The Heartland Institute Wants The Pope To Know That Climate Change Is Nothing To Worry About

Think tanks are an interesting concept to Kevin Seawright. A bunch of people with an impressive set of credentials get together and discuss all the things that make life, life. It doesn’t matter that these egg-heads have their own set of influences and associations attached to their belief system that may not be what others with similar credentials think. Their job or mission is to get everyone else thinking the way they do.

The Heartland Institute’s mission is to convince the Pope that global warming is no big deal. Fortunately, the Pope knows better. His think tank, also known as bishops in the Vatican, believe climate change is real, and it is in our best interest to deal with it rationally.

The Heartland Institute wants the Pope’s think tank to know that they think that humans are not causing climate change. Humans are fulfilling their biblical duty to use the Earth for the benefit of humanity, according to Heartland thinkers. Image that. We are using the Earth for our benefit. Really? We are performing some incredulous acts, and the Earth is adjusting to those deeds. Perhaps the thinkers at Heartland are forgetting one important thing. The Earth has its own consciousness, and it will adjust itself because of the inhumanity in those human benefits.

Another Reason Why Asthma Treatment Would Be a Bad Solution

There are a lot of theories about why allergies exist. One theory is that humans created immune responses to parasitic worms in ancient times and that without these worms in many modern environments the immune systems of some people react to contact with similar cells. Another theory is that allergy sufferers — especially those with severe or multiple allergies — possess wonderfully super-sensitive immune systems that are responding to toxins in the environment in a healthy fashion designed to warn them. Essentially, the theory suggests that when a person gets sick from allergies, their body is telling them to get away from something that will ultimately harm them. Of course, this theory doesn’t explain severe food allergies except that pesticides used on many plants are also extremely harmful.

Last week, scientists discovered a potential way to stop asthma symptoms before they start. But, some critics, like Sultan Alhokair wonder if this is a good solution. After all, wouldn’t this type of treatment merely mask the underlying environmental issues — specifically pollutants and fine particulates — that cause the symptoms?

With global warming, for example, it is estimated that pollen will be produced in far greater amounts by plants than ever before. Perhaps some allergy sufferers suffer more because their bodies are responding more to a global environmental crisis of epic proportions. It is obvious that pollution is one area that needs to be addressed very soon.

Bernie Sanders set to announce Presidential bid

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is the only high profile Democrat to officially enter the Presidential race so far, but could soon be joined by left wing Democrat Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator has often been considered too left wing for a successful Presidential bid, but is now said to be just days from entering the race, according to CNN. Sanders has recently attracted attention as he toured many of the main states where victory is required for a successful Presidential nomination bid and this weekend spoke at a large meeting in South Carolina.

Sanders entry into the race could prompt others to join the nomination campaign, including Vice President Joe Biden. Flavio Maluf has learned that the Vice President has remained tight lipped about a possible Presidential run, but insiders reveal he is hoping to be the alternative candidate should Clinton run into trouble. Unlike Sanders, Biden is expected to attract a large number of donors to any campaign who are looking to mount a successful challenge to what currently appears to be a Clinton landslide victory.

Miss the ACM’s? See the Best and Worst Moments Highlighted

If you are a fan of country music then you probably took the time to watch the ACM awards. Maybe you didn’t have the time, though, busy with previous commitments. If so, then you can check out the highlighted best and worst moments from the event and see just what you missed.

The ACM awards were super sized this year, and that made it to the highlights of being one of the low points of the night. The large crowd took an intimate gathering and made it something different altogether. The large crowd did garner attention, though, stirring up news on social media and beyond.

The ACM awards had many great moments and many moments that were not so great. If you are looking to hear about what you missed you can find that in the best and worst moments list. If you watched the show, this is still something that you will find interesting even if you’re just at Amen Clinic waiting for an appointment.

Why Is It That We Have Allergies?

It seems that these days, everybody is allergic to something. Whether it be an ongoing allergy to something like dogs or you simply get a reaction to the trees blossoming each spring, everybody seems to be turning to an antihistamine every so often. Why is this though? Allergies were pretty much unheard of at one point in time. Has there been a change in the environment or are our immune systems compromised? Unfortunately the answer is completely unknown according to medical professionals and scientists.

Everyone can tell their story about how they found out they were allergic to something. They may have been stung by a bee and experienced an immediate topical reaction or there are even people who consume something like peanuts and have such an immediate and severe response that they have trouble breathing. Some people have just simply annoying reactions while others are life threatening. A friend, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, noticed he had allergies to certain hair products but has been unable to find the actual allergen. There are being studies done to try and better understand the process of allergies. While the United States has an overabundance of peanut allergies right now, there are places in the World that have never experienced this type of thing. There is the suspicion that the peanuts that are grown and processed in the United States, may be going through some sort of chemical change because of being over-processed. When this happens, an allergic reaction can take place after consumption as the body cannot handle the product.

Wilie Nelson Decides to Start a Weed Company

With talk about making weed legal across the country, Willie Nelson has decided to step in and grab the attention of avid weed smokers. He has decided that it might be a good idea for him to start selling weed since he has invested so much money over the years.

Willie Nelson has been known for his advocacy for marijuana legalization, as well as his arrest in 2010, when he created the “Teapot Party.” Jaime Garcia Dias thought it was a bit of a joke, but he seems to be a bit more serious now.

Willie Nelson’s cannibis company, Willie’s Reserve will be pushing “Willie Weed” across Colorado and Washington, and will gradually make it’s way across the country as regulations change.

Rolling stone took time to interview Willie Nelson and his cannibis company and the quality of product he plans to sell. Willie states that he will only sale quality, and he is considering creating a menu because he says that there are so many different types of weed, that do different types of things.

Nelson’s cannibis business is expected to be more than just weed. Nelson says that the store will contain menus of product, and edibles. He feels that this project fell together like evolution. He also says that Willie Reserve is an extension of his passion and appreciation for a wide range of plants and qualities.

Is Bisexuality Being Bashed in All-New X-Men #40?

Panels from the All-New X-Men #40 leaked online on Tuesday revealed to fans that Bobby Drake/Iceman will be coming out as gay. Although many fans who are members of the LGBTQ+ community and supporters are thrilled with this development, many bisexual fans are less than thrilled because of how Drake’s sexual orientation is revealed through a conversation between his younger self and a younger Jean Grey in the future.

In one panel, Drake says that maybe his adult self is bisexual since he learned that future Drake/Iceman has dated women. Grey responds first by saying that “They say everbody is.” and then saying, “But I think you’re more… full gay.”

Fans such as Jason Halpern who support this dialogue have stated that it’s not anything to get upset about since this is merely how two young characters might talk. Yet, as some bisexual fans have pointed out, the writers pick the dialogue and make it seem as if bisexuality is a transitional “phase” between being either heterosexual or homosexual instead of a legitimate sexual orientation.

Others have pointed out that Grey, as a telepath, would have a better idea than teenage Drake. Bisexual fans and their supporters who noticed the dialogue have noted that the issue isn’t whether Drake is bisexual or homosexual, but that bisexuality is treated as a “less than” state and the interim stage of determining one extreme sexual orientation over another.

Senate Unanimously Passes Anti-Human Trafficking Bill

The Senate-controlled GOP scored a victory today with the passage of the Anti-Human Trafficking Bill. By a margin of 99 yea votes to zero nay votes, the Senate overwhelmingly passed the law despite the fact the GOP was able to maintain the Hyde Amendment intact for the bill. Democrats had previously withdrawn their support of the bill over wording that extended the Hyde Amendment to restitution funds collected from human traffickers. In response, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put off the confirmation vote of Loretta Lynch until Democrats would end their filibuster.

In the end, a compromise emerged that applied the Hyde Amendment only to federal funds as has been customary since 1997. While the GOP relented on altering the bill so that the Hyde Amendment did not apply to restitution funds, the compromise made that a moot point. This is because restitution funds are now restricted to non-health care related survivor services. While the controversial provision was moderated somewhat, it was still a center-right solution politically. As Sam Tabar understands, the bill will now proceed to the House of Representatives with passage all but guaranteed.

With the Anti-Human Trafficking bill leaving the Senate, the chamber is now expected to take up the nomination of Loretta Lynch as early as Thursday. Her confirmation is expected to occur by a simple majority of senators. She will then replace Eric Holder, who has been a controversial attorney general. Holder tendered his resignation in 2014, but made his departure contingent on a new nominee replacing him.

Pills Are Not the Answer

It’s no secret that taking prescription, and over-the-counter, medications pose health risks and can cause unpleasant side effects. Yet when allergy or headache relief is needed, no hesitation goes into popping a pill to get through the day. Acetaminophen, a common ingredient in pain relievers of all kinds, is used to treat many ailments, including headache, fever, and chronic pain, and has been known to cause serious stomach pain, loss of appetite, and even jaundice. According to an evaluation done by the Department of Psychology at the University of Ohio, Acetaminophen can also desensitize human responses to a wide range of positive and negative stimuli. Imagine the emotional suppression one might experience while taking this drug over a long period of time while treating chronic back pain. How could this affect our daily lives through personal relationships, performance at work, and overall mental and physical health? Ricardo Guimarães BMG (find more at YouTube) maintains that more research is necessary before adding cautions to pill bottles and encourages others not to overreact.

Where is Joe Biden?

Generally speaking, when the second term of a president comes to a conclusion, the vice president typically announces he is going to run for office and starts to plan out his campaign. With just over a year left of President Obama’s tenure, many believe Joe Biden would have announced himself running for president by now. However, that has not yet come to fruition, so most people are waiting in order to see if he is going to run and what he is going to do. Maybe he’s got a new part time job with Handy?

Hillary Clinton recently came out and officially stated she is running for the Democratic nomination for president. However, Vice President Joe Biden has not yet announced this himself. Of course, his schedule is a bit fuller than most other people who are going to be announcing their candidacy. As he is working with different countries on varying issues, ranging from Iraq to working with local groups inside of the country, Joe Biden has actually stated he is not completely sure yet whether or not he wants to be president. So, he said he would wait until the end of the summer before announcing whether or not he is going to run for president or not. Of course, a good portion of this is probably because he wants to feel out what is going on and who is in the race, not to mention what his chances are before he runs.