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Eric Lefkofsky Is Changing Lives With the Help of Tempus

Does the name Eric Lefkofsky sound familiar? Have you heard this name previously? If you haven’t, the name Groupon should ring a bell. Eric is the creator of Groupon and as of right now, he remains a shareholder of the business but has decided to use his energy to focus more on his new business venture, Tempus.Tempus is a fairly new concept that allows for patients to have their DNA analyzed by professionals who can aim a better treatment plan towards their individual health needs. The Tempus business is partnered with a large collection of prominent hospitals that work with those in labs to help better understand the DNA of the cancer patients. The database will collect specific genomic DNA to compare to others and then begin a treatment plan specific to each individual case.

Technology is always changing and for this reason, someone needed to come up with a better understanding of the data needed for patients in order to help patients be treated better for their cancer. With Tempus, the technology is there to help those live longer lives than before. Now the physicians are able to collect all the information they need to make a better and more informed plan for their patients.There are a number of nonprofits as well as startups that work to help to find a cure or treatment of a disease.

The business industry is able to screen for more things as the cost has decreased to perform certain tests than ever before. It is also easier and cheaper to store the data needed to perform tests and get results.Because Eric worked hard to partner with prominent hospitals, the data that is collected is stored and analyzed. There is a 20,000 square foot lab that is used primarily for collecting and analyzing all data. This lab helps to build a DNA database as well as a patient profile which is used to help cancer patients.


Eric Pulier, a Man of the People

Even after a brief study of Mr. Pulier and his many accomplishments, donations, and contributions to society, he strikes me as a man of the people, and not just of business. My own father is about the same age as Mr. Eric Pulier, he has always taught me of the importance of giving back to the world and to people around me. Mr. Pulier and my father are great examples of what men of the people look like. They give of their time, talents, and resources to better the lives of others. But they don’t just give money; They teach skills, encourage innovations and ideas, and they give people a way to show their best selves.

We all have examples in our lives of what to do, and what not to do. For many of us, we still remember the examples of our youth and how they shaped the lives we live today. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without my father and mother, but I also wouldn’t have the opportunities I have in this amazing country, without the help of influential men and women who do what they can to better the world. Mr. Pulier has been on the roster for numerous public speaking events at technology conferences around the world. He has influenced the ideas of countless entrepreneurs and business men and women, and those ideas will go on through their workers and children. THAT, is the power of a man of the people, their influence goes on and on.

With all that in mind, it is amazing to me to read how his brain works like most people. He recently said in an article published on, that he has to write down the basics of the ideas that he’s developing or he’ll lose them as the day goes by. I think there is a common misconception that you must have a super brain to be successful in life, but that is not true. Simple habits set the ground work for big success, which has been the story of Mr. Eric Pulier’s life.


Adam Milstein Named Most Philanthropic

Adam Milstein was recently named one of the 200 Most Influential philanthropists in the world. It is mainly comprised of leading philanthropists and entrepreneurs in social media. It is London-based and strives to provide a list of amazing people together to showcase their work. Adam is currently No. 187 on this list. He is everything from a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council to a leader in many prominent Jewish organizations. He’s a part of StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC, and Campus Coalition.


This list is full of amazing people that have donated their time and money to help countless others. People like Elton John, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, among many others are a part of this brand. Adam is definitely honored to be part of this list because it puts him in the same spot as so many others. It’s giving him the chance to be recognized and witnessed as a hard working individual who loves to help others. He explains that his philanthropic work is very important to him and truly does gratify his life. He works with so many organizations and continues to showcase his respect and love for everybody he works with.


He has a Milestein Family Foundation that does quite a lot but mainly strives to strengthen Jewish people and their homeland. They fund projects, look to connect with other organizations, and provide as much funding and help as they can provide for everybody within the Jewish community. Adam Milstein definitely is honored to be part of this highly prestigious group of well respected philanthropists.


Fundamentals Concerning PodCastOne’s Latest Network Package

Some time in end of 2016, Norman Pattiz greatly supported launching of a new program at PodcastOne. The primary goal of the program is to help their fan-base enjoy more entertainment, as they take time learning deeper from interviews conducted on some of the famous researchers. The “Beyond the Darkness” program is to be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, who are veterans in the industry, and have a massive audience already.

Norman Pattiz: the Great Mind Behind PodCastOne

Norman rejoices in thriving in his media endeavors where he has gained experience of over forty years, particularly in radio syndication. He founded PodcastOne, which has been registering constant growth over the years. He serves there as the Executive Chairman, considering that he is quite an influential leader possessing relevant skills. Still he is the founder of Westwood One, which has been recognized as America’s number one provider of news, entertainment, interviews, as well as leading in the larger broadcast industry.

During Presidents Clinton and Bush tenures he got appointed to serve in influential positions in the board of America’s broadcast industry. The Beverly Hills-based prominent mind has also pioneered several other programs that have been beneficial to the populace. PodcastOne celebrates over four years of abundant success.

Influence Behind Norman’s Ever-Growing Trend

While on an interview, Mr. Norman discloses that he takes heed of the ideas they get daily. Being on the media exposes them to so much, but they always have to weigh the capacity they can take. Soon as they realize they have the ability to implement, then the actions begin right then. That is how they have continued to grow, taking advantage of situations and doing keen analyses.

Pattiz’ Leadership Skills Worth Observing

Even after growing his endeavors so much, Norman Pattiz is ever-present to learn more. He describes consumption of content as democratic, and with the ability to reach the populace through diverse ways. Norman believes in working, and that is why despite the great success you will find him getting involved in a lot concerning their success.


Norm, as he is commonly known, boasts of great achievement in the media industry. He has initiated several programs, and was even recognized when his program performed excellently across America. Being a remarkable media personality has helped him grow and leave an indelible mark. He is talented and taps potential opportunities, converting them into his listeners’ favorite, hence winning their loyalty.

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How Does Eric Pulier Succeed So Often?

The question of Eric Pulier’s amazing rate of success when it comes to his startups is certainly one that gets asked a lot in tech circles. The simple fact is that most startups do not last more than a few months. The failure rate is extremely high. Therefore, people are constantly wondering how Eric Pulier can constantly create startups that gain very wide followings in seemingly a very short period of time. Pulier himself has been very candid about this issue over the years. He says there are many reasons why his startups succeed where others fail.


For starters, Eric does not spread himself too thin. He only works on a single project at a time. He used to try to handle a number of startups at once. However, he found this to be ridiculous because he would tire himself out. Eric tells young entrepreneurs to choose a project they are excited about and stick to that. He believes they will be much happier with the results they receive if they work in this manner.


Eric Pulier has also become very good at using social media to promote his new startups. He has done this on many occasions. For example, ServiceMesh, Akana and Desktone were all sites that he used social media to promote. The results were very good in all of those cases. However, Eric recommends that you hire a consultant to help you if social media is not your thing. You definitely need to know what you are doing in order to get your message out to the people who are most likely to be your customers.


Another reason Eric Pulier has been able to succeed again and again is his unique ability to convince very powerful investors to put their money into his startups. Of course, his stellar track record has a lot to do with this. Eric says that you are dead in the water without the right financing. Therefore, he says that being able to pitch your startup to venture capitalists is an essential skill that people need to develop if they are going to succeed.

Keith Mann: He Knows What Is Truly Important

There are a lot of people out there that really don’t know what is important and what matters. They have lost sight of that. They might have gotten some riches and because of this, they can’t relate to people anymore. They feel as though they are too good for people and they have an inflated ego. Keith Mann is someone that has remained humble through the ups and downs of life. Nothing has changed how he has approached life or how he has treated people since he started working at Dynamics Search Partners. If anything, it has made him realize how lucky he is and it makes him want to give back to others.


Keep in mind, Keith Mann is the type of person where nothing has been handed to him in his life. Everything that he has, he had to earn it the old fashioned way with blood, sweat, and tears. However, that is what makes it all the more rewarding and all the more enjoyable. It is not like things are just handed to people. Maybe for some people, they have known someone or had doors opened for them. For someone like Keith Mann, it has taken grit and grit is something that he admires in other people when he sees it.


Right now, Mann is seeing a lot of grit in the youth of America and the young adults. He sees kids that might come from low-income situations, but they have never, ever used that as an excuse. They have stayed strong and they have stayed committed to the goal at hand. They would never let something stop them. When Keith Mann sees that kind of work ethic, he feels it is his duty to step up and do something to help them as soon as possible. He wants to be able to make sure they have all that they need to have a bright future ahead of themselves. That is why the fundraiser he held with Dynamics Search Partners was so important. It raised over twenty-two thousand dollars, and that is going to change the lives in these kids in ways they never thought possible.