Skout: A Popular App

Skout was founded by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom in 2007. However, they relaunched the application in 2009. They relaunched Skout because they noticed that 80 percent of the people using it used it for dating purposes. Skout is an app that is an location based social networking site that also allows dating. It was one of the first dating applications that generalized the users location. In 2003, it was reported that over 500 million connections were made.

Skout works on iOS and Android operating systems. On Skout users can view other profiles and recent activities. You can also recieve and send instant messages and visual gifts. Skout is available in 14 languages and about 180 countries. Skout has many different features offered. Some features have to be paid for. Skout Travel is a feature offered for premium users. Skout Trade allows users that are traveling to meet new people in different locations.

Skout is one of the largest global networking websites for meeting new people and making friends. It is exceptional for people who want to network while expanding their social circle. You can even meet that special someone. Everyone knows that meeting new people can be difficult. That is why Skout makes meeting new people exciting. There are two seperate distinct communities available. One is for teenagers while the other is for adults only. When someone tries to contact you on Skout you can decide whether or not you want communicate with that person. You can always start conversations with people that you find interesting.

If you haven’t tried Skout before then now is the time to grab your mobile device and download Skout now. You can let your mobile device be your guide as you meet new and interesting people. Try it out and tell your family and friends about your great experience.

Weight Loss Stent

If you could trick yourself into feeling like your stomach is full so that you could lose weight, would you? A Michigan surgeon, Dr. Randal Baker, is said to have invented a device that will help you to trick your brain to do just that. The danger isn’t that the contraption won’t work, but the concern is that users may not realize that they are starving themselves, because the device works too well. Click Here.

Rather than reducing the size of the stomach and attaching it to the middle of the small intestine, as in gastric bypass surgery, Baker took the concept of an esophageal stent and used it to open the small bowel. The pressure that this stent puts on the top of the patient’s stomach then sends signals to the brain to indicate a sense of being “full.”

Baker teamed with a couple of other surgeons and the creators of Gore-Tex to create the “Full Sense Device,” which is a wire mesh funnel coated with silicone. The funnel is inserted through the mouth within ten minutes, and it is thought to be able to be kept in place for up to six months at this time without any major complications likely.

Bernardo Chua ( has read that, while this procedure is not yet available for mass utilization or in the United States, the potential for this stent to lower obesity is sure to provide future hope for many.

Leading Republican admits not vaccinating his children

The Chairman of a House sub committee on Science and Technology has drawn criticism for revealing he did not vaccinate his children, The Hill reports. Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia was answering questions at a town hall meeting when the question of vaccinations and a link to autism was asked, Loudermilk stated his belief parents should have the right to choose whether to vaccinate their children before revealing his home schooled children were not vaccinated.

A number of leading Presidential candidates from the GOP have recently been criticized for their stance on vaccinations, including Chris Christie and Rand Paul who both claimed parents should maintain the right to choose said a report today. According to Dan Newlin, Republicans and Democrats have called on Loudermilk to resign as the chair of the sub committee over his comments. The issue of vaccinations has been brought back to the awareness of the public in recent months by an outbreak of measles many feel could have been halted if vaccinations had been undertaken by all parents. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, chair of a Senate science committee made it clear he believes vaccinations are vital in saving lives and halting further outbreaks of preventable diseases.

Mcdonald’s is Accused of Failing to pay $1 Billion in Taxes

Corporate watchdogs and trade unions have accused Mcdonald’s of skipping out on over $1 billion in taxes. These groups claim that the fast food giant found a tax loophole that permits them to keep the money. The specific tax loophole is found within the tax laws of Luxembourg. If utilized properly, it allows corporations to funnel money through a subsidiary without paying a hefty tax rate. Mcdonald’s dodged the taxes by having restaurants shell out royalty payments that are tax deductible. The result is a lost tax revenue of over a billion euros for European governments between 2009 and 2013.

Both European and United States labor organizations are up in arms as they’ve been requesting significant pay raises for the past couple of years without much response from Mcdonald’s. Tax records indicate that the fast food behemoth only paid 1.4 percent in taxes on a profit of $288 million in 2013. This is far below the standard 29% corporate tax rate in Luxembourg. BrandYourself reports suggest trade organizations throughout Europe and the United States are requesting that the European Commission investigate Mcdonald’s.

At the moment, the story is merely bad press for Mcdonald’s. However, it could prove quite costly in the future as the Commission could find that the fast food giant owes over a billion dollars in unpaid taxes. If they find that Mcdonald’s illegally dodged the taxes, the company will also likely face stiff fines. This is just the latest American corporation to be criticized for taking advantage of European tax loopholes. It comes on the heels of Starbucks’ highly criticized corporate-friendly tax agreement with the Netherlands and the coffee maker’s absurdly low tax payments in Britain.

Toxins Found In Cereal That We Eat

According to an article in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, there are toxins in your breakfast cereal.

Ochratoxin A, a mycotoxin, is a mold byproduct found in grains, has been found in large amounts, primarily in oats and coffee. The study shows that OCA is a renal carcinogen and should be monitored closely. The study was performed over a two year period and revealed that in the United States, oats and coffee were the highest affected out of seven different countries studied.

Marcio Alaor BMG has read that, although the FDA does not have a set limit on the level of mycotoxins found in food, the levels seen in the study were consistent with findings of OCA that produced symptoms of neurotoxicity. OCA is a neurotoxin and immunosuppresant agent, linked to autism in some studies.

In foods, OCA remains stable and toxic, up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit making it difficult to cook out of the grain without negatively affecting the quality of the food.

To give an example of OCA, think about a moldy home. That mold is what is being found in the grains that is not currently regulated by the FDA. Oats are the highest and easiest affected according to the study but OCA has also been found in coffee, wine, and pork. Some areas of Europe are monitoring the levels of OCA and do not allow consumption of food products if the levels of OCA are deemed toxic.

The Benefits of Removing Unintelligent Leaders From Office

On Monday, an Idaho lawmaker proved that leadership selection and oversight in this country needs an overall.

An Idaho committee met on Monday to decide whether they should pass a bill that would prevent doctors from using telemedicine to diagnose conditions that can ultimately result in abortions. The bill would block doctors who use telemedicine from prescribing abortion drugs. When a doctor testified that “telemedicine” is too broad a term because even camera pills for colonoscopies are a form of telemedicine, Republican Representative Vito Barbieri asked if camera pills could be swallowed to observe pregnancies. The doctor rightfully and logically pointed out that the stomach and intestines are not in any way connected to the vagina. Barbieri then tried to make it look like he was attempting to point out that comparing colonoscopy telemedicine services to gynecological telemedicine services is like comparing apples to oranges said Dan Newlin.

This isn’t the first time a lawmaker has displayed a complete lack of understanding about basic anatomy or the human body. Other lawmakers have made similar questionable statements. Republican Representative Todd Akin once claimed that women’s bodies can avoid pregnancy by willpower alone when they’re forced to have intimate relations.

Many citizens now believe that a lot of the political and social issues they face daily are the direct result of allowing lawmakers who show complete lack of intelligence or even common sense to remain in positions of power.

Golovkin Knocks Out Murray

Gennady Golovkin took on Martin Murray over the weekend. The fight proved to be exciting, and Martin Murray put on a tremendous display of heart. Murray lasted until the tenth round against the dangerous Russian. Golovkin has knocked out 19-opponents in a row, including Martin Murray.

The last person to have 19-consecutive knockouts in a row was Mike Tyson. Golovkin vs. Murray was an important victory for the talented Russian. Martin Murray fought toe to toe with Golovkin, and at moments he stunned Golovkin. However, Gennady Golovkin did not stop coming forward. Murray was overwhelmed in the fight, and he went down several times before it was finally over.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that, after the fight, Gennady Golovkin called out Miguel Cotto. Golovkin vs. Cotto would be an excellent fight, but I doubt that it will take place. Cotto is an aging fighter, and he is a bit overmatched against the younger and stronger Russian. Gennady Golovkin has not been able to get a marketable opponent. The fighters in the middleweight division are scared of the hard hitting Russian.

Gennady Golvkin will be the future of boxing. Mayweather and Pacquiao will fight on May 2, but they will both soon retire. Golovkin will be around for a long time to come, and he is blazing a path of destruction along the way. For more information on Gennady Golovkin, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Modern Study Argues The Politics Of Peanut Allergy In Infants

Peanut allergy is a common health concern which affects a vast percentage of today’s children. It follows them into adulthood and is life-threatening. A recent study undertaken by a team of veteran medical research and pediatric allergy scientists show results that are contrary to the treatment options for traditional methods. As published online in an NY Times editorial piece, the study indicates that children are safer eating peanuts and its byproducts than avoiding it.

Traditional medical practitioners that specialize in pediatric allergies discourage a peanut diet for infants and children known to develop a resistance. The findings of this modern research oppose such logic. The study headed by Dr. Gideon Lack, a respected resident of King’s College London pediatric department concluded that; it’s possible to stop peanut allergy in the early stage of resistance. Among the team of medical experts were UT-Southwestern Medical Center’s dignitary Dr. Rebecca S. Gruchalla and Dr. Hugh A. Sampson representing New York City-based Icahn School-of-Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Paul Mathieson ( has read that the team conducted the research in London. It involved infants that ranged from 4 to 11 months, all of whom were at a high-risk of exhibiting peanut allergy symptoms. Each child consumed either a peanut-free or peanut-rich diet for five years. The study proved that infants fed a peanut diet aren’t susceptible to developing an allergic reaction over those on a peanut-free one. In fact, the event of an infant developing a peanut allergy after consumption was considerably lower.

Big Business Tracking Health-Related Searches

According to this article in the magazine that Alexei Beltyukov is always reading, The March 2015 edition of Communications of the ACM features startling findings by University of Pennsylvania researcher and doctoral student Timothy Libert regarding privacy and general health and medical condition related search data.

After extensive research last April, Libert discovered that 91 percent of all health-related Web pages around the Internet pass on data to third-party for-profit and non-profit companies, including advertisers, social network developers, data brokers, healthcare insurers and credit tracking companies. Of that total percentage, approximately 70 percent pass on very specific information about diseases, symptoms and treatments.

Why is this data transfer a troubling discovery?

All of these companies have the resources to connect Internet searches to the specific people making those searches. As a result, complete strangers can get a pretty clear picture of a person’s medical history if the person regularly researches their health issues using common online search engines and medical information sites such as WebMD and Mayo Clinic. Some government sites also allow tracking cookies that can transfer private health search data.

Ultimately, any one of these types of companies can use that data to quietly discriminate against their customers. For example, a healthcare insurance company might suddenly hike a customer’s monthly premium rates after discovering that the customer has a severe medical condition that requires a lot of treatment. A credit tracking companies might lower scores because of medical conditions known to increase debt.

NSA Snooping Scandal Uncovered

In recent news, Russian anti-virus company “Kaspersky Lab”, uncovered spyware believed to come from the NSA stated Gianfrancesco Genoso. This shocking conclusion, came after the spyware was compared with a previous NSA spyware application, and presented an array of dismal possibilities. Upon further analysis of this spyware, it was found to be an “implant spyware on hard drive require the device’s source code”. He goes on to introduce an explanation, and claims that this virus has control of the very programs governing the laptops. A full technical story can be found here. This kind of technology has never been seen before, and is only possible in PRODUCTION!

This questionable practice was not the only NSA scandal uncovered, but bears a strong resemblance to the “XKeyScore” unveiling as well. For those that didn’t know, XKeyScore is a system the NSA spawned to snoop on virtually every bit of information YOU decide to look at on the internet. The constitutionality of this is….. questionable, to say the very least. Coupling with this new discovery, is there anything the NSA isn’t willing to do? And more importantly, is this simply a piece of the puzzle as to what the NSA has at their disposal? These are some very serious concerns Americans are faced with in the technological world today, and NEEDS to be addressed.