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Why Kenneth Goodgame is an Asset to True Value

One of the top Hardware companies in the country is known as true value and this has been a company that a lot of people are making use of all the time. What you might not realize is that one of the chief executive officers of this amazing company is known as Kenneth Goodgame and he has truly been a wonderful asset to the company since working for them these many years.

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Lots of people are beginning to learn about Kenneth Goodgame and his work in this particular field because of the fact that he works with True Value and allows them to grow in a way that they have never done in the past.

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This is a wonderful expert you can learn a lot from when it comes to retail merchandising and marketing if this is something that interests you as it has for a lot of others.

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InnovaCare Health Revolutionizes its Modes of Payment to Foster Quality Services

InnovaCare health deals in the provision of managed health care services in North America. To guarantee adequate provision of its services, it has employed and embarked on two avenues of care, provider networks, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs. It has ensured that the services offered are of high quality. To achieve this quality, the health care provider has created sustainable models that are cost efficient and have fully embraced the dynamism in technology.

To govern its services, the heath care provider has set the mission of redefining healthcare management. By doing this, InnovaCare will be able to meet today’s challenges with tools equipped to tackle the health care environment. At InnovaCare, the workers are driven by the institution’s core values that include; provision of quality medical care, the patient always comes first mentality, establishing strong patient-provider relationships, providing with the intention of growing the institution, and teamwork among many others.

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InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions To Leadership Team
InnovaCare Subsidiary MMM Healthcare Acquires First+Plus Medicare Advantage Members

The organization runs under the management of Richard Shinto. Rick Shinto serves as the Managing Director and the President of the organization. He has been in the medical industry for over 26 years. Before managing InnovaCare, he held similar positions in different institutions. For instance, he held the position of CEO at Aveta Inc. His contribution in this company lasted for four years till 2012. Rick Shinto also worked at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer. His career in the medical industry began after completing his degree of health from the State University of New York. He began as an internist and pulmonologist. Rick Shinto’s commitment to his job and the desire to succeed has played a significant role in today’s achievements.

With the aim of revolutionizing it modes of payment, InnovaCare has joined the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The LAN is a partnership between the public and private sector that seeks to move the U.S health system towards payment models that champions for quality rather than quantity according to Rick Shinto. A press statement from the company said that they were willing to measure their progress and consequently, participate in quantitative surveys and revolutionize their payment methods by using the APM framework.

The health care provider announced the hiring of an additional three executives in their leadership team. Kokkinides was among the executives hired. Her extensive knowledge in the medical field and her prior government operations proved to be an advantage during hiring. She also has years of experience in managed health care.

Read more about Rick Shinto on the InnovaCare site.

Great Quality Smart Lighting

If you are sick and tired of always having high electric bills in your house, there is a way for you to change things to make it more beneficial for yourself. One of the ways for you to accomplish this is to actually switch over to Smart lighting throughout the home. Smart lighting actually allows you to have greater control over all of the lights in your house with great ease and it is beneficial for a variety of different people no matter what their budget currently looks like. Gooee offers a variety of smart lighting options that you will find incredibly beneficial for your household needs and it is very easy for you to make the switch over without having to get an electrician or professional involved with any installation work at all. In fact, Gooee also offers many different options when it comes to getting these things installed for yourself without needing a professional help.


It is a good idea for you to check out Gooee LED lighting if this is an option that you feel could benefit your home as it has for a lot of other people. Many people are switching to Smart lighting because of the fact that it helps them to save a lot more money than they have ever thought possible. Saving money on your electric can actually have a great benefit to the rest of your life because this money can then go to other bills or simply to help you to put into your savings without worrying that it is always going to the electric company each and every month.

Laidlaw’s Principals On Spotlight As Relmada Therapeutics Files Complaints

Relmada Therapeutics filed an amended complaint as part of the lawsuit it had filed against Laidlaw. The complaint highlights Laidlaw’s breach of contract by disclosing confidential information about Relmada Therapeutics that it had acquired as the company’s financial advisor. The two people subjected in this complaint are Mr. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, the CEO and Managing Partner respectively.

Relmada Therapeutics, a company, developing remedies for chronic pain, acquired restraining orders and injunctions against Laidlaw and its two principals for divulging false information about Relmada Inc. Relmada’s board believe that Laidlaw is liable to compensate for damages it suffered and that action had to be taken to ensure Laidlaw doesn’t harm the company in the future.

Laidlaw’s Long History Of Violating Laws $ Regulations And Client Complaints

Laidlaw’s long history of failing to comply with state and federal securities laws has lead to multiple sanctions and suspensions by state regulators, SEC and NYSE. Some violations include:

• During the global financial crisis, the company received over 60 customer complaints and lawsuits for damage compensation.

• During the same period, FINRA sanctioned Laidlaw for failure to report these complaints as stipulated in the financial regulations

• Failure to comply with rules regarding money laundering

About Laidlaw

Laidlaw & Company Ltd, initially Sands Brothers International is an investment firm located in the US and the UK. It offers investment banking as well as wealth management services to private and public institutions, corporates as well as high net individuals. Its principal business location is NYC.

Its executive team, Mr. Matthew Eitner, CEO, and James Ahern, a managing partner and head of capital markets are the leaders and are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. The company is well-equipped to serve its clients having been on the investment banking and wealth management scene for over 170 years. Laidlaw’s offices in both the UK and the US hold over 150 employees.

Types of Flavorful Lip Balms from EOS

The Evolution of Smooth brand sells skin care products like lip balms and shave cream, hand lotion and body lotion. EOS lip care come in a few different types of lip balms. Their lip balms are available on eBay in organic, shimmer, visibly smooth and active protection types.

The organic smooth spheres are all natural and over 90% organic. They are all gluten free, paraben free and petrolatum free. The organic smooth spheres are available in numerous flavors. Those EOS lip balm flavors include vanilla bean, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, medicated tangerine, honeysuckle honeydew and sweet mint.

Visibly soft spheres help to noticeably smooth out dried and cracked lips. They are perhaps best to use during the winter months. The visibly smooth lip balms from Evolution of Smooth are the moisturizing coconut milk and the fruitful nectar that is blackberry nectar.

If you want a touch of shimmer to your lip balm, look no further then the shimmer spheres from The sheer pink and pearl shimmer lip balms add a touch of shimmer to your lips, while still hydrating them.

The EOS active protection lip balms contain sunscreen. They have SPF 30 protection within them. The active protection EOS lip balms come in either lemon twist or fresh grapefruit.

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Markus Rothkranz on Gourmet Weeds

Markus Rothkranz spotlights Katrina Blair of The Wild Food Cafe and the Turtle Lake Refuge in Colorado. She lives on foraging edible plant foods in the wild, although she also grows many foods in the house she built for herself out of recycled materials. Not only does she forage for free food in the outdoors, she does it barefoot.

As the camera follows her, she points out various edible plants such as tarragon and alfalfa. In the dried seed pods are tiny alfalfa seeds that she sprouts. Horsetail is a rich source of silica. She likes to chew it because it renews the enamel in your teeth. She does grow hundreds of fruit trees on her farm, too, including plums, pears, apricots and cherry. However, she also has a lot of native species such as chokecherry, service berry, hawthorne, wild plums and buffalo berries. She plants many different crops, such as squash and peas, around every fruit tree, so they’re the center of a garden.

The shots inside the Turtle Lake Cafe are awesome. The kitchen is full of plants growing and plants laid out on large work tables in the middle of being cooked into local raw organic meals. One of the foods is cattail sun-baked bread.

Blair also makes green powders from her wild harvested plants which she sells online. She recommends you gather your own plants in your own local area, but also recognizes many people don’t have the knowledge, time or inclination to do that for themselves. Plus, it’s not so easy in the winter. She mentions the winter powder she makes. Apparently that is to provide green food during the winter months. This video was shot during a warm season. It looks a little cool, but she is going without shoes, and it’s sunny.

Rothkranz gets reactions from some of the cafe’s customers, and they all love the food. Even a little girl enjoys drinking what looks like some kind of thick soup. And she enjoys the apple cake even more. And Rothkranz adds a note in the video that he had to eat two pieces.

Sam Tabar Gets a New Job With FullCycle and Awearable Apparel

Sam Tabar is a prominent capital strategist and a leading attorney based in New York. He graduated from of Columbia Law School where he earned a Master’s Degree in Law. While at the University, he was the editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. Before his postgraduate studies, Tabar attended Oxford University and graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree.

Currently, Tabar is the Chief Operations Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. The company was founded in 2013 by Ibrahim AlHusseini to help address the problem of pollution caused by municipal solid waste while providing affordable, eco-friendly fuel.

FullCycle does this by providing funds the purchase and installation of modern power generation machines that recycle solid waste to power communities. Working with its main partner Synova Company, FullCycle applies their patented OLGA design in a way that is revolutionizing the way gasification is conducted. The machines are innovatively designed to meet technological requirements at affordable operating and maintenance costs. FullCycle’s intends to provide more eco-friendly power by renovating some of the older generation electric power plants.

In a world where the calls for environmentally-friendly lifestyles are on the increase, FullCycle is showing how it can be done. The task calls for visionary and skilled leadership. For the firm, recently appointed Sam Tabar is the man to guide the company towards the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives. FullCycle wouldn’t have picked better; Tabar brings extensive experience to the team. His appointment as COO of the firm is the result of his vast leadership experience in the financial sector. Tabar is a brilliant financial strategist who has overseen impressive results in several of the world’s largest financial institutions. His previous executive positions have been such firms as Bank of America, where he was the Capital Strategy Manager and Sparx Group, where he served as Deputy Manager of Marketing. Sam Tabar also runs a company that supplies hygiene products for ladies, especially in Africa. In 2014, he founded a hedge fund management firm that he also runs.

Mr. Maluf and the Brazilian Company Eucatex

Flavio Maluf serves as the chairman of Eucatex, a Brazilian company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of flooring options, acoustic ceiling and wall panels, doors, paints and varnishes. Besides being the president of Eucatex, Mr. Maluf also heads Grand Food (this company owns Golden and Premier Pet feed brands). Despite being the head of these two huge companies, Maluf has been able to provide competent leadership and direction for the activities of the two company’s employees.

Eucatex Company started manufacturing and selling ceiling lining and insulating material back in 1951. Its sheet metal factory began operating in Salto in the year 1954. At the time, the company mainly sold its products to the Brazilian civil construction market. The company would later diversify by establishing factories that manufactured hardboard (high-density wood fiber panel) – the company’s current flagship product.

Today, Eucatex services the furniture manufacturers and construction industry. In the construction industry, the company produces laminate floors, modular partitions, doors, and paints. In the furniture industry, Eucatex produces wood fiber plates, MDP and Tamburato. Their products are some of the best in the industry as they use advanced technology and environmentally friendly raw material.

About Flavio Maluf (education, joining the company and assuming presidency)

According to Maluf’s Facebook profile, he attended the University of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also has an additional degree in trade and commerce that he attained from New York University.

Wikipedia shows that Mr. Maluf was hired by Eucatex in 1987. He began working in the trade department where he was responsible for exports and financial aspects of the organization. After a few years, He was moved to the industrial division where he worked for several years before joining the company’s executive board in 1997. After serving on the board for several years, he was unanimously voted in as the new president of the company.

Maluf has headed the company for over four decades now. The father of four is also a well-respected philanthropist who donates to different charities to assist the needy and the local community.

White Shark Media: Isn’t it Nice When a Service Provider Makes Easy Work of Something so Hard?

One of the most exciting things about working with White Shark Media as opposed to other online marketing firms is that they nurture your online leads throughout the decision-making process so they are more apt to turn into customers.


Many online marketing companies that deal with PPC and SEO will only design marketing campaigns for you. They will launch a large volume of ads and play the numbers game. However, with White Shark Media, though they must also play the numbers game, they also know how crucial the landing pages and customer journeys are to conversions.


They also work to gather several small conversions eventually leading to a large one. The first conversion could be just an email address, or maybe even just the fact the potential client opened an email or he was simply better informed because of a blog article on your site; and he now reads your blog every week. However, each yes leads that person further to more and more yes’.


In addition, you don’t have to worry about handling any of this yourself. Even though the company is currently managing campaigns for 600 clients from small firms to huge corporations, your dedicated account executive will give your campaign individual, specialized attention. Whenever they modify or change something with your campaign, you’ll receive an email that’s all.


When you’re reading about marketing online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information, telling you how to address customers, how to present yourself on social media, how to do your own content marketing and so on. This is too much to do on your own and run a successful business at the same time.


Marketing a business online is really a full-time job, just like marketing a business offline has always been. Yes, certain businesses will do just fine with a radio spot or a local newspaper ad every week or every day. However, for businesses that want to grow with the times and bring in more profits than they ever thought possible, branching out is essential. However, it doesn’t have to be hard when you hire a company to handle all of it for you.


In addition, when you’re handling your own PPC, SEO and content campaigns, you might find you’re focusing your energies and your funds in the wrong areas. Working with a professional firm allows you to make the most out of every advertising dollar you spend.

A Real-Life “Robin Hood” Investing in Those in Need

Todd Lubar is as close as it gets to a real-life “Robin Hoood” (minus the frequenst acts of larceny Robin Hood used). As President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, Todd Lubar is able to help those in need. After years of success, this man is giving his all to give back to communities everywhere.

After graduating from Syracuse University Todd began working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Legacy Financial Group was his next stop, professionally (1999 – 2005). Let’s just say, he stuffed a couple million dollars in their coffers over the years. Legacy was just the start for Todd.

Todd briefly served as the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding (2005 -2007). As most of us are aware, 2007 was not a great time to be in the mortgage industry. Todd Lubar agreed and pressed on in other directions. He branched out into the night club, recycling, demolition and other industries over the past 10 years. A perfect example of “business agility”. Adapt to overcome and to overcome means you have survived.

The motto Lubar lives by is, “be better than you were yesterday”. Be a better person not only professionally, but at home as well. Todd is a father of two children. He resides with them and his wife in Bethesda, MA. Much of his work requires travel to and from the west coast. Again, Todd Lubar adapting to his situation, he often takes the family along for the ride.

Using TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC Todd Lubar is busy giving back after so many years of success. TDL Global Ventures has a real-life “Robin Hood” and true captain of industry guiding their sails. He is not only an expert in one area of business. He is an expert in any business he takes part in.