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End Citizens United: Fighting to Keep the Johnson Amendment

The United States is a country established on the principle that the state and the church should be separated and that the church should not interfere in the affairs of the state. However, with President Trump signing an executive order to weaken the scope of the Johnson Amendment and the Republican Party campaigning for its complete removal, the idea of “separation of church and state” is beginning to blur. This principle is the danger of being taken away from the people, and several groups have shown their outrage about the plan of the government to remove it from the constitution. One of these groups who is staging protests and rallies against the removal of the Johnson Amendment is End Citizens United, one of the fastest growing political organization in the United States. The group was founded in 2015, and in just two years, they are proud to say that their membership in the United States alone rose to millions. They are appealing to all of their members to protect the Johnson Amendment, and do everything that they can for the government to hear their appeals and to listen to what they wanted to say.

The Johnson Amendment states that non-profit organizations which are exempted from paying taxes are forbidden from campaigning for an individual who would run for public office. They are also prohibited from opposing someone who is a candidate for the election. End Citizens United is asking the government to leave the amendment alone, and they are urging every member of the Congress not to enact the removal of the Johnson Amendment. This amendment is a total stranger to most Americans, and they only heard about it during the last election season in 2016. End Citizens United does not want this amendment to be removed because they believe that it will turn non-profit, tax-exempt organizations like the church into a corrupted weapon for deceit. They warned that if the Johnson Amendment is removed, wealthy politicians and families can ultimately control the flow of the elections. For example, these politicians will be giving massive amounts of money to the church, stating that these are “donations.” However, with their power, they can dictate the church to spend it somewhere else, including their political campaign advertisement and paraphernalia.

End Citizens United wanted to protect the Johnson Amendment because they believe that once the amendment is removed, the wealthy families and big businesses in the United States would have more control over the state and the government. The organization was established in 2015 because of the landmark ruling that the United States Supreme Court released in 2010, stating that private corporations are still considered as an individual, and they can freely support the candidate of their choice. Read more on End Citizens United raises $4 million, projects $35 million haul for midterms:



End Citizens United Rushes to Aid of Embattled Johnson Amendment

We have seen a battle rolling through Washington D.C. since the 2016 election cycle came to an end. With the election of Donald Trump to the White House, by a minority of voters, America has become increasingly embattled in squabbles and political in-fighting. Most recently, Donald Trump has begun to take aim at the important Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was brought into law after being introduced as the Johnson Act back in 1954. The goal of the law was to separate church and state affairs even further. In exchange for a tax-free exemption, churches and other religious organizations would not utilize their pulpits to spread political messages or funding. Now, Trump is taking aim at it with a clear thumb to the nose of law and order.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has become a champion for the rights of the average American citizen over the past two years. End Citizens United was established to fight for campaign finance reform, reverse the catastrophic Citizens United decision from 2010, and to keep dark money out of the political arena. When Trump takes aim at the Johnson Amendment, in a clear power-play to his base, he is essentially asking for more dark money to flood into politics. Tiffany Muller, the president of the End Citizens United committee, says that repealing the Johnson Amendment could “turn churches into tools for secret campaign spending.” Muller goes on to point out that were the Johnson Amendment destroyed, rich donors could give to churches in order to push their money into Washington D.C. while simultaneously getting their own write-offs in the process. Repealing the Johnson Amendment does nothing for the average American and everything for the corrupt lobbyist and political adviser.

The recent tax reform bill that has been championed by House Republicans includes an attack directly against the Johnson Amendment. If the House Bill passes through the Senate then you are going to end up seeing Washington D.C. under very clear attack from even more rich donors and lobbyists who are seeking to wrest control away from the American voter. What makes this all particularly aggravating is the fact that the Johnson Amendment was initially a bipartisan effort championed by two of the most famous names in politics: Lyndon B Johnson and Dwight D Eisenhower, a republican and democrat respectively. Now, with Washington more partisan than ever you are going to see more of these blatant attacks against the voting rights of Americans everywhere.

Donald Trump has become more than just an existential threat to the voting rights of Americans everywhere, he has now launched an actual attack on those rights. Repealing the Johnson Amendment will be disastrous for America and End Citizens United is making sure to let people know. Read more about End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:


The Success of The OSI Group in The Global Food Market

The OSI Group is a privately owned American company. The company has grown to one of the leading providers of value-added healthy foods to retail stores around the world. The company is one of the leading institutions trusted with the processing of food for both the American and global market.

Since the OSI group’s establishment, the value addition and processing of food has been the company’s primary function. Recently, due to market demands, the OSI group has ventured into food product development. They offer this service to their clients globally.

Unlike other food processing institutions, the OSI group is committed and involved in the production of the agricultural produce the company uses. Sourcing and distribution of food are another aspects of manufacturing the OSI group is engaged in. Delivery of the company’s end product takes place within the firm’s complex global chain management system.

The OSI group is one of Americas successful companies. From the firm’s performance, it is no surprise that it has been placed in the same category as Apple. The institution has long become a global corporation that has an excess of 65 facilities which are distributed across 17 different locations.

The OSI group is one of the few companies capable of providing stable employment opportunities to thousands of people across the world. The employment opportunities the OSI group offers aren’t limited to positions in the food processing industry alone. Currently, the OSI group has more than 20,000 salaried members of staff across the globe.

In as much as the company has multiple offices across the world, the emphasis the OSI group puts in providing quality products for its clients is the same across the different departments in respective countries. OSI group is continuously expanding its services to other regions of the world, the company’s growth can be highlighted with the recent acquisition of Baho Food together with the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant.

The mission of the OSI group is to deliver their clients delightful, healthy and tasty foods in every service; this is the primary reason the company puts a lot of effort in understanding the diverse and detailed requirements of their clients. When it comes to consistency and responsiveness, the OSI group leads by example. In doing this, they can meet the diverse needs of their clients across the world. The OSI group offers the tailored processing of foods that range from fruits, vegetables, meat, and other protein-based foods

OSI Group Info:

Dr. David Samadi, Pioneer in Robotic Surgery

Dr. David Samadi is perhaps best known to the public as the host of “Sunday Housecall,” which aired on the Fox News Channel. He is Chair of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital.

A Pioneer in Robotic Prostate Surgery

Having started his career specializing in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, he recognized the potential of robotic surgery when in 2000, he spent a year in France with the team that performed the first laproscopic and robotic surgeries for prostate cancer. He went on to become Vice Chair of Urology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. In that role, he performed thousands of robotic prostate surgeries, which is his focus today as Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill.

Quality Through Efficiency

Dr. Samadi credits his success by observing techniques used in other industries to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality to quantity. He compares his team to a flight crew where he is the pilot. “Everyone knows their position in the operating room,” he says, “and each person has a special role.” Dr. Samadi has also taken a leadership role in designing the physical layout of the operating room and floor, with the goal of making a ‘one-stop’ center for men’s health from colon, heart, prostate, and lungs to fertility and testosterone levels.

A Patient-Centered Approach

Interaction with patients as human beings is also fundamental to Dr. Samadi’s medical philosophy of never compromising on the quality of care. “My patients have my cellphone number and full access to me and at all hours,” he says. “I always run one robotic room at a time, and I perform each case from beginning to end.” Patients have responded positively to his patient-centered approach through word of mouth and a recent scoring of 94 percent in a Manhattan patient satisfaction survey.

The SMART Future

Looking to the future, Dr. Samadi is developing a new surgical technique for prostate removal called the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART), which will avoid nerve damage that presently can lead to serious side effects. “Once the results of my technique have been proven and published,” Dr. Samadi says, “men won’t have to carry around such anxieties.”

In the Media

Currently, Dr. Samadi hosts a radio program and has a health news and information website at

about David Samadi:

EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors

Popular lip balm brand EOS, abbreviated for Evolution of Smooth, has recently launched their latest product: Vegan Crystal Flavors. The lip care brand has developed the product to target its customers who seek lip care solutions that still offer the same great results they’ve come to expect from the brand, but now they’re offering those benefits in an animal byproduct-free and organic option. These new flavors are a great option for those who have been waiting for a vegan option to be available from EOS. The vegan flavors include Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchard, and they include the ingredients any lip care enthusiast usually looks for: coconut, Shea, and natural oils to help smooth and sooth your dry and cracked lips. You may buy these awesome lip balms  here on They also use ingredients such as Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, which are known to help add moisture back to drying skin.

Evolution of Smooth burst onto the lip care scene about seven years ago when their iconic orb-shaped containers started appearing online and in grocery stores and drug stores across the globe, view this. They have always had a mission dedicated to creating organic lip care solutions for their customers, but these new flavors are the company’s first foray into the realm of vegan products.

The product design behind the lip balm EOS manufactures came from extensive market research that resulted in customers saying they tend to lose the general tube-shaped lip stick that has been around for decades. The spherical shape was the solution EOS concocted with great success and customer satisfaction. However, the brand did not want their customers to see their product as unobtainable, which led them to place a very competitive price tag on the lip balm. Through their affordable pricing, enthusiastic celebrity endorsements, and clever millenial-targeting marketing, EOS has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the lip care industry.

Check out EOS’ official website here on


End Citizens United Works to Protect Johnson Amendment

Whereas most of the people are concentrating on the controversies and drama surrounding President Trump and his government, few are aware of the effort by the Republicans to bring changes that will interfere with the separation of church and state. The proposed changes will significantly affect the Johnson Amendment, a bill that prohibits tax-exempt non-profit groups like churches from supporting or opposing any political candidate.

The first attempt to change Johnson Amendment was made through the introduction of some terms in the House Financial Services bill. Although this was unsuccessful, the proposed colossal tax reform bill will significantly weaken the Johnson Amendment. Under this bill, religious organizations such as the churches will be exempted from this law.

What Would Be the Impact?

It is unfortunate that only a few people are aware of the importance of Johnson Amendment. Churches have robust financial capabilities and can have a major impact on politics if they are allowed to participate. For instance, the 2016 election was the most expensive in the American history with a budget of about $6.5. In 2015, religious groups received $119 billion as donations. If religious groups are allowed to campaign for or against political candidates, democracy in America would be endangered.

In response, End Citizens United has joined hands with other not-for-profit groups to protect the Johnson Amendment. It is critical to ensure that religion and state remain separate. In 2016, a majority of the Americans (66%) according to research by Pew Research Center were against of involvement of faith in politics. The opponents of these changes are afraid that if the tax bill is passed, there is no guarantee as to what the Supreme Court will rule.

About End Citizens United (ECU)

ECU is an underground donor backed Political Action Committee that campaigns for the election of finance reformers to change Citizens United. The group is against the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that recognized corporations as people thereby allowing special interest groups to influence politics by financing political parties and their candidates.

What Do They Hope to Accomplish in the Next Election?

In the 2018 House election cycle, ECU has announced that it will support various candidates. The group has vowed to support up to ten candidates who are participating in Washington. According to the group’s president Tiffany Muller, they are determined to remove pro-big money candidates from Congress. ECU is planning to raise $35 million to finance the candidates it is supporting in the 2018 election cycle.

What is Their Presence like on Social Media?

ECU is present on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It uses the social media to communicate with its supporters about important happenings that touch the group. Their followers do not only get an opportunity to be enlightened about some events and how they impact them but also a chance to exchange their ideas with the group. Read more:


What Are Your Highest Financial Expectaions

Making A Generation Out Of You

We’re going to make a great generation out of you, and money is how.

It takes a great deal of money to even closely resemble a complete life. This is a reality we all face, and it teaches us one lesson. To maximize your earnings is to maximize your life’s potential and its completeness.

Completeness is what defines every generations.

From those who lived before us, we find a complete society, a complete progression and a complete ideal on what life means to humanity. The completed picture for you starts with a better handle on your money. Every dollar you make and then spend brings power with it.

Your generation is now, and the coming financial prosperity is proof of it.

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Your actions matter because the value you spend affects the world you live in. Partner with us, and let NexBank boost the quality of your success. We do it by managing your money and by giving you more options than just a new account. The expansion brought by NexBank is professionalism.

Other banks never told you about how to best leverage your accounts. Be cautious. You don’t want money being taken by your own partners. You need service that’s transparent and people who want you to have better. This combination of factors is the source of true financial success.

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You need every advantage there is, and one method will help. The strategies of NexBank show results every year. You can now be a part of our success as we make success out of you.

David Giertz Insights on How to Save For Retirement

David Giertz is an Ohio based financial advisor with an equivalent of three decades in the field. He is a registered broker under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a private corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization in the United States. David also has accreditation as a broker through the State Securities Law Exam, General Industry & Products Exam, and the Principal. David Giertz shares six important leveraging insights on how to efficiently plan and make a difference with the retirement money.

Being well competent in his financial field, he consistently exceeds corporate goals. Firstly, David recommends people to evaluate their financial health. Financial health defined by the assurity of saving enough at the same time taking care of the important things. To the young people, he recommends them to start saving nice and early; He also advises them to pay debt fast.

Secondly, he encourages everyone makes compound interest a best friend since it’s the smartest move to take. If someone starts early, they can build more compound interest as they keep adding money throughout their life. By the time of completion, a lot of money will be sitting in your account. Also, David advises translating to financial success by being innovative to build profitable growth by owning a side business that benefits them financially. David states the money one makes in their leisure can be saved be carried on into retirement.

David Giertz attended the Millikin University where he graduated and later advanced for a master’s degree at the Miami University. He began his career at Financial Horizons Security Corporation in the year 1989. In 1991, he left his position and proceeded to Citicorp Investment Services. Later in the year 199, he took up a new role at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. In 2013, he officially became the corporate Senior Vice President.

David also affiliates with several community organizations such as the Millikin University where he is the chairman of the board of trustees. During his reign at Budget and Finance, he also chaired the board committee. In the past, David has also served on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Broward County and the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

Find out more about David Giertz:

A Informative Review Of EOS Crystal Lip Balm

EOS has come out with a product that is made without the use of beeswax. There are a number of reasons why someone might seek out a product that does not have beeswax in it, including the fact that such a product can be made in a vegan way. The EOS Crystal lip balm is made without any kinds of animal ingredients. This lip balm is something that those who are vegan can use on their lips and feel good about using. This is a product that does not take anything from animals when it is made.

Read more interesting related facts here on

Some avoid beeswax because they prefer ingredients that they feel are a little more nourishing on the lips. EOS Crystal lip balm uses coconut oils to help moisturize the lips and care for them, view here. This is an ingredient that many will appreciate and that will excite some. EOS Crystal lip balm also uses avocado oil to help it nourish the lips of the one who uses it and to care for them. All of the ingredients that are used in this product are good for the lips and they are top quality ingredients. Those who are seeking something made with good ingredients will find that in the EOS Crystal lip balm.

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The EOS Crystal lip balm is made without beeswax, and that allows it to be see-through and beautiful. This lip balm is lightweight on the lips, and it has a look to it that is unlike anything else out there.

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Obsidian Energy Set To Refine Its Business Dealings And Outlook

Penn West Petroleum recently changed its name to Obsidian Energy, with the approval of the shareholders. The company’s name change marked a new path for growth in sales, following a less glamourous record of returns in the previous years. The chief executive officer of the company, Dave French, stated that the new name was an inspiration of the naturally occurring volcanic glass that is refined to become sparkly and of a higher value. Obsidian Energy is set to minimize its spending budget by limiting it to oil and gas while focusing increased efforts in production and debt reduction. One of the options that Obsidian Energy undertook to cut the budget was to cut down the employee capacity from 1400 to 300 and the production of 135,000 oil barrels per day to 28,000. Get More Information Here.


Obsidian Energy’s new label, OBE, was effective on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. David French revealed that shareholders approved the firm’s 2017 annual plans as indicated in the 2017 Special and Annual Meeting and Management Circular, penned on April 30th, 2017. He explained that Obsidian Energy has formulated a leaner execution plan that includes all the necessary assets required for growth, an improved balance sheet and a fail proof plan that will steer the company successfully in low financial seasons.


In addition to the revised economic scheme of the firm, David French is certain that the newly designed governing principles will guide every employee towards manifesting the stipulated vision. The first principle requires employees to apply a detailed economic and technical analysis in projects. Secondly, commitment is necessary to progressively achieve the outlined goals and meet deadlines. Lastly, Obsidian’s motto states that everyone is required to maintain transparency in all business dealings to uphold integrity, hence retain and attract customers. Since the revelation of the new guiding principles by David French, Obsidian has published a report detailing the shareholders special meeting, which led to the agreement of the name change.


Obsidian Energy is a middle-sized oil and gas production company. Reports collected in 2017 indicate that Obsidian Energy has an evenly balanced portfolio. Currently the accumulated assets allow the production of approximately 30,000 gallons gaily. The firm has an unwavering dedication to satisfy their customers and rise among other oil and gas firms.