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Get Into Real Estate Investment with Nick Vertucci

Every once in a while, a person must decide to forget the things that went wrong in the past and put their focus on making the future full of good tidings. One such person is Nick Vertucci; his story is that of legends like the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the fires that consumed it. By 18 years of age, he had already lost his father at the age of ten and was living in his van. With determination and ambition for a better life, he started his business selling and supplying computer parts, and his fortune changed, and he got a wife. However, his business took a turn for the worst when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. For nearly a year and a half, Nick did not have an income and sunk into more debt, losing everything except his home.


Education and Career


Nick graduated with a diploma from Canyon High School in 1984 and after tarmacking and hustling for a living, started his computer parts business. In 2001, he founded the Coastline Micro, Inc. where he served as the President and CEO for six years. The collapse of this business taught him many things, but it is not until a friend of his, invited him for a 3-day real estate seminar. Today, Nick Vertucci is one of the renowned real estate gurus in the world, and people from all over the USA and beyond attend his seminars.


During the seminar, Nick saw an opportunity, and for over a decade, he aspired to learn, train, and study on everything real estate, this he did by practicing what he learned overnight and applied it daily. Today, he is the founder and CEO of NV Real Estate Academy.


The NV Real Estate Academy


After many trials and errors, Nick Vertucci developed a simple and straightforward system that allowed him to make money in the real estate industry. Most people would keep the system to themselves but Nick saw the plight of millions of people struggling to make ends meet, and that is when he started his real estate academy. His primary motivation was that he saw people who had the drive and the desire but lacked the knowledge of penetrating the real estate market.


Presently, Nick Vertucci has a corporate staff team of 9 members and 14 highly trained and experienced educators who take the students through the system. The academy has achieved great results, and there are thousands of people quitting their jobs to go into real estate thanks to Nick’s system. You can watch his free webinar and attend his lectures where he will show you how to go about real estate investing. However, for success, you must be willing to go the full 8 miles and work hard to experience success.

Nick Vertucci, From Student to Teacher

Nick Vertucci started out as young, 18 year old kid living out of the back of his van with little purpose or direction. After an interesting change of events his life took an upward turn as he became his own boss selling computer parts. During this time period he had the opportunity of starting his lovely family as he married his wife and had three amazing daughters. His life seemed to be on a fast track to success until Nick Vertucci was hit with the unexpected dot com crash in 2000. This left him in an extremely vulnerable position as he spent 18 months unemployed, slowly watching his financial situation deteriorate and dissolve with no solution in site.

One day however during this seemingly long, hopeless time; a friend of Nick invited him to go to a 3-day real estate conference. At first he was reluctant to go, as he preferred to enjoy his weekend, but after some convincing he decided to go and experience it for himself. This decision was the vocal point for his life taking a complete u-turn and changing drastically. Nick Vertucci says that the best decision he ever made for his life was to attend that workshop.

He closely took in everything the speaker had to say over those beneficial and life changing three days. Although not everything made sense to him at the time, his gears had already began turning and for the first time, he knew exactly what he could do to dig himself out of the financial hole he had found himself in.

Over a decade’s time he became well versed in the skills and knowledge he needed for the success of his real estate career. Over time and with a lot of patience and endurance, Nick Vertucci developed a system for real estate that allowed him to make consistent money in the most direct and efficient way. From the humble beginnings of his friends real estate workshop, he has now developed a formula that allows him to attain consistent revenue with a method that makes sense.

After he attained his success and became a millionaire, Mr. Vertucci made a promise to himself to share the knowledge and information that helped him attain his success. He understands that there are many people out there with much drive and potential whose sole road block is lacking the know-how to achieve their success. With the tools set out in front of him, Nick Vertucci makes it his mission to help these individuals kick-start their career in real estate.

José Auriemo Neto Succeeds in Real Estate with JHSF

Land and property market is a troublesome market to get associated with yet it is a significantly harder market for individuals to have the capacity to be effective. Not just has José Auriemo Neto been fruitful with the open doors that he has in land however he is additionally effective with the improvements that he has made for various purposes. Everything that José Auriemo Neto has finished with JHSF have prompted him having the capacity to attempt new things and get more out of the choices that are in Brazil. He is certain that his land aptitudes are the reason that he has possessed the capacity to do as such much with the organization yet he is additionally sure that his prosperity is because of the way that he has never abandoned the fantasies that he had for his vocation and for the distinctive things that he can do in that profession and More data click here.

JHSF has been effective, as well. On account of their CEO being so devoted to the land advancement showcase, José Auriemo Neto has helped them to do diverse things. JHSF knows the correct approach to deal with their business and they likewise realize that it is important for them to keep developing on the off chance that they need to have the capacity to attempt new things and accomplish more with the choices that they have. Since José Auriemo Neto has been working with the organization, they have seen a ton of progress and they have possessed the capacity to improve things all alone and take in more about Jose.

Presently, José Auriemo Neto is attempting to improve things even. He will fabricate more premium inns and strip malls. José Auriemo Neto is additionally going to work to ensure that he can build up the majority of the private properties that individuals require in his town in Brazil. By doing this, he will improve things for himself and for the general population who he works with. He is additionally going to make sure that things will work out for the organization so it can show signs of improvement than what it was in the past with the distinctive things that were going on.

Learn more about him:

Nick Vertucci: An Investor’s Determination to Help Others

Nick Vertucci started industry at a tender age of 18 years when he started selling computer parts. At first, his business was successful. He even settled down and started a family. In the year 2000, things went south with the introduction of dot com crash. He had to watch all his finances dissolve. Nick could spend days without making money to sustain his family. He ended up accumulating significant debt. Despite working hard, he lost everything but his house.


Venturing into Real Estate


When Nick Vertucci was still struggling to rise up again, one of his friends invited him to a real estate workshop. At first, Nick was reluctant and felt like he didn’t want to lose an entire weekend at a workshop. He didn’t know that attendance to the workshop would change his life and make him one of the renowned investors in the country.


Although he didn’t understand everything the speaker was talking about, from the little he understood, he knew he will get out of his financial hole. His hope in making it again was renewed and he felt inspired to learn everything he could about real estate. After a decade of dedication and constant learning, Nick had gathered enough information to succeed in the industry.


Establishment of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


From years of learning, Nick Vertucci had gathered enough information and came up with a formula that would help him become a millionaire. Instead, he decided to help others and that is how he opened up the NVREA in 2013. In the academy, he trains other people who wish to join the real estate industry on how to use his system. Most people who come to the academy have the will to join the industry but they lack motivation. That is exactly what Nick gives them.


The NV Real Estate Academy team of real estate professionals will help you in tackling the day-to-day problem in the real estate industry. When you join the academy, you will be trained on how to buy and hold a property for long term cash flow, investing in commercial properties, flipping contracts, wholesaling, how to protect your assets, and leveraging your IRA.


Once you join the academy, you are equipped with hands-on experience using the proven Nick Vertucci system that helps you succeed in the real estate industry. Since its founding, the academy has helped many students who are now enjoying a career in real estate.

Jose Auriemo Neto Transformational Leadership at JHSF

JHSF Participacoes is a Brazil-based multinational company that specializes in the real estate, gastronomy, shopping malls and hotels sectors of the economy. The company began in the early 1970s initially as JHSF Company. JHSF products and services mainly target high-end market of recurrent income spending. Its primary market is in its home country Brazil, but it also operates in other nations including Uruguay and the United States. JHSF is the pioneer investor in the Brazilian recurrent income capital including airports, real estate projects, shopping malls, and hotels.

JHSF specializes in building residential and commercial properties throughout Brazil. The company operates a broad retail and shopping portfolio as well as the great shopping complex, Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo. JHSF also operates other shopping centers including the Salvador-based Bela Vista and Metro Tucuruv as well as Ponta Negra in Manaus. The company’s competencies include its potential to discover emerging opportunities in its operational market. JHSF also leads in innovation, quality, startups, risk taking, and potential to offer sustainable solutions for its projects and developments.

JHSF success further rests in its team of talented staff. Among the notable staff members of JHSF includes the company’s chief executive officer and chairman Jose Auriemo Neto. His role as JSHF CEO and chairman include oversight of the company’s brand interest in hotels, office developments and public developments through the administration of the groups’ broad retail and shopping portfolios. Neto’s accomplishments include his oversight of JHSF debut into retail market by signing agreements for an exclusive partnership with Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo. He also launched JHSF pioneer retail outlet in Cidade Jadrim, a shopping complex fully owned by JHSF. Under Neto’s leadership, JHSF also successfully bid for a partnership with Valentino, which helped the company to open its pioneer Valentino and R.E.D. outlets in Brazil.

Jose Auriemo Neto is a graduate of the prestigious Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University located in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. He began his career at JHSF in 1993. His first accomplishment at JHSF was the establishment of Parkbem in 1997, which specialized in the management of parking lot. After a successful career in the service department, Neto received the green light to build JHSF pioneer shopping destinations in 1998 at the Shopping Santa Cruz, which became a success and to know more visit @


Jose AuriemoNeto – Leading JHSF into the Right Direction Through his Strategic Leadership

JHSF is one of the biggest real estate development firms in Brazil, which mainly constructs unique and luxurious residential and commercial projects. Some of the projects that JHSF builds include malls, airports, shopping centers, residential complexes, incorporations, hotels, and range of other types of commercial properties. JHSF emphasizes heavily on the unique architectural design it is widely known for in Brazil, and integrating modern amenities in the properties, it constructs.

The company has completed hundreds of projects since its inception in 1972 and continues to be one of the most fruitful and preferred real estate development firms in the country. Moreover, the country now doesn’t exclusively work in the real estate space of Brazil but has branched out to other nations as well. JHSF, under the leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto, is developing projects in Miami, New York, Punta Del Este, and more.

One of the strategies of the company for consistent revenue generation is building modern apartments at key locations and gives them out on rent rather than selling it outright. It helps create a steady flow of income for the company, which also continues to rise annually. Jose AuriemoNeto also moved to the United States recently and is currently staying in New York. Click here to know more.

He is there in the United States for the long haul, and his children have started going to local schools as well. It is primarily because JHSF has a high rise luxurious apartment under construction on Fifth Avenue, one of the most popular residential areas in New York City. The company plans only to sell it. Jose AuriemoNeto is looking for more lucrative opportunities in New York, and other parts of the United States where JHSF can get involved. Under his leadership, JHSF has grown consistently over the years and is now planning to make the company’s foothold in overseas market stronger.

Jose AuriemoNeto has helped JHSF branch out into many different streams in the real estate sector, including shopping and retail, which presently is the fastest growing sector in the real estate niche. He also manages the marketing department of JHSF, and has helped make JHSF a globally recognized real estate development firm.

Jason Halpern: A Star of Real Estate

Famous for reviving historic districts of the US, Jason Halpern is a star of America’s real estate. On January 01, 1975, Jason was born in New York. He founded JMH Development and is serving as its current principal. It is a leading full-service real estate developer. In many parts of United States, JMH Development has the honor of developing numerous residential and commercial properties. Halpern’s company is famous for innovation and is credited with creating unique luxury properties. In highly popular and expensive areas of the US like Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach, the company developed unique and well-positioned properties. JMH Development has an investment of $500 million in just New York where the company is building one-eighty-four Kent and transforming a warehouse into over three-hundred luxury apartments.

jason in black and white

It was in 2010 when Jason took over his family’s business. The company is developing real estate for the last fifty years. In Westchester Country and New York City, JMH Development constructed hundreds of apartments. Millions of square feet of commercial space developed in Westchester County fell into Class A category. Jason’s vision for future is based on the expertise of his company and his experience. He wants to develop innovative and historic buildings. Today, it is the difference between Halpern’s company and rest of the builders. He always keeps in mind the historical culture of the site he is working on. JMH Development is known as the company that respects the community they are working. The company announced to top off Aloft South Beach. After two years, there was a large hotel in the heart of Miami Beach. JMH Development was joined by Madden Real Estate Ventures for this project which involved reusing Motel Ankara and constructing an eight-storey high tower.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Jason Halpern is a man with a very good heart. He spends his money and time on charitable endeavors. He has donated millions of dollars to Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. The trauma center is now a Level 1 facility which offers services like open-heart surgery, reattachment of limbs, complex emergency neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, care of pregnant women & children, burn center, and care for people with serious injuries. Now JMH Development is also involved in charity programs. The company joined hands with Global Water to launch several projects. At the moment, JMH Development has agreed to donate $20,000 from every contract signed at Three Hundred Collins residential area in Miami. The funds will be used for different water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. Besides this, JMH Development is working with Society of Tigray and Splash for bringing safe and clean water to over six-hundred residents of Ethiopia and Nepal.

Things that Town Residential Can Do

Town Residential recently opened their tenth office in New York City. This is a huge milestone for a company that was only started three years ago and for something that is quite uncommon to find in New York City because of the high demand for property in the city. It has been much different for Town Residential than it has for any other real estate company.


When Town Residential first began their foray into real estate, they knew that they wanted to do several things. They wanted to branch into luxury real estate, they wanted to be able to satisfy the needs of all of their clients and they wanted to make sure that they saw success through all of this. In just three short years, they have been able to accomplish all three of the original goals that they have had. As a real estate company, they are one of the best in the city.


Town Residential is the branch that serves the community of people who are looking for a home in New York City. While they mainly work with people who are looking to purchase in New York, they are also able to find high-quality rental properties that suit the needs of the lessors. They are able to provide people with all of the luxuries of small-town living while still giving them the building that they want in the big city of New York. They make excellent decisions on behalf of their clients and help them to find the perfect property.


When it comes to other ventures, Town has also done that. They have a commercial portion of their business that has done quite well. It has been successful in that it has a lot of properties for people who are looking for a place for their business to land. This means that they are able to help other businesses out with the services that they provide and that they are able to get the most out of their real estate license by always helping people who are looking for commercial real estate for their businesses.


Not only can Town help people find the perfect property that they are looking for, they can also help people who are looking to develop land and buildings. They buy up buildings in some of the hottest areas of the cities and sell them to developers who are looking for opportunities. They also work as a broker so that they are able to provide people with the best prices and with the most options in a city that typically has nothing available for people who want to create new developments or want to improve on something that has already been in the city.