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David Giertz Insights on How to Save For Retirement

David Giertz is an Ohio based financial advisor with an equivalent of three decades in the field. He is a registered broker under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a private corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization in the United States. David also has accreditation as a broker through the State Securities Law Exam, General Industry & Products Exam, and the Principal. David Giertz shares six important leveraging insights on how to efficiently plan and make a difference with the retirement money.

Being well competent in his financial field, he consistently exceeds corporate goals. Firstly, David recommends people to evaluate their financial health. Financial health defined by the assurity of saving enough at the same time taking care of the important things. To the young people, he recommends them to start saving nice and early; He also advises them to pay debt fast.

Secondly, he encourages everyone makes compound interest a best friend since it’s the smartest move to take. If someone starts early, they can build more compound interest as they keep adding money throughout their life. By the time of completion, a lot of money will be sitting in your account. Also, David advises translating to financial success by being innovative to build profitable growth by owning a side business that benefits them financially. David states the money one makes in their leisure can be saved be carried on into retirement.

David Giertz attended the Millikin University where he graduated and later advanced for a master’s degree at the Miami University. He began his career at Financial Horizons Security Corporation in the year 1989. In 1991, he left his position and proceeded to Citicorp Investment Services. Later in the year 199, he took up a new role at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. In 2013, he officially became the corporate Senior Vice President.

David also affiliates with several community organizations such as the Millikin University where he is the chairman of the board of trustees. During his reign at Budget and Finance, he also chaired the board committee. In the past, David has also served on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Broward County and the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

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A Informative Review Of EOS Crystal Lip Balm

EOS has come out with a product that is made without the use of beeswax. There are a number of reasons why someone might seek out a product that does not have beeswax in it, including the fact that such a product can be made in a vegan way. The EOS Crystal lip balm is made without any kinds of animal ingredients. This lip balm is something that those who are vegan can use on their lips and feel good about using. This is a product that does not take anything from animals when it is made.

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Some avoid beeswax because they prefer ingredients that they feel are a little more nourishing on the lips. EOS Crystal lip balm uses coconut oils to help moisturize the lips and care for them, view here. This is an ingredient that many will appreciate and that will excite some. EOS Crystal lip balm also uses avocado oil to help it nourish the lips of the one who uses it and to care for them. All of the ingredients that are used in this product are good for the lips and they are top quality ingredients. Those who are seeking something made with good ingredients will find that in the EOS Crystal lip balm.

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The EOS Crystal lip balm is made without beeswax, and that allows it to be see-through and beautiful. This lip balm is lightweight on the lips, and it has a look to it that is unlike anything else out there.

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Obsidian Energy Set To Refine Its Business Dealings And Outlook

Penn West Petroleum recently changed its name to Obsidian Energy, with the approval of the shareholders. The company’s name change marked a new path for growth in sales, following a less glamourous record of returns in the previous years. The chief executive officer of the company, Dave French, stated that the new name was an inspiration of the naturally occurring volcanic glass that is refined to become sparkly and of a higher value. Obsidian Energy is set to minimize its spending budget by limiting it to oil and gas while focusing increased efforts in production and debt reduction. One of the options that Obsidian Energy undertook to cut the budget was to cut down the employee capacity from 1400 to 300 and the production of 135,000 oil barrels per day to 28,000. Get More Information Here.


Obsidian Energy’s new label, OBE, was effective on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. David French revealed that shareholders approved the firm’s 2017 annual plans as indicated in the 2017 Special and Annual Meeting and Management Circular, penned on April 30th, 2017. He explained that Obsidian Energy has formulated a leaner execution plan that includes all the necessary assets required for growth, an improved balance sheet and a fail proof plan that will steer the company successfully in low financial seasons.


In addition to the revised economic scheme of the firm, David French is certain that the newly designed governing principles will guide every employee towards manifesting the stipulated vision. The first principle requires employees to apply a detailed economic and technical analysis in projects. Secondly, commitment is necessary to progressively achieve the outlined goals and meet deadlines. Lastly, Obsidian’s motto states that everyone is required to maintain transparency in all business dealings to uphold integrity, hence retain and attract customers. Since the revelation of the new guiding principles by David French, Obsidian has published a report detailing the shareholders special meeting, which led to the agreement of the name change.


Obsidian Energy is a middle-sized oil and gas production company. Reports collected in 2017 indicate that Obsidian Energy has an evenly balanced portfolio. Currently the accumulated assets allow the production of approximately 30,000 gallons gaily. The firm has an unwavering dedication to satisfy their customers and rise among other oil and gas firms.



Drew Madden Efforts In Creating Prosperous Healthcare IT Teams

Becoming a successful entrepreneur nowadays is not an easy task especially in the current world of competition due to the emergence of new technologies, ideas, and marketing strategies, everyone wants a place to hold on to. But for survival, you have to apply more effort to learn and implement your ideas. So you can never give up as prove by Drew Madden who is an IT entrepreneur in Healthcare. He is well known for his efforts and the passion for facilitating in building prosperous teams who can come up with flourishing companies using the idea of implementing attractive, unique cultural practices and earning trustworthy partnerships.

Drew Madden made his debut at Nordic Consulting Partners where he was the president and the head of the company from the year 2011 up to the year 2016. His achievements are undisputed up to date as he was able to lead the company to where it is today. Within his span of serving the company, he was able to raise the number of employees from 10 to 725; this was due to the fact that he was also able to secure more than 150 client partners from only 3. The company also achieved position one KLAS ranking for professional services implementation as a result of his efforts in the year 2012 and 2014.

From the beginning, Drew Madden was an enthusiast and began his work as an Implementation Consultant at Cerner Corporation. He then served as an EpicCare Inpatient and also as a willow consultant. Every day, he made sure he has earned a lot not only in making money but also working in business development where he helped many firms set up their businesses in implementing ideas and strategies.

His education was a vital inspiration because he is a qualified Healthcare IT entrepreneur who holds a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering. His specialization also includes a focus in Medical Systems which he achieved while studying at the Iowa College of Engineering. Having more than ten years of experience in the industry, Drew Madden has helped many healthcare organizations in implementation, management, optimization and also advising EMR projects. Many leaders in the healthcare IT acknowledge the efforts of Drew in helping them achieve what they have today.

Gregory Aziz – Visionary CEO Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz was born and raised up in Ontario Canada. He is also commonly known to the Greg Aziz. He was born in 1949. He went to the Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with an economics degree. He became the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He also doubles up as the president of this company. National steel car is the leading manufacturer of tank cars and railroad freight cars. National steel car is also the biggest engineering and manufacturing firm in North America. CEO Gregory Aziz is a family man. He is married to wife Irene.



Gregory Aziz and his wife Irene are philanthropists. They are the sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is a popular event in Canada that is attended by hundreds of people. After graduating from the university, he made a choice of joining a business owned by his parents to help it grow. The foods supply business was known as Affiliated Foods. When he was working for the foods business it became the biggest importer of fresh foods into the region after a span of 16 years. They made importations from South America and Europe. They then supplied the foodstuffs to markets in Canada and the United States. Go To This Page for more information.



In the 1990s, Gregory J Aziz was working in New York. He had secured employment with a number of investment banks in the area. While working in the banking sector. He had the opportunity of securing investment. He bought the National Steel Car from a company known as Dofasco. He bought the company since he knew that he could manage to bring its operations back up after the previous owner failed to do that. He wanted to transform national steel car to be the biggest engineering firm in North America. His aim was accomplished after 5 years. He managed to transform the manufacturing firm and its operations were back up in a bigger and better way. The production capacity of the firm developed from 3500 to over 12000 cars in one year.



Aziz managed to transform, National Steel Car after he applied good management skills, invested in highly skilled workers and improved the technology used in the production among others measures. The number of workers who work for National Steel Car after the transformation grew from 600 to over 2000. The company is ranked as the best producer of railroads cars. It also has the best quality products in the region. It has been awarded severally with the TTX SECO awards. for excellence.

Obsidian Energy Fresh Start in the Oil Industry

Obsidian Energy Limited is a Canadian oil and natural gas production company. The company has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. During a shareholders meeting held in July 2017, the shareholders mutually agreed to change the company’s name to Obsidian Energy Limited after a series of consultations. The new name was coined from a naturally occurring volcanic glass called Obsidian.


The company changed its name because of the restructuring it had gone through. The restructures gave the oil and natural gas production a fresh look and changing its name was equally important. The Penn West company had accrued various debts and accounting scandals that hindered proper functioning. Strategic measures were therefore taken to reduce the debts and make the business productive again. As a result, Obsidian Energy Limited was born. The company currently operates only four production sites and has significantly reduced the debts the mother company has accrued.


Obsidian Energy is currently headed by Dave French, who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The company owns gas and oil fields in Alberta. It also has numerous oil and petroleum wells in the Western Canada region. The region has one of the largest petroleum reserves globally. Obsidian conducts its production mainly from the Peace River oil sands, the Alberta Viking and the Pembina Cardium areas in Alberta. The company currently produces approximately 31,000 barrels on a daily basis.


The new chapter has made Obsidian Energy stronger in the market. The company is focused on realizing its goals and succeeding in the oil and petroleum industry. According to the CEO, the company has a brighter future in store. See This Page for more information about the company.


In an effort to succeed more in the industry, Obsidian Energy Limited has partnered with major players in the industry. The company recently invested in Cold Flow Manufacturing in the Peace River region. It has ventured into the manufacturing with China Investment Corporation. The partnership was given the name “Peace River Operated Partnership” (PROP). Together, they are using crude oil to manufacture cold flow. Obsidian is also building a Waterflood platform. The platform will be used to increase the production rates in Cardium.



Greg J. Aziz Achievements at National Steel Car



Greg James Aziz has a great history and has made National Steel Car a worth company attention. He has been on the frontline pushing for its growth and development. The great business icon has been on the frontline working for the improvement of various businesses that have made him become a wealthy person.


He is currently a great billionaire under his massive capacity as the CEO, chairman and the President of National Steel Car. He has been respected for his great managerial skills and dedications and has been on the frontline working for nothing else but the success of the company. Greg James Aziz took on the leadership role of the company in the year 1994 when he acquired it from Dofasco. National Steel Car Ltd is based in Canada and has had its operations in the whole of Northern America region. He has seen the company grown from a small venture to a big giant in the industry. Greg Aziz has also been on the frontline ensuring that he promotes the welfare of his staff which improves motivation, commitment and also innovation. He has stood for nothing less than success. Get More Info Here.

The Ontario born CEO has achieved greatly in his career. He has fought for nothing less than just success and has been on the frontline pushing for greater success. He was also raised in the city of Hamilton by a well up family, and he did not travel looking for great places to look for a place to start businesses. Hamilton was an ideal place for him. He hired his classmates in school. He was believed to have possessed some natural intelligence even while he was in school. He started building his career by attending the great Western University.


He specialized in Economics, and that is when he learned the basics required to run quite a very successful business. He, however, applied his skills in the industry and had worked for nothing less but success. He applied his skills and knowledge to work for the success of a company that has been operating for more than a century. Gregory J Aziz was hopeful that his managerial skills and economic understanding would result make the company a leading regional giant. He took over a company from Dofasco that had targeted the United States and Canada markets but later went on towards increasing the company’s capacities. They were able to increase operation from the normal 3,500 units to 12,000 in just five years’ time.

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Depression affects over 16 million adults in the U.S. everyday. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, there is still a stigma regarding it. Depression is a disability that can affect anyone. No matter who you are, what you look like, your gender, or financial status, depression is a disability that can be an unwelcome part of your life. People with depression have no choice, and need to have the support of professionals, family and friends.

Another highly misunderstood disability people suffer from is Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD. This is can be a little harder to identify because the symptoms can be misconstrued as selfishness, narcissism, or thoughtlessness. People suffering from BPD will sometimes push boundaries in relationships set up by others. They may take items from others without permission, steal cash from wallets, ignore sleep boundaries, or ask about intimate details in another’s life that are not appropriate. Untreated BPD can escalate into more severe symptoms because the afflicted feels like everyone is trying to harm them. This can lead to malicious intent, and even suicidal or self-harming actions.

These are just two disorders that affect millions of people everyday. Coping can be an overwhelming experience. Finding qualified therapists to help can be expensive and time consuming. Talkspace is an affordable option where you can connect with licensed therapists through an app on your phone. This makes it mobile, and in real-time. You will be matched with a primary therapist who will be able to help you with your specific needs. This is a huge step because instead of the one suffering having to jump through all kinds of hoops to find their therapist, Talkspace finds it for them. Talkspace addresses emotional disorders with compassion and real-time help from licensed therapists at an affordable cost.

Mike Baur: Assisting Startups and Small Businesses Worldwide

People around the world are establishing their businesses. However, not all of them have the proper training on how to sustain growth. Mike Baur, a Swiss businessman, and entrepreneur wanted to change the mindset of the people when it comes to business, and he wants to help them succeed. Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory, which has a primary objective of assisting small businesses for them to succeed. He is also the company’s managing partner, pushing the Swiss Startup Factory to the top. Mike Baur is proud to say that he has helped hundreds of small-time entrepreneur from around the world.


Before co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur previously worked in the finance industry. He was a banker for more than 20 years, and he served the most prominent banks in Switzerland, including the UBS and Clariden Leu. His years of working as an employee often give him the thought of starting his own business, and when he had all of the knowledge about being an entrepreneur, he decided to quit his job and became an investor. He invested in small businesses, but then he noticed that he is not earning a lot. He had an idea on his mind of creating his own company that would help small businesses thrive, and he immediately contacted his colleagues for support. Max Meister and Oliver Walzer are two of his friends who also founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The company was established in 2014, and Mike Baur managed to grow the company in only a short period. Being one of the company’s co-founder, Mike Baur is also responsible for providing awareness among the Swiss of what his company is all about. He goes from university to university, explaining how his company works. In 2016, his startup company partnered with CTI, a business firm that also focuses on helping small businesses grow. The Swiss Startup Factory also teamed up with financial institutions, who promised to provide financial assistance to their clients and will also help them to reach their goals in the shortest time possible.


The primary objective of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is to create multinational companies that will never follow the traditional approach to maintaining a business. The primary product of the company is a training program which will help entrepreneurs understand how business works. Aside from the training, entrepreneurs who enlisted for the course will also enjoy different services offered to their business, including financial services, maintenance, coaching, mentoring, office space, and an unlimited and unrestricted access to a vast network of businesspeople around the world that are ready to speak with potential investors. These services provided by the Swiss Startup Factory can be categorized into four different groups, each focusing on their specialties: Pre accelerator Services, Growth Accelerator Services, Wenger and Vieli Law Accelerator Services, and Digital Business Strategy.


Mike Baur hopes to see everyone in the future is busy with their businesses. He knows that poverty would end when people started to discover how to do business, and with enough financial literacy, he thinks that everyone can be successful.



Top 3 EOS Lip Balm Flavors: Get Luscious Lips Now

Lip balms are definitely a beauty product staple. Why? They are handy, easy to use, and practical. Anytime you experience chapped or dry lips, it’s just a couple of lip balm swipes away. There are many lip balms available in the market, ranging from the most obscure to the ones that stand out the most. How do you know which lip balm is the best for you?

EOS, or the acronym for Evolution of Smooth, has been in the lip balm market for quite sometime. These pastel-colored orbs definitely caught the attention of beauty enthusiasts. What makes them special? People are just crazy about the how they revolutionized the lip balm, making unique, luscious flavors that can be enjoyed whilst applying.


In this post, we will be looking at the top 3 EOS Lip Balm flavors that even Kim Kardashian carries in her purse:

  1. Strawberry Sorbet

One of the best-selling flavors, Strawberry Sorbet definitely tops the list. Who doesn’t love strawberry? The product gives off a delicious strawberry smell, like a delicious icy treat on a summer day. It is extremely smooth and keeps the lips soft for a long time during the day.


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry

Now this is a different one. This is a blended EOS lip balm, which means you get two flavors in one! Who doesn’t love more flavors? Pomegranate Raspberry gives off a very sweet scent that’s just very pleasing to the senses, order here!


  1. Passion Fruit

You’ll definitely have a passion for the Passion Fruit flavor, check it here on Coming in a pastel lavender orb, this product definitely resembles the scent of passionfruit, which gives a summery, fun vibe. Like all the other EOS lip balm flavors, it is smooth and lightweight upon application.


It is also worth mentioning that EOS uses organic ingredients which means that it is paraben, petroleum and even gluten-free. Less harmful chemicals, and more care for your lips. Plus, they come in adorable packages too. If you are frequent lip balm user, you may want to give these EOS lip balm flavors a try.

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