Dr. Walden’s Mission To Help Women

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon who practices in Austin, Texas. She was born there in 1971. Her parents were a dentist and surgical nurse. She got a B.S. in Biology from the University of Texas, and then went to medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Despite originally being put on a waiting list, she graduated as the salutatorian (second-highest) in her class.

After serving a residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Walden won a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, where she worked under Dr. Sherrell Aston, the department chairman. After completing her fellowship, she remained at the hospital for seven and a half years. During this period, Walden took part in clinical trials that resulted in the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. She and Dr. Aston also worked with several other surgeons on a book, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, that was published in 2009.

After the birth of her twin sons in November, 2010, Walden returned to Austin and opened up a private practice in Westlake Hills. In 2014, she opened a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.

Walden acknowledges that her sex makes her a rarity, as the vast majority of plastic surgeons are men. In a 2012 interview, she noted that of the roughly 8100 board-certified plastic surgeons in the US, only 851—or a little over 10% — were women. Only 180 of those were members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top professional organization of board-certified plastic surgeons.

Despite the challenges of being a woman in such a male-dominated field, Walden believes she enjoys some advantages. Over 90% of her patients are also women, and many of them feel more comfortable talking to another woman about their bodies. Walden’s patients are often women whose bodies have changed after giving birth or nursing babies. Their abdominal wall muscles have spread after pregnancy, or their breasts have started to sag after nursing. As Walden herself has twin sons, she understands exactly what her patients are experiencing. She has even told some patients about the work she has had done on her face. She has had dermal fillers and undergone laser resurfacing.

In that same interview, Walden said she saw no contradiction in a feminist being a plastic surgeon. She believes she is helping women by helping them gain more confidence in their appearance.

Reports of FreedomPop Expanding Service to the United Kingdom

With many happy customers in the United States, FreedomPop has decided to launch their first ever International maneuver. With this new maneuver they are inviting United Kingdom residents to jump on the band wagon with FreedomPop and save a bundle on their mobile device bills. Instead of paying a ton of money to large providers, FreedomPop enables its users to actually surf the web, make phone calls and send or receive text messages for free. This is hard for some people who are unfamiliar with FreedomPop’s plan of action to understand. However, it is real and many people are already taking advantage of it. Let’s take a moment to explain how FreedomPop is able to offer these free resources to its customers.

The customer must first pay to get set up in the network. To elleviate some stress in making this payment, people are always urged to do their own research. Upon doing research, one will find that FreedomPop on engadget has many happy customers already, most of which are in the United States. After paying the small fee to set up, approximately seven British pounds, customers are able to surf the web, make calls and text without worries of spending a fortune. It can be a great supplement to anyone who is having trouble staying below their carrier’s set rates of data, minutes or texts. It can also stand alone for anyone who is serious about saving money and is not attached to a contract service plan. The set up fee covers the monthly allowance of talk time, text messaging and data usage. Users get 200 minutes of calls, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data, which is around 100 web pages.

FreedomPop is able to give this deal to interested mobile users because they have networked and connected with major cellphone companies and internet providers. They purchase large bundles of data and network usage for a smaller price, so they are able to pass this savings onto the customer. They do plan to make some money in the U.K. market by setting up plans for users who need more than the 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of data allotted in the free service. These plans are still reasonable, however. They range from 4.99 British pounds to 16.99 British pounds per month.

The Life and Times of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a legend and a well known name in the National Basketball Association. He was a co owner of the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks LLC for ten years until he sold his share to Antony Ressler. Levenson has been a key member of the team for the duration of his tenure. He has attended all the games that the Hawks have played in the league. Recently, he joined the team in their US Holocaust Museum tour. He brought his mother in law who is a holocaust survivor and shared her story with the team and staff who were present.
Bruce comes from a Jewish family. He was born in Washington, D.C and brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bruce juggled law school at American University. He also attended the celebrated Washington University in St. Louis. As he pursued his education, Bruce worked for the Washington Star as a journalist. He started the United Communications Group (UCG) alongside Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The small enterprise was a newsletter publication that was based on Gaithersburg, Maryland. The publication commenced operations at Bruce’s apartment.
With UCG, the pair was able to publish newsletters pertaining to the developments in the oil industry, healthcare, technology, mortgage banking, telecommunications and energy. The company has a mobile application that aids drivers in locating local places where the gas price is low.
Forbes’ Bruce Levenson has always been interested in sports and that prompted him to team up with a group of business men to form the Atlanta Hawks LLC .The Company was formed so that the Atlanta Hawks NBA team could be purchased from Turner Broadcasting. The group also added the NFL team, Atlanta Thrashers and the Phillips Arena to their purchase list consideration. The NFL team was later sold in 2011. Bruce has served as a member of the NBA board of governors.
In 2012, he hired Danny Ferry as the general manager of the Hawks and made him the president of basketball operations. Ferry has experience in management having been the general manager and former player of the Cavaliers. Levenson opted to sell his shares to Antony Ressler so that he could focus more on his career and other business pursuits.
Levenson has served as a board member for a number of firms. He has previously served as the BIA digital Partners adviser. He has been on the board of TechTarget besides the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. In 1997, his good work with UCG saw him inducted into the hall of fame for the Software and Information Industry Association.
Bruce has a large heart. His corporate responsibility focuses of donations towards uplifting the lives of the people living in poverty-stricken areas besides helping children access education. He supports the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. Bruce has worked as the President of the I Have a Dream Foundation, which helps children from needy families to access higher education. He continues to show support to different courses that aim at helping the society improve their livelihood.

Get The Best MJ Imperesonator

Michael Jackson is a legend in music. As the “King Of Pop,” he has changed the way we listen to music. He has changed the industry with his amazing approach to music and the soul that he brought to the songs that he made. Many people, to this very day, are still in love with the legend. This is why people like Sergio Cortes has made it his life mission to help bring Michael Jackson to people as an impersonator. Some pekoe consist him to the best MJ impersonator of all time. Many people love to imitate Michael because of his legendary dance moved and singing voice, and while some may act or sing like him, it takes a real gift to actually look like him.

For Sergio Cortes, he not only can sing and dance like Michael, but he looks exactly like the legendary singer. Whether it’s his eyes, nose, or just the way he smiles, he looks just like MJ. Some people are oftentimes very confused as to why or what makes this guy look so amazingly like the famous singer. It’s not exactly something one person can do to look like anybody. When you look at this guy, you would see nothing but Michael Jackson’s face.

He has an extremely huge fan base in Brazil and even throughout the world. He has thousands upon thousands of Likes on Facebook and many fans on Twitter. When he gets out on stage, he is able to take special effects, the music, costumes, and MJ’s dancing to help bring Michael back to life on stage. He is one of the best impersonators in the world today, and he remains more than able to perform for thouseands of people every single week in his shows,

He hopes to tour the world one day, but he is still trying to build up his audience at the moment with his shows in South America. He hooped to build his name and gain more fans to travel the world as Michael Jackson. The story of his growth as a performer, his music, and just the way that he performs on stage is what has allowed for him to succeed as a real performer. Only time will tell before he becomes a very successful impersonator touring the world on his shows. He also provides his fans and visitors with an amazing experience, and that is what people love seeing.

The Correct Way Of Targeting The SEO Keyword

To carry out online marketing, you need to understand the basic strategies that will make your mission possible. Keywords are vital elements when it comes to searching the engine for information. The keyword to use must classify the nature of your business, target your potential market, and dictate the content of the website you are presenting. Ensure the keyword used is in a higher position in SERPs. Keyword stuffing has disappointed many readers because they end up finding the same content from different keyword and you should avoid it.

As a promoter, ensure the page title has the keyword. The search engine and searches will identify your web page by the page title. Place the page in your main headline for the researchers to easily get to your content. Describe your Meta as it boosts the ranking of your keyword. Make sure you include the main word in your article to emphasize on its meaning.

Use images that will describe the keyword in simpler terms and avoid repeating it many times. List and group the keywords into a group for easier identification. The pages in the website serve a particular purpose. Turn the main word into actual headline and title of the page on the site. Hire the online firms that concentrate on providing their clients with these services. Use the search engine to get these companies.

The White Shark Media is an agency that has specialized in delivering transparent and quality services to small and mid-sized firms that need help with promotion services. They offer online advertising services to these companies by using the Bing Ads and Google AdWords. The media house charges a small setup fee with no cancellation and contract fees. White Shark Media follows a principle of attaining success for their company by delivering the services ordered by their clients. All their staffs are aware of the techniques to use when handling various types of customers.

The company meets the training levels required by Google for ensuring the clients benefit from their services. The Google set concrete measures that any online company must meet for it serve the customers. The feedbacks from their customers outline the satisfaction the customers get from using the services from White Shark. They have a system of dealing with complaints from clients, and they handle them on time. The system enhances continuous communication with their clients, hence allowing them to retain them.

Source: WhiteSharkMedia Blog

Doe Deere Is Changing How People Look at Beauty

Makeup is an important part of many people’s lives. Obviously there’s exceptions, but for the most part one can assume that about 50% of the population will have some makeup products in their home. The ubiquity of makeup has also led to some unexpected trends within the beauty industry. One of the biggest surprises to most people is how dominated it’s been by men, when the products are typically used by women. This has led many companies into an uncomfortable position of telling people what they need instead of actually listening to their customers. People who don’t actually use their own products will often be quite out of touch with their users. And this can lead to a lot of frustration among them. But this frustration can also lead to innovation.

Doe Deere is one of those women who found her makeup needs weren’t being met by the beauty industry. Her academic base was fashion, and her initial career path took her onto the stage. Doe entered into professional life with one foot in the world of fashion and the other in the world of music. Both come with a vital need to instantly convey image and emotion to people. And she was well aware that one of the most effective ways to do so was through makeup. That’s also where she ran into some major issues. She wanted to create a variety of wild and innovative looks. But at the same time the makeup that was available on the market simply wasn’t able to provide what she needed. Instead of giving up, Doe began to study the art of makeup design.

It didn’t take long before Doe Deere had managed to create makeup which could rival and even surpass the highest quality brands. Doe Deere had created something amazing on observer.com, but which most of those companies would consider niche. But her continual interaction with the public began to hint the exact opposite. She received constant interest in her makeup from other women. The combination of imaginative design and high quality ingredients had made something which lots of people wanted, but only Doe had access to.

Doe Deere found herself in a position where she had a chance to help people who had found themselves equally unsatisfied with the makeup choices currently available. She decided to do something about it and escalated her personal makeup production into a full line of cosmetics. This was the birth of the Lime Crime family of beauty products. And it was also the genesis of Doe Deere’s career as a leader in the business, technology and beauty industry. She brought the technical innovation behind her formulations together with the people skills which made her such a great performer. But the foundation was still the desire to help other women make their dreams a reality. Or, as she’s put it, helping people to never give up on their daydreams.

Doe Deere has said that the path to success comes from being yourself and following your daydreams. Her Lime Crime beauty products are an extension of that philosophy. It’s her dream made into a successful business. And at the same time the products are a means by which women can bring their inner vision of themselves out into the world.

Kenneth Griffin – Role Of Technology In Investment

Technology has played a crucial role in Citadel LLC’s performance over the years. Kenneth Griffin, its founder and CEO is a man of technology himself. Ken Griffin’s passion for new techniques, ideas and strategies are evidence that he has given great importance to technology in his investment dealings. Being able to work with technology in its highest form is what has made Citadel great among hedge fund management firms.

Computers, software, modems, faxes, printers, scanners and copiers are essential elements of investment world and Citadel has known this fact better than anyone. Being able to work with new technology on businessinsider.com, particularly with ones that offer high speed data transmission, has been an essential item in its success. Whether it is a firewall issue, a backup glitch or a modem failure, professionals at Citadel LLC are able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly to stay up-to-date with the real-time market. Kenneth Griffin who has experience in finance and investment field understands that not having an adequate and efficient IT system down the hall is a problem for investors. His inclination to technology can be seen even in his early days. Kenneth Griffin had started his first hedge fund firm from his dorm room at Harvard. In order to collect stock market data in real-time, he had installed a satellite link to the roof. His firm was able to make a substantial profit one year after it started. Of those who invested, Frank Meyer was able to make 70 percent return on his investment.

Kenneth Griffin is very particular and organized when it comes to incorporating technology to investment. He says “If an investment firm doesn’t target for efficient tech support, consider that even a mild case of glitch can mean trouble”. This is true given the large amount of investment capital some companies handle in a given time. When technology is out of order or computers are flipping, there is a rush to meet a deadline and not doing anything about it is not going to help. More than half of investment firms surveyed felt that they missed out on advancement opportunities in terms of investment. Indeed, firms often report suffering an out-of-order webpage and out-of-sight issue. Kenneth Griffin has always felt that when great advancement opportunities arise, those who embrace them win out. As the world is evolving, Citadel is being recognized for what it does. It has a great track record so far with more than $26 billion in investment capital. Citadel LLC is the largest hedge fund management firm in the world as of 2015. Investment opportunities with Citadel is the way to attain American dream of financial independence, according to its pioneer.

Fortunately for Citadel, there is a strong and loyal customer base. It is promising its clients that they will be looking for a more flexible lifestyle by following the company’s strategies. Tired of the rate race and ready for a change, investors have been seeking help and finding Citadel to be just the ticket to success.

You Have Not Made It Until You Own An Apartment In New York

Real estate prices in New York have been blistering residents for decades, and the rent control program has kept many people in the city who would not otherwise be able to afford to live in the city. The Real Deal recently held a forum for New York developers for NYC apartments for sale, and one ideal stands out above all other. No one has truly made it until they can afford to purchase their own apartment in New York.

#1: Every Company Has Its Own Angle

Every real estate developer’s dream to build up every stricken part of the city. TOWN Residential has developed many parts of the city, and President Andrew Heiberger opened an office in London in an attempt to find more Asian investors. TOWN Residential has properties ready for Chinese investors today, and every other developer in the city is trying to attract investors who want to believe they have finally made it in life.

#2: Fredrik Eklund Says What Everyone Is Thinking

Fredrik Eklund is a reality TV star who says that he gives all his customers the idea that they have not made it until they buy their own apartment. People who want to feel truly successful in life want to live like the barons of industry at the turn of the century, and looking down on the city from an expensive apartment is an attractive notion for anyone. Every investor who pays a visit to New York can be seduced by the idea of overlooking such a metropolis, and developers are hoping to capitalize on these ideals.

#3: New York Is Safe

New York was once thought of as a breeding ground for crime, but the city has been cleaned up over the last two decades. A Chinese investor could easily walk down the street with confidence, and longtime residents of the city have noted the increased safety in town. Moving to New York is a wise business decision, and Chinese investors with millions of dollars need not spend money on a full-time security team. The city life comes with the fear of violence.

New York real estate market is the most tricky in the world. Investors struggle to figure out how much they should pay for an apartment, and developers want to ensure investors that a new apartment is worth it. The confluence of Chinese capital and New York real estate investors is making for an interesting influx of business in town.

Skout Organic, Offering All Natural Healthy Snacks To Take On To Go

The Founding of Skout Organic

Skout Organic was founded by two brothers, Jason and Tony and their father, Denny. The two brothers were raised in the small town of Tilamook, Oregon which is renowned for its natural beauty, farms and dairies. Their father had a specialty food store, with many locally produced wines and cheeses. This would greatly influence the creation of Skout Organic and the company’s values.

The entire Pastega family would spend a great deal of time enjoying the incredible beauty of Oregon’s landscape. However, something thing bothered the Pastega family and created a dilemma. There was a lack of healthy and tasty trail bars that the family could take along on their outdoor trips. Almost all of the trail bars they found were loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Most also contained artificial ingredients and preservatives. An all natural, delicious trail bar was difficult to find.

One of the brothers decided to tackle the issue and create his very own trail bar. Jason handcrafted his own batch of natural trail bars at home in 2008 using a kitchen mixer and rolling pin. The bars were made from simple natural ingredients such as oats, nuts and dates. They had an excellent taste and were nutritious and filling. The handcrafted bars were perfect to take along outdoors as a healthy snack.

Seeing and trying his handmade bars, Jason’s brother Tony, and father Denny encouraged him to create more bars. They would eventually help him create a company that they would call Skout Organic in late 2008. The name of the company was inspired by Jason’s dog, who was called Scout. Jason traveled all over Oregon with his pet and decided to pay tribute to his companion by naming the company in her honor.

Products Skout Organic Produces and Retails

Skout Organic produces several different flavored all natural trail bars. Available flavors include Blueberry-Almond, Apple-Cinnamon, Cherry-Vanilla, Chocolate-Coconut, and Chocolate-Peanut Butter. The bars can be purchased online and at health food stores and some supermarkets. The bars are sold individually and in bulk packages that contain 12 bars of a single flavor. Skout Organic also offers a sample pack of all of its flavors for a special price. This is perfect as a gift or to try all the delicious trail bar flavors made by Skout Organic. The primary ingredients of the bars are dates, oats, almonds, and various fruits depending on the bars.

Skout’s products are certified organic, contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers. They are certified kosher, are vegetarian friendly, kosher and contain no gluten, dairy or soy. They are the perfect snack for anyone looking for a healthy and nutritious snack while on a trip. In addition to its trail bars, Skout Organic sells raw pumpkin seeds. These seeds are rich in minerals and are also a great take me along snack.

How Ads in Brazil Differ from American Ads

When Cláudio Loureiro started Heads Proganda he knew that he would be doing something that is different from what the rest of the world was doing. He is thinking outside of the box. With his efforts to product ads in Brazil he has been able to create a different type of e-commerce trail. He has separated the ads from the others in Brazil and even around the world by creating something unique and catchy. He has been able to prove that a business can be transformed in a great way when the right marketing efforts are put for. What Cláudio Loureiro has ultimately done is introduce Brazil to the rest of the world through ads that show Brazilian culture.

This is the thing that ultimately makes Brazilian culture a lot different from American culture. In Brazil the ads are colorful and flashy in most occasions. People do not have to wonder what they are looking at. The ads – whether in commercial or print format – will come through in high definition colors with Brazilian pride. The culture in itself is represented as a lighthearted environment of people that like to have fun. There is also a very sensual element to Brazil. These are all things that provide a level of excitement to the country.

Advertising in Brazil is different from America so the ads that are displayed on Brazilian television are typically not shown in America. Some of the Brazilian ads that are discussed on a “Sexiest Commericals” type of special may actually be edited or censored for American television. This is just how much the ads are different from what is typically shown in America. It just goes to show that Brazil is a lot more liberal when it comes to advertising. That is what Cláudio Loureiro knows, and he takes advantage of this type of liberty.

In the advertising world there are a lot of different companies that have different ideas about what ads should be used to represent the organization. What Brazil has become is a huge tourist spot. Many of the major ads are used to boost the economy by making the culture appear very investing. Real estate is one of huge staples here, but this part of the economy would certainly dwindle without the aid of the magnificent ads on Brazil. This is what leads people to Latin America so it is very important.