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Wengie Follows Her Dreams

Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty blogger that followed her dreams to a rewarding life as a YouTube vlogger. On this vlog, Wengie draws her whole life on a white board. From her birth in China, her families move to Australia, her school days, college days, first job, and her decision to quit that job to do what she loves, be creative.


This white board, hand drawn, self narrated video is one of hope and perseverance. Wengie shares her struggles, failures, and her success. She is real in a way that most people are afraid to be. Her story of being a horrible introvert proves that you can overcome things that seem to hold you back. With over one million followers of her video blogs, and her very extroverted personality on video, she gives a reason for shy girls to not give up and seclude themselves.


Wengie was raised with DIY toys and her family didn’t have a lot of money, so they found ways to make do. This was an amazing training area for all of Wengie’s “Hack’s”. Her YouTube vlog is full of these hacks including everything to edible school supplies, to “12 Life Hacks for Lazy People.” She shares her life experiences, her beauty tips, and is super spunky funny woman. Beware, once you start watching these videos, you might become addicted!



The Happy Benefits of Beneful

If I were to ask you to pick one of your favorite foods to eat the rest of your life, what would you choose? You might enjoy eating your choice for a few weeks, but you’ll grow to hate it. Life shouldn’t be about regimented, bland, and boring meals. Life is about variety, and if you wouldn’t do that to yourself, why would you do it to your dog? Here is the detail.

With Beneful, it’s never been easier to treat your dog with a little more variety in their life. Beneful can will not only give your pet a choice, they’ll bring quality to the bowl. With a selection of dry and wet foods made with real ingredients, it’s easy to find what you and your dog might be looking for.

Are you planning on having a steak for dinner? Now you don’t have to leave out your furry member of the family! Pick up a bag of Beneful’s Dry Dog food made with real beef. So maybe it’s a chicken night, they’ve got you covered there too with a Dry Dog food made with real chicken. Making sure not to leave out all those pescetarian, there is also a delicious Salmon option.

If the Dry Foods weren’t already enough, Beneful offers a variety of wet foods guaranteed to settle any rumbling tummy. How about Beef, Carrots, Tomatoes and Wild Rice? Perhaps some lamb brown rice carrots and spinach? With so many possibilities, your dog will be jumping with anticipation to see what you’ve brought them today. You’ll never have to subject them to the same old boring meal day in and day out ever again.

Join the thousands of happy dogs and their owners by picking up some Beneful dog food today.

Why Highland Capital Management is Among the Leading Alternative Credit Managers in the World

Highland Capital Management was established with a vision of servicing clients who seek credit solutions in the alternative investment industry. The company’s vision is fostered by subsidiaries like Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors L.P. Nasdaq recently listed The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan EFT, managed by Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, as a financial product.


In celebration of the product’s listing, Highland Capital Management visited Nasdaq MarketSite’s corporate office in Time Square. Exclusive photos of the event were posted on Nasdaq’s official Facebook and Instagram pages. The event was also streamed on Nasdaq’s YouTube channel.


Highland Capital Management boasts a huge client base that comprises of high net-worth individuals, public pension plans, funds of funds, and financial institutions. Highland’s credit solutions are also customized to meet the needs of corporations, endowments, and foundations.


Nasdaq is renowned for its listing, exchange technology, clearing, and trading services. Established publicly traded companies, such as Highland Capital Management, are listed on Nasdaq’s stock exchange lists. Clients can purchase stocks and determine their value from the market site. With Highland’s stocks listed on Nasdaq, the company can monitor its stock market performance and determine the number of clients who buy the shares.


About Highland Capital Management


As an SEC-certified firm, Highland Capital Management manages both tangible and intangible assets worth over $1.8 billion. The firm relies on its retail arm, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, to relay its diversified investment solutions to customers. Mark Okada and James Dondero are regarded as the founders of the company. Since the duo founded the company, Highland Capital Management has earned a reputation as one of the most experienced and largest international alternative credit managers.


Highland’s credit management solutions encompass special situation private equity, credit hedge funds, and collateralized loan obligations. The company has also built a huge client base for its long-only funds and separate accounts. Highland Capital Management also specializes in alternative investments, such as emerging markets, natural resources and long and short equities. Besides its Dallas-based head office, the company has satellite service centers in New York, Seoul, Singapore, as well as São Paulo.



Adam Milstein Named Most Philanthropic

Adam Milstein was recently named one of the 200 Most Influential philanthropists in the world. It is mainly comprised of leading philanthropists and entrepreneurs in social media. It is London-based and strives to provide a list of amazing people together to showcase their work. Adam is currently No. 187 on this list. He is everything from a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council to a leader in many prominent Jewish organizations. He’s a part of StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC, and Campus Coalition.


This list is full of amazing people that have donated their time and money to help countless others. People like Elton John, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, among many others are a part of this brand. Adam is definitely honored to be part of this list because it puts him in the same spot as so many others. It’s giving him the chance to be recognized and witnessed as a hard working individual who loves to help others. He explains that his philanthropic work is very important to him and truly does gratify his life. He works with so many organizations and continues to showcase his respect and love for everybody he works with.


He has a Milestein Family Foundation that does quite a lot but mainly strives to strengthen Jewish people and their homeland. They fund projects, look to connect with other organizations, and provide as much funding and help as they can provide for everybody within the Jewish community. Adam Milstein definitely is honored to be part of this highly prestigious group of well respected philanthropists.


The Incredible Technologies And Work Of The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have entered into a collaboration with Allscripts and NantHealth. They have implemented a solution that will improve the information available regarding cancer treatments. This involves the integration of the Clinical Pathways program which contains the input of oncologists all over the nation.

According to Wikipedia, the system will show all of the appropriate treatments that are available. Any guesswork will be almost completely eliminated. Everything is customized with the CTCA standards of care so patients can choose from safe and efficient options. The Clinical Pathways system was designed to focus on the patients and has the latest treatments, complimentary therapies and a curated protocol list pertaining to diseases specific to the patients.

The options are available by tapping the screen and combines supportive therapies with clinical based evidence. The system is designed to meet the individual needs of each patient and improve the quality of their lives while they are receiving treatments for cancer. The guidelines also include adverse drug reactions and response rates.

Patients and the staff now have the ability to discuss the different treatment regimens available and what the best treatment would be for the patients particular situation. The data supporting the options is also easily available. Physicians now have access to a medical library containing more than 2,700 pieces of evidence based treatments and appropriate therapies. All cancers, modalities and subtypes are covered in the system.

The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America are based out of Boca Raton, Florida but operate on a national basis. They are a network of five profit based hospitals who serve patients with cancer all over the United States. They use conventional approaches including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery and radiation. They also offer therapies to help patients with pain, fatigue, malnutrition, anxiety, depression and lymphedema.

Richard Stephenson founded CTCA in honor of his mother after she passed away from cancer. He was dissatisfied with available treatment options so he opened the first CTCA location in 1988. The hospital was in Zion, Illinois and the other four locations opened between 2005 and 2012.

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Political and Social Contributions of George Soros in the USA

For decades now, Gorge Soros has been an influential role player in the political and social fronts, thanks to his generous nature. Soros is Hungarian-born who left the country and studying Economics in London. According to Forbes, Soros started humbly, engaging in waiter and railway porter jobs. Later, he started a financial career at a merchant bank.

Then, he moved to New York, where he started working at Wall Street before building an establishment with $12 million in 1969. This later became the Quantum Fund. In his successful path, George Soros shorted the British pound in 1992 alongside Stan Druckenmiller. He raked in significant profits that he was considered to have broken the Bank of England.

All along, he has been a renowned investor through his Soros Fund Management. This year, the large finance investor hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, a prominent Wall Street woman. She was to assume the duty of running Soros’s investment portfolio as the Chief Investment Officer of the fund. This is the seventh CIO to work for Soros Fund Management since 2000. Soros has not only been an icon in the investment world but also in the political and social arenas as well.


Political and social contributions

In between his successful investment ventures, Soros has played a significant role in spending on the political as well as the social fronts. According to the Politico, the billionaire has been offering financial support to political candidates since 2004, when he gave out $27 million to John Kerry in a bid to defeat President Gorge Bush. He also committed over $25 million in financial support to Hilary Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates, the Politico reports.

Besides, he has also donated several million dollars to Priorities USA Action, which was a super PAC supporting Clinton. Soros also gave $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, which was yet an opposition research aiming Trump and other Republican candidates too. Moreover, he gave $700,000 to Democratic Party committee’s assortment.

Soros has been supportive of Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party. However, he has been against policies that may not bear positive results for the citizens. For instance, in his recent warning, he advocates against leaders embracing “siren songs”, terming it as a policy that could only mean a challenge in fighting terrorism.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

On social contributions, Soros has also offered a big deal of philanthropic donations. One of the ways he has played a significant role is through his international foundation. This has donated well over $13 billion to nonprofit in the last three decades. They have also been aimed at shaping democracy in the East of Europe. Other causes that his contributions have aimed at include enhancing access to healthcare as well as education in the US and the world over.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Is Proud to Work in Austin, TX

Capitol Anesthesiology Association has a number of board certified physicians on staff. This association serves the Austin, Texas area and other surrounding locations. They always offer the absolute best care and service.For those who are interested in Capitol Anesthesiology Association and what they offer in terms of anesthesia services.

There, you’ll see that Capitol Anesthesiology Association professionals specialize in many different areas of anesthesia.For example, some of the physicians work closely with children in pediatric anesthesiology. Others focus on general anesthesia for surgery, obstetric anesthesia for soon-to-be mothers in labor or local or monitored anesthesia care. Still others have specialties in thoracic anesthesia, which is anesthesia that relates to the thorax or abdomen. All of these specialities are extremely important to the well-being of the patients under Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s care.

Philanthropic Work at Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is also proud to work closely with philanthropic organizations throughout the communities in and around Austin, Texas. Almost all of the practitioners who work at Capitol Anesthesiology Association are actively involved in community charity and service programs and organizations. Some of the practitioners even work in other parts of the world’s to helped undeserved areas with medical problems, ranging from everyday to severe and life-threatening.Some of the community programs that Capitol Anesthesiology Association works with in the Austin, Texas area include Operation sSmile, Partnerships for Children, Eels on Wheels, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach or DCSGO and Children’s Medical Center Foundation.


WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners: Not Ordinary In Any Sense Of The Word

Ancient medicine has showed the world that certain key herbs, fruit plants and other botanicals have the power to restore, enhance and add healthy richness to the body. Sometimes, nature holds the answer to many common problems or conditions.

Take for example our hair and how it can reflect a healthy mane through shine, body and strength.

Many of us follow a specific hair routine daily or at least weekly. We buy shampoos with big lathers, conditioners that promise to repair and protect our tresses and so forth. For most of us, we still see hair that breaks off, looks dull, gets frizzy and lies flat.

Chaz Dean has a simple answer, and he believes it lies in your shampoo, for starters. Dump the lather. Seriously, the famous west coast stylist says it’s the product line you’re buying. Harsh chemicals are present in these “ordinary” shampoos and conditioners. The worst appear to come from the sulfate family; the same type added to household cleaners.

When added to shampoos, these powerful chemicals start to weaken the hair strand by strand, robbing it of its natural oils. You end up with flat hair that has zero body or manageability. You attempt to contort your mane into shape with more sprays and product that build up with grime.

Chaz Dean leads an holistic lifestyle and approached his no lather shampoo brand the same way. Using science and proven extracts that offer structure and strength to hair, he launched his unique system.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners are one-bottle, multiple performers full of healthy plant-based nutrients. You don’t need a separate shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler or leave-in treatment for styling. His one-bottle does it all for every hair type and texture.

A no lather shampoo by WEN Hair offers a totally different path to great hair.

Fundamentals Concerning PodCastOne’s Latest Network Package

Some time in end of 2016, Norman Pattiz greatly supported launching of a new program at PodcastOne. The primary goal of the program is to help their fan-base enjoy more entertainment, as they take time learning deeper from interviews conducted on some of the famous researchers. The “Beyond the Darkness” program is to be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, who are veterans in the industry, and have a massive audience already.

Norman Pattiz: the Great Mind Behind PodCastOne

Norman rejoices in thriving in his media endeavors where he has gained experience of over forty years, particularly in radio syndication. He founded PodcastOne, which has been registering constant growth over the years. He serves there as the Executive Chairman, considering that he is quite an influential leader possessing relevant skills. Still he is the founder of Westwood One, which has been recognized as America’s number one provider of news, entertainment, interviews, as well as leading in the larger broadcast industry.

During Presidents Clinton and Bush tenures he got appointed to serve in influential positions in the board of America’s broadcast industry. The Beverly Hills-based prominent mind has also pioneered several other programs that have been beneficial to the populace. PodcastOne celebrates over four years of abundant success.

Influence Behind Norman’s Ever-Growing Trend

While on an interview, Mr. Norman discloses that he takes heed of the ideas they get daily. Being on the media exposes them to so much, but they always have to weigh the capacity they can take. Soon as they realize they have the ability to implement, then the actions begin right then. That is how they have continued to grow, taking advantage of situations and doing keen analyses.

Pattiz’ Leadership Skills Worth Observing

Even after growing his endeavors so much, Norman Pattiz is ever-present to learn more. He describes consumption of content as democratic, and with the ability to reach the populace through diverse ways. Norman believes in working, and that is why despite the great success you will find him getting involved in a lot concerning their success.


Norm, as he is commonly known, boasts of great achievement in the media industry. He has initiated several programs, and was even recognized when his program performed excellently across America. Being a remarkable media personality has helped him grow and leave an indelible mark. He is talented and taps potential opportunities, converting them into his listeners’ favorite, hence winning their loyalty.

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Succeed with Dr.Jennifer Walden, The Lead Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Jennifer Walden, is a lead cosmetic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. She has been board certified by the Board of Directors for the American Society for Asthetic Plastic Surgery and she is their Vice Comissioner for Communications. Her practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, has a 95% patient satisfaction rate and offers a wide selection of services. She offers face and body surgery, skin tightening and skin care, laser and injectictable procedures, vaginal cosmetics, and Thermiva. She is a valuable source of cosmetic information for NBC,CBC, ABC, FOX and may other reputable networks. Dr.Walden, also offers insight regarding plastic surgery through books, articles and presentations. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is located on, BeeCave Road, Suite E201 and their phone number is (512)-328-4100.

Dr.Jennifer Walden attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where she graduated as Salutatarian of her class. She also received her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. She was an Attending in Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat, located in New York. From there, she went onto becoming the Clinical Instructor of Surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center. She specializes in over 12 different procedures including breast augmentation, face and eyelid lift, rhinoplasty and labiaplasty, laser surfacing and hair removal, tummy tuck and liposuction, botox and dermal fillers as well as, radiofrequency for fat reduction and skin tightening.

Dr.Walden has been credited as one of the best plastic surgeons in America by American Way Magazine, the publisher for American Airlines. The Harper Bazaar Magazine, has listed her 1 of the 24, best beauty surgeons in their 2014 issue in April and she was also nominated for, the Doctors Choice Award in 2015. She was also selected for membership for the American Association of Plastic Surgeons in 2016.

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