Choose the Right Litigation Lawyer for Your Case

Are you looking for a highly reliable lawyer in Brazil? Want to hire an effective business litigation practitioner? When it comes to choosing a powerful litigation lawyer in Brazil, then look no further than Mr Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a highly experienced Brazilian lawyer. Locate an attorney that deals with business litigation and one […]

Things that Town Residential Can Do

Town Residential recently opened their tenth office in New York City. This is a huge milestone for a company that was only started three years ago and for something that is quite uncommon to find in New York City because of the high demand for property in the city. It has been much different for […]

The Many Talents Of Bruce Levenson

People bring many talents to the table each day. They don’t always have the opportunity to use such talents. A few people, like Bruce Levenson, are able to move past potential obstacles in their path and find the best way to help them express their own personal talents. He gets up each day realizing that […]

The Success of Organo Gold

The coffee industry has been a growing industry for hundreds if not thousands of years. Coffee is a delicious hot or cold beverage that can be consumed for the purpose of enjoyment or for that needed energy boost. Coffee continues to be a profitable product that is a billion dollar industry that is sold among […]

Norka Luque sends Hope and Strength through her Music

Born in Venezuela, Norka Luque began her love affair with music as a child studying piano,voice, and dance(flamenco and ballet) along with sharing her talents and performing in several competitions. Her ambitions and a pursuit of music did end with childhood, she continued to grow personally, obtaining studies in Business Administration and received degrees in […]

InnovaCare Participates In HHS Initiative To Reform Payment Models

InnovaCare has announced its participation in the LAN’s (Learning and Action Network) mission of transitioning health care payments to alternate modes. LAN is targeting to change 30% of the United States’ health care payment methods to alternate payment modes (APMs) by end of 2016 and 50% by 2018. Being an LAN committed partner, InnovaCare Health […]

Avy Weisfogel Works To Improve The Quality Of Sleep

Sleep is very important. People need it to be rejuvenated for the next day. Their bodies need to take the time to recover so it could function well during the next day. Sleep not only affects the body, but it also affects the mind. When people don’t sleep, they find themselves unable to focus. As […]

Highland Capital Management’s CEO Jim Dondero Thinks The Dallas Foundation Can Manage The Firm’s $3 Million Charitable Budget

Jim Dondero, the charismatic CEO of the Dallas-based investment firm Highland Capital Management is as cautious with the firm’s charitable giving budget as he is with their hedge fund partner’s investment money. That’s why Dondero teamed up with Mary Jalonick at the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation raises money for civic organizations in Dallas that […]

A Look at Diversant LLC as a Leader in the IT Staffing Industry

Diversant LLC ranks up as one of the biggest African-American held firms in the IT staffing industry, particularly in the United States. It also serves as a Minority Owned Business Enterprises that is fully registered or certified. Consequently, this places it in a better position of comprehending the importance of diversity as well as the […]