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Equities First Holdings: The News to Know

Change can be hard, however, one thing that is not hard is finding news on Equities First Holdings. This could be because of their popularity among customers, but it also could be because of their amazing services. The most recent news on the company EFH has to do with them starting to work with ETC. The representatives working for EFH have stated that they have begun with this so as to provide their new partner with funding on some big projects.

About EFH

Now, you probably already know that Equities First Holdings provides services such as alternative shareholder financing. However, you probably didn’t know that they have been said to be one of the greatest companies within the industry. Now they have been providing services for more than 15 years.

About Equities First Holdings:

Innovative Business Executive Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla became the top executive at the sports clothing company known as American Eagle Outfitters despite the fact that there were no female executives at the company when she first became employed there. She’d stated out working as a merchandise buyer in the women’s clothing department, but it was her determination, confidence and experience that led to her being put into the leadership position of President of the business. Coming from a family where she was the only girl among her parents’ 3 children, her father, who was a football coach, instilled in her that she would not be given any special treatment or favoritism just because of her gender, so he encouraged her to work just as hard for what she wanted as her 2 brothers had to. This was a lesson that stuck with her throughout her life, and is a big part of why she has been so successful in the business world.

Aside from being in a leadership role at American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla was also the CEO of a company called Wet Seal, Inc., and she is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the popular NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the founder of a company called P3 Executive Consulting. Being that she feels that it’s important for women to be supportive of other women who are in the business industry, she pushes for leaders of organizations that offer sponsorship and mentoring programs to become more open-minded when it comes to gender diversity.

Susan McGalla is also a member of the Board of Directors at an organization called HFF, Inc. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio, she attended Mount Union College, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, and she presently serves on the Board of Advisers at the school, as well. Because of her determination not to allow her gender to keep her out of the running for top executive positions, she has paved the way for other women who aspire to be business leaders. She is married to financial wealth manager Stephen McGalla.

The American Institute of Architects Advocates for Better Policies

     In 2010, Robert Ivy was appointed the vice president and head cheerleader of the American Institute of Architects. The premier organization that represents professional architects and designers saw that Ivy is not only competent but dedicated to revolutionizing the lives of architects through the introduction of viable policies. Robert Ivy’s reign at AIA began in 2011 when he was made the chief executive officer of the organization. Since then, members of AIA have enjoyed the input of a great leader.

Ivy’s Leadership

As a renowned architect and leader, Robert Ivy of AIA has vast experience in editorial works. His professionalism is reflected in his dedication to empowering architects across America. Ivy’s roles include generating viable advocacies for architects and their assistants. He has been on the forefront of initiating instrumental, community projects in his reign.

Ivy’s Advocacies

Perhaps the most notable factor that Robert Ivy is defined by is his character and commitment to generating new projects at AIA. To him, AIA is more than just working with architects to better their future as he focuses on initiating successful projects with the masses. Ivy’s roles extended to Ivy Architects where he served as the head. Ivy ensured that his teams are well-versed with building and design as that is the foundation of every community across the world.

Robert Ivy’s Roles

Robert’s roles at AIA extend to society projects and management. He also covers political and environmental initiatives. His focus lies in addressing issues that affect the building environment. By enhancing the voices of architects, Ivy has developed a platform that provides helpful resources for this profession.

AIA was established in 1875. The foundation is a project of 13 experienced architects who were moved by their passion for revolutionizing the industry. From that moment, AIA has expanded its services and reach across America with the primary purpose of catering for architects. With the central office in Washington D.C, AIA is trusted to facilitate the growth of architecture as a field and industry.

AIA’s Profile

AIA has over 50,000 members in different jurisdictions. The company uses these members to reach out to the community through significant projects. From builders, engineers, project managers, team leaders and associates, AIA has transformed the industry. AIA comprises of additional groups like the associate member’s group and emeritus. These groups play instrumental roles in developing strategies that will be used to structure building and design.

AIA’s Contribution to Women’s Career

On the other side are planners who focus on creating beneficial and structural designs. AIA continues to thrive in the midst of a competent world. For AIA, all projects are based on finding the means towards developing the careers of architects. To sum it up, AIA believes in women and their ability to contribute to architecture. That is why the company handles their licenses by initiating the sponsorship.

The Many Endeavors Of Aloha Construction

Did you know that the weather and the climate can affect your home’s health? Whether it’s snow, ice, rain, heat or cold temperatures, these elements will definitely give your home some negative affects. Unfortunately, the elements will build a huge bill if you don’t properly maintain your home’s structural value. This is where Aloha Construction comes into the frame, and it has helped in saving many homes. This company has been around since 2008. Of course, this surely isn’t a get-rich-quick- scheme. Aloha Construction has an abundance of happy clients as well as an abundance of happy customers. This eclectic team of professionals is made-up of installers, inspectors, field supervisors and claim specialists.

At Aloha Construction, you will be able to work directly with a company who takes its practice very serious. If you have an idea on a project, this company will certainly try to incorporate the idea into the plans. The company is here for your home restorative needs. It has grown from a small, family-established business into a regional contracting-giant. Services included are wide and are diverse. During its earlier years, Aloha Construction only specialized in roofing, but as of today, its team covers the full-gambit of home improvement services. Dave Farbaky, its 46-year-old founder, has laid down a blueprint of success. Farbaky’s mission is to provide the highest of quality services at the most reasonable prices. That statement along is proof to how involved this man really is. By conducting himself in such a professional way, many of the younger entrepreneurs have begun to idolize him to some degree.

Aloha Construction can handle your home’s enterior projects as well as its interior projects. To backup its services, the company offers  10-year craftsmanship warranty. All in all, Aloha Construction and Dave Farbaky is the winning-solution in home renovations services.

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“Glen Wakeman: Widely Known and Acclaimed International Businessman”

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He is well known for his entrepreneurial spirit, expert and invaluable mentoring, and his achievements, which have changed the way business is conducted. He has been involved in developing mergers and acquisitions, creating methodologies for new performance, and guiding companies in the startup phase of development.

His company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, began in 2015. His college degrees include a B.S. in Economics and an MBA in Finance. He began his career working at GE Capital, where he accomplished a great deal in the years he worked at the company. He also founded Nova Four. Glen has held positions in profit and loss, business development, on the Board of Directors in an administrative capacity, as CEO, and as President in the different businesses he has been associated with.

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Glen Wakeman is widely known for his established and proven methodology, which involves five steps of performance. This methodology focuses on human capital, leadership power, and risk management in business. He has made several successful business investments and written numerous blogs, which have greatly inspired others in many areas of commerce and business. These areas run the gamut from administrative strategies to fiscal economics. Because of his experience with corporate management, emerging markets, and divestiture, Wakeman has developed particularly keen insight into market strategy.

He offers his expert guidance to upper-level management groups, such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Wakeman distinguishes himself with a reputation that belongs to him alone, because of his successful accurate methods which are applicable to various industries. He actively participates in business opportunities that have transformed entire corporations. Glen has amassed many years of invaluable experience with leadership in international affairs, which has proved to be extraordinarily valuable in the global business marketplace. His advice is frequently sought worldwide for angel investing, capital raising, and global financing platforms.

Glen is passionate about innovation and development in every aspect of business, as well as growth in the changing international marketplace. He has resided in six different countries and internationally managed business operations in thirty regional areas. He is widely recognized for his extensive career accomplishments.

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Stream Energy Dominates the Clean Energy Sector

Stream Energy is a dynamic company that provides energy, wireless, and other services to its clients in a proficient and cost effective manner. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and was founded back in 2005. Have you ever wished for less smog to breathe in during your daily work commute in traffic? Do you wish for a company that cares about the environment as much as it cares about being profitable in this world? Well look no further than Stream Energy! See this!

Stream Energy has placed an emphasis on clean renewable energy that is cheaper than the more expensive coal alternative that we see used in other states. Now Texas is not know for its clean energy policies like California where they have emissions policies in place but all that is changing in the future. Stream Energy has capitalized on the deregulation of the energy monopoly industry that was in place in Texas before and that allowed them to be at the forefront of the state’s new energy economy.


Energy Provider

How is Stream Energy different from all of the other energy providers in the state? Well first thing is that Stream Energy sells its energy products and solutions directly to its clients using its resources of independent clients to make a difference in all of the communities its serves in the state and beyond. This has allowed it to quickly grow into onto of the top selling energy clients now holding at around 8 million US dollars in profit. Stream Energy uses clean energy as solar, wind, or natural gas in a way that is safe for the environment and cost effective for the people whom its serving on a day to day basis, refer also to

As coal manufacturers and producers face rising costs of doing business, Stream Energy looks to fill in the gap by providing low cost effective energy to a wide range of clients to include executive clients who represent a growing business sector for Stream Energy at this present day. Stream Energy will continue to innovate and lead the way to clean up the world by using clean energy in the state of Texas and beyond!

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The All Time Philanthropist, George Soros, Donates $18 Billion To The Open Society Foundation

Billionaire and human rights activist George Soros is no stranger to global headlines as he has single-handedly managed to impact the world enormously. His donation of $18 billion, as announced by the Open Society Foundation on October 17, 2017, has made the society the second biggest philanthropic organization in the United States, after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Early 2017, Forbes Magazine went ahead and ranked Soros as the 19th wealthiest person in the world and the 19th on the 400 Richest Americans. His net worth is estimated at $25.2 billion. George Soros has dedicated his time and resources to advance the work of the Open Society Foundation.

He founded the Open Society over 30 years ago to promote democracy and guarantee human rights to all without biases. He got the name from a book he came across during his studies at the London School of Economics. The book, ‘Open Societies & Its Enemies’ written by Karl Popper shared Soros philosophy of democratic governance, freedom of expression and respect for people’s rights.

He traveled and made huge donations to society to enable it to achieve its goals. It was also announced that Soros’ donation of $18billion to the Open Society resulted in him giving away a total of more than $30 billion of his own fortune. Furthermore, he has made efforts in other fields to assist people from all walks of life, apart from being involved in the foundation.

They include: promoting peaceful democratization, providing scholarships to thousands of people with a promising future, forming the Central European University in Budapest, and endorsing various groups such as those representing Europe’s Roma people, drug users, sex workers, LGBTI people; just to mention a few.

He has also supported other private organizations such as the Global Witness, the International Crisis Group, the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.
George Soros has a humble and philanthropic past. He was born in Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1930. Soros, his family, and a few other people managed to cover up their background enabling them to flee the country. Soros went to London in 1947 where he worked part-time as a railway porter and a nightclub waiter while during the day, he attended the London School of Economics.

In 1956, he immigrated to the United States and joined Wall Street, where his fortune came from. In 1970, he master-minded the Soros Fund Management, hence became one of the most successful investors in the United States.

George Soros has been very eloquent when addressing issues that are close to his heart. His devotion to battling issues that are deeply rooted in many societies shows exactly where he stands. He once wrote that his success in investment market has given him more independence than the average person. He, therefore, uses his power and independence to foster a more equitable and democratic environment for people from all backgrounds to live.

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Perry Mandera is a Force to Reckon With in the Transportation Sector

Perry Mandera is a transportation sector executive who boasts more than 30 years of unparalleled experience. He is the brains behind The Custom Companies, Inc., which ventured into the transportation industry over three decades ago. As the head of this Illinois-based company, Mandera leads a team of specialists that focus on addressing the personal needs of clients by offering a wide array of exceptional transportation services.

Perry Mandera’s career trajectory in the transportation sector

After completing his high school education in 1975, Perry Mandera started working for the Marine Corps Reserve based in the U.S. He developed an interest in the transportation sector after learning how to drive a truck. He decided to venture into the transportation industry following an honorable discharge from Marine Corps Reserves.
Perry Mandera’s Life  Story

At just 23 years old, Mandera had served in several different capacities at leading transportation companies. He launched his own business in 1980, but he sold it five years later to focus on politics. He was appointed a committee member to represent the Republican Party in Chicago. He held that position for four years, and he was the youngest committee member at that time.

Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies Inc. back in 1986. The firm delivers its services to companies of all sizes, ranging from big Fortune 100 firms to small family businesses. It offers jobs to hundreds of qualified employees, and it recently exceeded $200 million in sales.
Perry Mandera’s accomplishments in the philanthropic arena, read here.

Perry Mandera collaborated with other philanthropists to unveil the Custom Cares Charities as the charitable wing of The Custom Companies, see also Through this organization, he helps underprivileged families to enjoy the winter season by donating thousands of dollars to them. When he unveiled The Custom Companies, he emphasized that engaging in philanthropic activities within the community will be one of the company’s core values.

During his free time, Perry Mandera loves to engage in outreach activities. He has served as a coach to many youth basketball, football, and baseball teams. He also spends quality time with his family and follows his children’s sports programs and other important activities closely.

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OneLogin Is A Big Deal For Enterprises

Enterprises around the world are modernizing their means of accessing computer programs and in-house network infrastructures.

Many businesses still maintain their very own information technology infrastructures to manage data and communicate with one another, within their organizations. Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages associated with handling one’s own business’ technology needs in this manner.

Here are three of the most popular, important reasons why it’s important to modernize access management methods within any business, especially large enterprises.

Keeping Up With IT Infrastructure Within A Business Is Incredibly Expensive

There are several factors that combine to make keeping up with your company’s own infrastructure technology highly expensive. The most necessary and expensive of which are as follows:

Security Is Always An Issue In Today’s Climate

  • Hardware itself costs more than anything, though it’s mostly a one-time cost. Cables, hardware, cords, cooling fans, lights, and other specialized equipment costs a whole lot of money.
  • You will need to subscribe to various services if you’re looking to keep a big-time, in-house IT infrastructure. You will have to pay for ongoing maintenance, which essentially equates to being a type of subscription in itself.
  • It is important for most businesses to have computer repair technicians on hand at all times, or at least on call and nearby. Having to wait days, or even hours, for such help can cost your business a whole lot of money from lost business.
  • Customer support costs a good chunk of money, as well, and is important for making sure your affiliates think well of your business.

Cybersecurity is growing in both frequency and damage done per attack. As such, it’s important to trust a company like OneLogin to help protect you against such problems.

Productivity Can Drop Significantly During Downtime

If you don’t have infrastructure that’s currently online to support your business, you might as well send your employees home. The worst part? Your customers could get disgruntled, costing your business money.

OneLogin is a provider of access management services, and beefs up security and convince for its many corporate clients.

The Types Of Men That Can Benefit From Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd has shown that she has a lot of good ideas. Her dating app, Bumble, has become one of the fastest growing apps. Many people who have signed up for a membership has found themselves to be happy with the app and have not gone back. While everyone can benefit from Bumble, there are a few types of men that are going to enjoy more of the benefits than others. Even for guys that are comfortable with usual dating apps, this can come as a convenience. The following are the types of guys that will enjoy Bumble the most.

Best weekend ever ❣️ Thank you to my dear friend @sarahamandabray for sharing our special day in the Feb issue of @townandcountrymag…what a dream!

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One type of man that will enjoy Whitney Wolfe Herd’s app is the shy guy, specifically the shy guy who wants a relationship. One good thing about Bumble is that it is set up for men to have to wait for a woman to initiate. Therefore, Bumble does all of the work in breaking the ice. Among the things that Bumble does for men is match them with a woman. When a man is matched, he appears on a woman’s account. The woman is then given the option of initiating conversation with the man that is matched.

Another type of men that Whitney Wolf Herd’s Bumble can work well for is someone who is willing to experience a change. This is the type of man who can approach and go along with tradition, but would also be okay with a change. There is also the group of men that are tired of the failures they experience with online dating in general. The men that send out messages and never get a response are the ones that will benefit from how easy it is to get a response from women.

Bumble has turned out to be a thoughtful venture from Whitney Wolfe Herd. However, it is still important for people to put their best foot forward in order to increase their chances of getting a date. This is one of the reasons that more people are shifting their attention to Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble app. It is more effective in setting people up on a date.

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