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The Success of The OSI Group in The Global Food Market

The OSI Group is a privately owned American company. The company has grown to one of the leading providers of value-added healthy foods to retail stores around the world. The company is one of the leading institutions trusted with the processing of food for both the American and global market.

Since the OSI group’s establishment, the value addition and processing of food has been the company’s primary function. Recently, due to market demands, the OSI group has ventured into food product development. They offer this service to their clients globally.

Unlike other food processing institutions, the OSI group is committed and involved in the production of the agricultural produce the company uses. Sourcing and distribution of food are another aspects of manufacturing the OSI group is engaged in. Delivery of the company’s end product takes place within the firm’s complex global chain management system.

The OSI group is one of Americas successful companies. From the firm’s performance, it is no surprise that it has been placed in the same category as Apple. The institution has long become a global corporation that has an excess of 65 facilities which are distributed across 17 different locations.

The OSI group is one of the few companies capable of providing stable employment opportunities to thousands of people across the world. The employment opportunities the OSI group offers aren’t limited to positions in the food processing industry alone. Currently, the OSI group has more than 20,000 salaried members of staff across the globe.

In as much as the company has multiple offices across the world, the emphasis the OSI group puts in providing quality products for its clients is the same across the different departments in respective countries. OSI group is continuously expanding its services to other regions of the world, the company’s growth can be highlighted with the recent acquisition of Baho Food together with the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant.

The mission of the OSI group is to deliver their clients delightful, healthy and tasty foods in every service; this is the primary reason the company puts a lot of effort in understanding the diverse and detailed requirements of their clients. When it comes to consistency and responsiveness, the OSI group leads by example. In doing this, they can meet the diverse needs of their clients across the world. The OSI group offers the tailored processing of foods that range from fruits, vegetables, meat, and other protein-based foods

OSI Group Info:


OSI Group is one of the largest privately owned companies in the world. The company based in the US handles food supplies, specifically meat processing. Its products include bacon, beef patties, pizza, hot dogs, pork, fish, poultry, and vegetable products. OSI Group has plants in Geneva, Chicago, Oakland, Riverside and West Jordan. The company’s international headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group president, David McDonald, admits the company’s appetite for growth. It partners with clients on products that can help them expand their business, OSI encourages its suppliers to help them achieve increased sales.

McDonald stated that the constant variable is that the food should be tasty and healthy. As President, he gives credit to Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, with driving the organization and creating the energy that makes it develop, offer more food choices and become more relatable to clients.

The Group has establishments in more than 15 countries. The company is seen as a global leader that operates a large-scale operation yet maintaining local management personnel who appreciate the cultures and tastes. OSI Group serves both Foodservice and retail customers. Among the industry’s biggest customers is China. The group sells its products to outlets such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, and Subway.

The productivity of the group the previous year alone reflects its emphasis on growth with seven new facilities for processing and production around the globe.

Ongoing Expansion Activities

OSI has bought numerous food supply groups over the years. One of the latest procurements was the Tyson Foods plant on South Side. The OSI Group, LLC procured Baho Food, a Dutch company.The acquisition of the producer of convenience foods cemented the presence of the Group in Europe.

OSI is still delivering top quality meat products to its clients. OSI Group has received several accolades including awards for management health and safety risks. It has also been acknowledged for its environmental governance efforts. Recent acquisitions are an indication of a brighter future to the large meat supplier.

History of the Group

OSI was started as a small family-run establishment by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. After eight years he expanded the business into a wholesale outlet. The company is renowned for offering top-quality meat products. For more info about us: click here.

The world’s leading brands regard OSI Group as their premier global food supplier. They trust OSI to consistently supply leading-edge food solutions for their product development and food processing needs. These solutions deliver quality, value, and streamline processes while optimizing costs.

The Success Journey of David McDonald, the President of OSI Group

For more than three decades, McDonald has worked at OSI group as its president. During his tenure in the food company, David has continued to steer the company regarding quality and growth substantially. OSI Group has kept at its vision thanks to David’s leadership. The company’s vision is to reach out to a large number of customers and break the record.

How McDonald maintains OSI Group’s clientele

McDonald said that customers are not limited to the company’s production capacity. Instead, he has managed to partner with his clients and customers to get tips on how to develop the products. After that, McDonald collaborates with his suppliers to reach out to their customers.

David McDonald has also managed infrastructure issues in China. China has been the greatest success story for OSI group. McDonald mentioned that by being patient, they were able to overcome all challenges in China. He did this by partnering with customers, suppliers and government agencies. That way, they were able to reach the common good of all the people in the country, with the help of the government.

David values quality and that is why he ensures that OSI Group produces quality meat products. David McDonald engages manufacturers of equipment, to ensure that the processes involved in production aid in food safety and quality. David values family, and that explains why he views his customers as family and he would never compromise the quality of what he offers to his customers.

David says that it is important to change with changing world. It is the best thing that can happen to a business that wants to remain consistent. He advises a business to adapt to needs and be swift to create a competitive advantage for the business. David also said that customers are the primary reason why OSI is up and standing. The positive feedbacks they have continued to receive are the primary source of their recognition all over the world. David says that they will keep giving quality to all their customers.

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Sheldon Lavin Takes over The Food Processing Industry


The meat industry is considered as one of the largest segment of the U.S agriculture. Most of it is consumed locally, while the other is exported. This is the reason why food processing companies such as OSI Group, LLC have continued to expand over time. The company today focuses on producing and selling value added protein items and other food products to retail brands and food service industry. Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, and he has extremely high experience in the meat and food processing industry. He joined the company in 1970, and he has remained actively involved in the company’s operations. Learn More.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has considerably developed to become one of the leading food processing enterprises in the United States. In the year 2016, the company was ranked as the 58th largest private company with a total net worth of over $6.1 billion. The company has also added several label food brands and co-packs since Mr. Sheldon joined the company for its retail customers and food service. His hard work and determination have made him achieve several awards including the prestigious Global Visionary Award. The award was granted by India’s Vision World Academy in a ceremony that was held on Saturday, February 2016 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Sheldon Lavin News Here.

At the age of 81, Mr. Lavin is still actively influencing growth for the OSI Group by eyeing the Asian and European markets. He has significantly diversified and expanded the business. He has completely changed the business to a multibillion company that has a presence in more than 16 countries. In addition to expanding to these different regions, the company continues to receive various environment and sustainability awards from various organizations such as Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. Sheldon Lavin works tactically and strategically, and he has always been able to lead his team towards achieving the success that the company enjoys today. He also has a strong character of being able to develop and add value based on his strength. Sheldon is also an active member of various charity organizations such as Inner City Foundation of Chicago and several other Jewish charities. for more.