig himself out of the financial hole he had found himself in.

Over a decade’s time he became well versed in the skills and knowledge he needed for the success of his real estate career. Over time and with a lot of patience and endurance, Nick Vertucci developed a system for real estate that allowed him to make consistent money in the most direct and efficient way. From the humble beginnings of his friends real estate workshop, he has now developed a formula that allows him to attain consistent revenue with a method that makes sense.

After he attained his success and became a millionaire, Mr. Vertucci made a promise to himself to share the knowledge and information that helped him attain his success. He understands that there are many people out there with much drive and potential whose sole road block is lacking the know-how to achieve their success. With the tools set out in front of him, Nick Vertucci makes it his mission to help these individuals kick-start their career in real estate.

Nick Vertucci: An Investor’s Determination to Help Others

Nick Vertucci started industry at a tender age of 18 years when he started selling computer parts. At first, his business was successful. He even settled down and started a family. In the year 2000, things went south with the introduction of dot com crash. He had to watch all his finances dissolve. Nick could spend days without making money to sustain his family. He ended up accumulating significant debt. Despite working hard, he lost everything but his house.


Venturing into Real Estate


When Nick Vertucci was still struggling to rise up again, one of his friends invited him to a real estate workshop. At first, Nick was reluctant and felt like he didn’t want to lose an entire weekend at a workshop. He didn’t know that attendance to the workshop would change his life and make him one of the renowned investors in the country.


Although he didn’t understand everything the speaker was talking about, from the little he understood, he knew he will get out of his financial hole. His hope in making it again was renewed and he felt inspired to learn everything he could about real estate. After a decade of dedication and constant learning, Nick had gathered enough information to succeed in the industry.


Establishment of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


From years of learning, Nick Vertucci had gathered enough information and came up with a formula that would help him become a millionaire. Instead, he decided to help others and that is how he opened up the NVREA in 2013. In the academy, he trains other people who wish to join the real estate industry on how to use his system. Most people who come to the academy have the will to join the industry but they lack motivation. That is exactly what Nick gives them.


The NV Real Estate Academy team of real estate professionals will help you in tackling the day-to-day problem in the real estate industry. When you join the academy, you will be trained on how to buy and hold a property for long term cash flow, investing in commercial properties, flipping contracts, wholesaling, how to protect your assets, and leveraging your IRA.


Once you join the academy, you are equipped with hands-on experience using the proven Nick Vertucci system that helps you succeed in the real estate industry. Since its founding, the academy has helped many students who are now enjoying a career in real estate.

The Importance of Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs According To Flavio Maluf

One thing about being an entrepreneur is that it is more likely than not going to cost money. Therefore, it is important for people to have a solid financial plan. Another thing that is almost certain is that the entrepreneur is going to need financial aid in order to get his business off the ground. This is one thing that is hard obtain because many creditors are hoping to get more money back. It makes a lot of sense. Anyone who makes an investment or lends money is going to want to get at least the amount they loaned back. Therefore, it is important to have a solid business plan that is sure to attract the confidence of the investor as well as customers.


Flavio Maluf understands the importance of a good financial plan. For one thing, he knows that finances are needed to secure a physical location and get all of the equipment and products needed to run the business. At the same time, the entrepreneur has to put aside some money towards marketing. After all, even the most well built businesses are going to fail without the right type of marketing. People have to know enough about a business before they can decide to shop there.


With a well thought out financial plan, a business is going to have a huge chance for not only survival but also profit and growth. The only thing is that the entrepreneur has to look over his plans repeatedly in order to find any flaws in the planning. It does help to get a financial expert to look over the plans so that he can let the entrepreneur know about any needed improvements. Entrepreneurs like Flavio Maluf has managed to not only build successful businesses but have also managed to make a name for themselves because of how wise they handled their finances.

How Will BNDES Concessions Improve Sanitation In Brazil

The Brazilian government recently went public with its intentions of making concessions in partnership with the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Though the move has been well received by the water and sanitation sector industry players, it is still expected to elicit a national debate with regards to whether the nature of the concessions matches the expected national sanitary improvements.

Edison Carlos views on the matter

In a recent interview with Felipe Montoro Jens, Edison Carlos, President of Trata Brazil, an institute dedicated to nationwide basic sanitation, expressed his optimism in this partnership. He argued that given that the partnership is expected to undergo a series of improvements regarding its management and structure as well as deliberation on areas new players will be expected to cover.

Addressing the issue of penetration of sanitary health in the country, Felipe argued that the public sector provides 90% of the national services with 70% of these falling under the direct control of state governments. Therefore, Carlos is of the opinion that the entry of private sector players into the market will only serve as an incentive to improve services that will help broaden the sanitary service provision coverage in the country. Nonetheless, Felipe expressed concern about the level of water wastage in the country adding that the public will be watching to see how it will be addressed.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe is an accomplished figure in the investment and financial world. The Thunderbird School of Global Management graduate is especially hailed for his skills in infrastructural analysis and development. He is, therefore, sought after for his opinions of national and regional infrastructural investments.

Felipe started a career in finance after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Fundacao Getulio Vargas in 1993 before topping it up with an MBA from Thunderbird School. During this time, Felipe served as financial strategist and director for different companies in the country including Terna S.A and Price Water House Coopers where he served in the auditing and consulting division.


Igor Cornelsen Offers Some Ideal Investment Advice

Mr. Cornelsen is a highly respected former Brazilian banking executive and stock market trader who now runs Bainbridge Group. This is an offshore investment company located in the Bahamas that offers portfolio management, financial advisement and mentoring. During his banking career Igor Cornelsen led several major financial institutions in Brazil and offered consultation services to many more. Cornelsen now resides in Florida and runs the Bainbridge Group from his retirement home there.


The Ideal Investment Advice From Mr. Cornelsen


Igor Cornelsen states that knowing how to invest is a skill that needs to be learned and acquired. Having this skill can mean the difference between retiring in comfort or not having enough money to live the retirement that you want. Cornelsen suggests that people learn how to invest their money as soon as they enter the workforce. He states that as soon as you earn your first paycheck, you should have a grip on basic investing. At the very least, you should try and make an effort to understand investment and be ready to learn more as you get older and hold a more steady job.


Mr. Cornelsen highlighted the fact that many companies offer their full time salaried employees many investment, savings and retirement options through company plans. Cornelsen highly recommends that people take a look at these offerings and consider investing through these channels. Often times, there are incentives or benefits such as matching contributions or tax exemptions that employees can take advantage of for their benefit.


Igor Cornelsen also underscores the fact that many people do not understand all the different savings, retirement and investment options available to them. He says this is why many people will greatly benefit from seeking the advice of a financial professional. These people can explain what each investment option is in layman’s terms and the benefits they can provide. If you lack an understanding of investment, but want to invest money, then Cornelsen suggests you go ahead and consult with a financial advisor.


Regardless of whether you speak to an advisor or not, Igor says that any person that invests should have at minimum a basic understanding of investment. This will help you understand what your financial advisor is saying and offering to you. It will also help you map out a plan for your retirement, savings or college funds for kids. Educate yourself a bit and it will go a long way.

How The Brazilian Government Plans To Improve The Country’s Sanitation And Manage The Operation’s Finances

The Brazilian federal government announced that it would partner with the private firm National Bank for Economic and Social Development to improve the sanitation in Brazil. The government spokesman, Felipe Montoro Jens, revealed that the aim of the collaboration was to reduce waste significantly. Trata Brazil’s President, Edison, added to say that the partnership will result in improved managerial operations, available resources, and structural executions.


Edison revealed that currently, Brazil employs 90 percent of its labor unit in the sanitation sector from the government section. He explained that teaming up with the industry will maximize the experience of the government units with the availability of increased resources. Additionally, the financial situation of federal organizations will undergo massive improvement. Infrastructure expert Felipe Montoro backed up that concept by citing that the economic perspective of the operation will need monitoring. Edison stated that the end goal was to skillfully marry the needs of the people with the best course of action.


Felipe Montoro Jens is an alumnus of Fundao Getlio Vargas with a bachelor in BA. He earned his masters from the American Garvin School of International Management. Currently, he serves as the chief financing officer of Odebrecht S.A. He has experience in development and finance from his previous tenures at Price Water House Coopers and Enel Group S.P.A. He also worked in various branches of his current company, such as the treasury, project planning, and corporate financing.


Felipe has diverse interests in business and serves on the boards of enterprises in oil and gas, water and sewage, property estate, infrastructure, technology, energy and ethanol and sugar manufacture. He sits on the Council of boards of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo and Odebrecht Infra Estrutura Logisticas SGPS SA, as chairman. Felipe is the director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos, Braskem S.A, and Santo Antonio Energia.