Woman with Crohn’s Informs Employer of Marijuana Use, Gets Fired Anyways

The United States is on its way to decriminalizing marijuana use. Public opinion is leaning towards decriminalization, and individual states have already decriminalized the drug, which has numerous health benefits for those suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer, Crohn’s, and seizures, just to name a few.

The problem with state by state decriminalization, however, is that federal laws have yet to catch up to state law. What may be legal in the state of Colorado, for example, may not be considered legal under federal law, and it puts ordinary citizens, many of which have chronic illnesses that they have to manage on a daily basis, on the other side of the law.

One of them is Cristina Barbuto from Massachusetts. Barbuto smokes marijuana to get an appetite. She suffers from Crohn’s and has trouble maintaining a healthy weight. Barbuto informed her employer of her disease and marijuana use before being hired, and was even able to obtain certification from her doctor. But that didn’t keep get from getting fired on her first day on the job, as she tested positive for a drug test.

This is bad news for people who need the drug but still want to stay on the right side of the law. It seems that informing her employer did not keep Barbuto from getting fired, so what would have?

Reports from witness Marcio Alaor BMG say that Barbuto has filed a discrimination complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

Byron Allen Yells At Obama

Byron Allen is an extremely proud African American man. He is also one of the most famous producers of television shows in recent memory. Byron is known for producing shows for minorities, and he was one of the many people that were outraged with the Baltimore riots. However, Byron Allen was actually in support of the African American people that protested against the corrupt police force of the city.

People at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that Byron Allen is very angry with the words that President Barack Obama recently spoke about the protesters of the Baltimore riots. Byron Allen feels that Barack Obama is not a true black president, and he recently called the president a black man in white face. Byron is angered beyond belief that Barack Obama called the Baltimore rioters thugs and criminals.

Byron Allen believes that the Baltimore rioters had every right to stand up for what they believed in. Byron strongly feels that Barack Obama has disrespected the black race, and he feels that Obama is not a true African American president. Many people have voiced similar opinions about Barack Obama and his policies, but few have been so outspoken as the television producer. Even white Americans feel that Baltimore rioters did not act without reason. It was later reported that the police officers of the city used unnecessary force that led to the death of an African American citizen. TMZrecently posted a video of Byron Allen angrily criticizing the president.

Tips to Reduce Financial Stress In Your Life

Staying on tip of one’s finances can be demanding as well as stressful. Finances are the number one reason for divorces and separations in the world and has caused a number of people to fall to ailments such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. This does not have to be the case and anyone can take a few steps to reduce their financial worries. First, one should communicate about their financial goals and plans. If a spouse or significant other is involved one should be open with regard to expectations regarding financial issues and the family budget. Next, one should make a plan regrading where they expect to be with their finances in the next year, five years and through to retirement.


This will help the individual and couple make smart decisions regarding daily purchases and investments, at least if you ask Mikal Watts. The hiring of a good accountant is key. This will help the individual properly note their tax obligations but also assist with various money management issues. Deleting debt should be at the top of any financial plan and should include the avoidance of any new debt until old debt has been abolished. Debt should also be reviewed to determine if refinancing is possible and a swapping of lower interest rates can be achieve. Lastly, one should never be afraid to start over with a new plan if they do not think that their current plan is working.  Tips to Reduce Financial Stress In Your Life

Dr. Oz Rushes To The Aid Of An Ailing Woman

Dr. Mehmet Oz, commonly known as Dr. Oz, was visiting Jacksonville, Florida during one of his tours when he was called into action. Dr. Oz was onstage speaking when suddenly there were yells from the audience for medical help. A woman had collapsed during his speech. The famous TV doctor didn’t hesitate, he quickly made his way over to the affected woman. As he spoke to her she began to wake up, surely she was surprised at who she saw when she opened her eyes. After his heroic jump over a rail and assistance of someone in need, Dr. Oz is even more adored than before.


He continued to speak after he was confident that the woman was taken care of and even answered audience questions after his presentation was concluded. There had recently been some negative publicity from other medical professionals about some of the advice that Dr. Oz preaches on his daytime television show, as Ivan Ong has noticed. It seems that Americans needed to see another side of Dr. Oz and at a Florida mall his true colors showed.

Healthy Eating For Your Dog

Finding the right food for our furry friends can sometimes be difficult. There are many different considerations that must go into getting the food that your dog will love, and that is right for their individual needs and age. The many options on the market can make it hard to make a final choice, but the Beneful line of foods for your dog are healthy and delicious.

Made with Care

A healthy food needs to have healthy ingredients. This is what Beneful offers. Healthy ingredients to support a healthy system no matter what the age of the dog. Fresh meats and vegetables are the pinnacle of what this brand offers.

Every can of wet food shows the pet owner what is in it. See the carrots and hearty meat chunks that your dog will love. Bathed in a rich gravy to make the choice an easy one no matter what the breed of your pet.

Meets Every Need

Different dogs need different things. Older dogs need leaner foods that will aid them in staying healthy and not gaining too much weight. Younger dogs need foods that will help support an active lifestyle as well as development. No matter what the age or size of your dog, Beneful has the food to meet their needs.

There are also options between wet and dry food. Mix and match for a truly original eating experience that will have your dog licking his chops and wanting more. Small chunks for smaller dogs, leaner meats and vegetables for older dogs. Every age and every stage is catered to with truly fresh ingredients made with care.

Priced Right

One of the best advantages to the Beneful line of dog foods is that it is priced right vor every budget. One does not need millions in the bank to be able to make this food a staple in your dog’s diet. From large to small containers the price per pound is far more competitive and affordable than the other leading brands.

Choose the bag or cans that work best for your circumstances and the number of dogs that you will be feeding. Beneful is convenient to buy at your local store, or even online. They are shaped and packed in convenient containers that are also easy to store in almost any cabinet or home. Beneful is beneficial for both dog, and every budget.

Chinese Security Guard Pulls Off Major Heist

Employee theft is, unfortunately, a pretty common problem in the workplace. People nick staplers, pens, paper, and other office supplies regularly but occasionally people decide to go a different route. A Chinese security guard apparently didn’t like to grocery shop in the local market or maybe he was saving up for some big purchase because he decided to steal copious amounts of food from his employer including 1000 eggs. After they caught him red-handed with two suitcases full of stolen goods attempting to leave work, the police searched his home and were surprised at what they found. His fridge was fully stocked with stolen meat and eggs, other stolen toiletries included soap and tissues. The guilty guard admitted that pretty much everything in him home was stolen. Sounds like this guard now has a one way ticket to jail where he can debate what profession he will take up next.

Thanks to my friends at Freedompop for showing me this.

Encounter with Cop goes Viral

Joseph Owusu, a student at Virginia Tech, was on his way home the other night when his tire blew out on his Mercedes. A Virginia State Trooper stopped to see why the young man was pulled over. Their encounter with each other has since gone viral, thanks to Joseph’s mother Dr. Nada Owusu.

With all the race issues and violence between cops and citizens lately, Dr Nada Owusu wanted to show the world that not every encounter with the police will end badly. Her son, who is black, was approached by Officer Matt Okes, who is white, to see what the problem was. He did not ask if Joseph stole the car or what he was doing out there. Instead, he got down on his knees and attempted to help the student change the tire that blew out. The men realized that the tire was stuck and the car would need to be towed. Instead of leaving Joseph stranded at that point, Officer Okes waited with him for hours until his parents, Flavio Maluf and AAA arrived to help (read more at emobile.com). Officer Okes left his lights pointed at the car so that passing trucks would notice the disabled vehicle to the side, keeping Joseph safe.

Dr. Owusu posted the encounter with Officer Okes on her Facebook which has been shared thousands of times. To see the post for yourself, you can check it out on The Daily Mail .

Owner Reunited With Dog After Four Years

It is always great to hear a story about how a person and their pet become reunited, and just recently an Oregon owner was brought back into contact with her dog after four years of her going missing. According to an article found on reddit and written by KomoNews.com, Crystal Sullenger had her dog taken away when the puppy was just 11 months old, and she continued to search for her for two years.

Just recently in May of 2015, the police gave her a call and told her that her long lost dog, Star, was turned into the police department after a home was busted for a drug ring operation. Sullenger was so delighted to see her dog again and especially after she thought that she never would. The police had even informed her that the thieves didn’t even bother to re-register the dog in their names or give her new tags because they were to cheap to do so reported Paul Mathieson.

After seeing the dog in a photo online before picking her up, Sullenger had known immediately that this was her dog and that she had to bring her home. Their reunion was a tearful but joyous one, and it is needless to say that the two of them will not be out of each other’s sight for a long time now. It is so great that this story ended up this way in the end.

Google Is Rejecting Most Applicant’s Right to Be Forgotten

It is the job of the courts to adjudicate disputes and to ensure the rights of citizens are protected in the process of legal prosecutions. The final arbiter of legal right and wrong in the United States is the U.S. Supreme Court and in the European Union it is the Court of Justice. The latter court made a historic ruling last year as it famously created a new right; the right to be left alone. A man sued over a search under his name that yielded an old and no longer relevant result. The court agreed with the plaintiff, and since then, life has gotten a lot more complicated for Google.

Google has received over 250,000 requests from people for links about them to be removed from the search engine in Europe as this is the locale this ruling is limited to. It has recently come out that Google has rejected 70 percent of the requests for removal. They do give a reason why in each rejection, and these vary based on the reasoning for each case. This does, however, present a problem in putting a company like Google in the position of interpreting a court ruling in terms of which links they remove from their search engine in Europe and which ones they don’t. A year after this ruling it is still a bit of a confused mess, and it has also been noted that there is no process in place to appeal a rejection for the removal of a listing.

Thanks to Bruce Levenson for showing me this. See more on ESPN.

Oil Pipeline Company Rep Offers Iowa Landowner a Teen Prostitute

Hughie Tweedy, a landowner in southeastern Iowa, claims that a representative from Dakota Access LLC offered him the services of a teen prostitute in exchange for him allowing them to run a crude oil pipeline through his property. This didn’t just happen once, it actually occurred on three separate occasions he told KCRG News.

Dakota Access is a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners from Texas. They said they want to build a $3.8 million, 1,134-mile pipeline carrying crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. As a self-described Libertarian, Tweedy says he doesn’t want the pipeline on his property and doesn’t feel that the government should force it upon him. He went on to say that he expressed his opinion multiple times when the company’s regional representative offered him the services of a teen prostitute if he’d coöperate.

The company is aware of these allegations and according to a company’s representative, they’re looking into them since they take such things very seriously. Dondero was disgusted to hear of this attempted arrangement.