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Wine Guides: Opportunity vs Activity

Mothers willing to work from home maintain a comfort and warmth at home with the family. Many don’t, or won’t for fear of the risks associated with income, and change.For the right income and growth potential I believe many mothers would consider this change.

If you are one of many who need the right opportunity, remember to consider your experience and expertise. If you are familiar with marketing, then blogging is platform of growth for you. Your ad revenue will grow in proportion to your audience. If you’re experienced in sales, try e-commerce. Online stores are a lucrative option.

You will know the opportunities that are worthy of your interest based on your current knowledge. Intuition, if you will. If you search the web you’ll find there are abundant ads for freelance writers, mystery shoppers, and paid surveys. Search engines are clogged with these ads. These are activities, not opportunities so we will not discuss them.

That brings me to the subject of opportunities. Room for growth and advancement, actual business opportunity, or security would be the minimum an opportunity would offer. Traveling Vineyards offers the income and growth to satisfy the skeptic’s interest.

Even after gauging your experience and interest, there are still many ways to judge any work from home opportunity. Take a look at Traveling Vineyard. This company has packaged the tools and resources necessary to start a business from home. A business package can be compared to a small franchise of sorts. Based solely on user testimony, Traveling Vineyard has proven everyday people can build a business from home with no marketing, or technical expertise.

Traveling Vineyard’s business package will include basic training information about the company and its wines. You will find interesting sales and conversation facts for the connoisseurs you entertain, as well as the novice learners that you will teach.

With over 5000 Wine Guides in over 40 states, Traveling Vineyards credits their success to Wine Guides who freely host individually inspired events.

Become a Wine Guide. Your Traveling Vineyards business package includes a classy starter set of wine glasses, a wine carrier, and two taster sets (10 bottles of wine included). For training and information, your business package includes unlimited access to the Traveling Vineyards comprehensive online training center and knowledge base. In addition each new Wine Guide gets their very own Traveling Vineyards business Website free for the first two months (a value of over $30).

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Gregory Aziz Augments The Growth Of The National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a shrewd entrepreneur. He serves as the chairman, president and CEO of National Steel Car, one of the leading companies in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing. National Steel Car is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. Over the year, the company has endeavored to maintain its reputation of developing quality products. To this end, the company has emerged as the most trusted manufacturer. Their corporate culture is designed to embrace challenges that in turn ignite inventions and innovation. As they continue to raise the bar in the industry, the management of the company continues to capitalize on their strengths and efficiency. National Steel Car’s success is anchored on their deep sense of duty and commitment to their core values. Visit This Page to learn more.

James Aziz is the brain behind the company’s excellent performance. In 1994, he purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. Greg concentrated on restoring the company’s former reputation as the leading railroad freight car manufacturer. Greg Aziz managed to re-engineer the company through team-building, engineering capabilities, and both human and capital investments. National Steel Car expanded its manufacturing capabilities from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000. Its workforce grew from a 600-person company to 3,000 employees. For the past 18 years, National Steel Car, a certified ISO 900:2008, has been operating as the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. Since 1996, they have consistently won the highest quality award by TTX SECO.

Gregory J Aziz not only focuses on their corporate responsibilities but also their social roles. Over the years, they have supported various charity initiatives in the Hamilton community, including the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation and the United Way. Every year, the management of the company has been organizing for the National Steel Car Christmas Party. During the event, employees and their families participate in a food drive for Hamilton’s food banks. James Aziz is an alumnus of the revered University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a degree in economics. In 1971, Greg James Aziz started working for Affiliated Foods, a family wholesale food company. Before long, the company became a global importer of fresh foods from Central and South America and Europe. They supplied their foods to leading fresh food wholesale brands in the United States and Eastern Canada. In the 80s and 90s, Greg ventured into investment banking in New York. Notably, Greg and his wife Irene are traditional supporters of the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Gregory James Aziz’s Incredible Contributions To National Steel Car Company

Gregory James Aziz is the president and CEO of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is the world’s leading manufacturing and engineering of railroad freight cars. He has worked on several banking investments before rising to the National Steel Car’s president’s position. Through teamwork, adequate capital and empowerment, Greg Aziz managed to achieve his goals by ensuring improvement in the manufacturing of cars yearly.


National Steel Car Company has also created employment opportunities for most people. It has helped improve people’s lives through creating opportunities and incomes. Moreover, the company leads in building railroad freights, car innovation, engineering, and manufacturing. The company has managed to bug itself numerous recertification due to its outstanding period of existence in the industry. This is due to influence of proper planning and excellent market focus.


National Steel Car headed by James Aziz has helped numerous local charities such as Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, and many others. Through his philanthropy character in the society, he invented National Steel Car Christmas party which thousands of people attend each year to celebrate. Gregory James has worked with National Steel Car for over two decades and has improved the company’s status by ensuring adequate and active networking in the industry and provision of high-quality vehicles for the customers.


Through the decisive leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car Company is recognized globally as leading in manufacturing. It is more active, innovative and it is values-driven. Although the industry keeps on changing, Gregory Aziz did not change his missions, values, and ideas he had for the business. He wanted National Steel Car to be vast and well known for the intended customers worldwide.


Despite the significant achievements Gregory James has made for the company, he also encounters challenges from various sectors. However, through his experiences in the industry, Greg Aziz has managed to get to the top and efficiently run the company. This is also through endless support from people who believed in him. He is creative as depicted by how he keeps introducing new ideas and implementing them. Gregory James Aziz has also assured people of continuously reaping immense benefits from the National Steel Car Company.


Through the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car Company has been awarded highest quality award. This is due to its extensive nature, and production of quality products for the intended market. Through his philanthropic nature, he also sponsors an agricultural fair in Canada. Find More Information Here.

José Auriemo Neto Succeeds in Real Estate with JHSF

Land and property market is a troublesome market to get associated with yet it is a significantly harder market for individuals to have the capacity to be effective. Not just has José Auriemo Neto been fruitful with the open doors that he has in land however he is additionally effective with the improvements that he has made for various purposes. Everything that José Auriemo Neto has finished with JHSF have prompted him having the capacity to attempt new things and get more out of the choices that are in Brazil. He is certain that his land aptitudes are the reason that he has possessed the capacity to do as such much with the organization yet he is additionally sure that his prosperity is because of the way that he has never abandoned the fantasies that he had for his vocation and for the distinctive things that he can do in that profession and More data click here.

JHSF has been effective, as well. On account of their CEO being so devoted to the land advancement showcase, José Auriemo Neto has helped them to do diverse things. JHSF knows the correct approach to deal with their business and they likewise realize that it is important for them to keep developing on the off chance that they need to have the capacity to attempt new things and accomplish more with the choices that they have. Since José Auriemo Neto has been working with the organization, they have seen a ton of progress and they have possessed the capacity to improve things all alone and take in more about Jose.

Presently, José Auriemo Neto is attempting to improve things even. He will fabricate more premium inns and strip malls. José Auriemo Neto is additionally going to work to ensure that he can build up the majority of the private properties that individuals require in his town in Brazil. By doing this, he will improve things for himself and for the general population who he works with. He is additionally going to make sure that things will work out for the organization so it can show signs of improvement than what it was in the past with the distinctive things that were going on.

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Gregory Aziz- Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is one of the biggest car manufacturing companies in the world. It is headed by Gregory James Aziz who is also the CEO and chairman of the company. The company is the biggest in the North America region. Currently, the company is majorly involved in the manufacture of freight car parts. Gregory Aziz was born in 1949 in Ontario, Canada. He went to Ridley College before later joining the University of Western Ontario for a degree in Economics. He thereafter started working in his family food business. They used to distribute food to the eastern Canada region and the United States. Through the input of Greg Aziz, they were able to take the company operations to a global level. They had operations in South America, North America, and Central America. They were also able to take their operations to Europe.


Gregory J Aziz moved to United States in1990’s to look for a job in the banking sector. He was able to secure a job in an investment bank. Due to his background in economics, he was put in charge of critical development and planning. Later Greg Aziz purchased the National Steel Car. National Steel Car was part of Dofasco. Immediately after purchasing it, he became the president of the company.

Through the efforts of Greg James Aziz, National Steel Car has been able to raise the status of the company by a great extent. He has been able to revive the firm which was performing so dismally by the time of purchase, to a point where the production rate is massive. Greg Aziz has been able to invest a lot in terms of human resource and capital investment. He has been able to steer the company to a level where the number of workers has grown from five hundred to over three thousand five hundred. In a few years later after taking over the leadership, Gregory Aziz has seen the company production rate improve from 3000 cars to over 12000 in a year. Get More Information Here.

Greg Aziz aims to make freight cars for people through National Steel Car. He has applied his experience to ensure that the company becomes the largest there is in the whole of North America region. As of today, this is something he has been able to achieve and continues to even today. Greg Aziz is a committed leader and believes in teamwork. To achieve this level of success requires a dedicated leader which is something Greg James Aziz has been able to do.

Todd Lubar and his Success as an Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar was just recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he shared his life story and how his career journey has evolved. An entrepreneur, Todd said that most entrepreneurs mostly do not have the skill of identifying the will in people when it comes to accomplishing their goals. Todd Lubar states that many entrepreneurs also tend to give up too fast which makes them to fail. He understands that customers are the most important part when it comes to any business venture. Todd Lubar told that his excellent business skills made him to get outstanding referrals in business.

The career path of Todd Lubar started at Crestar Mortgage when he served as a loan originator. Over the years, he went on to work extra hard and managed to hold many big different positions. Todd has earned a reputation as a hard working entrepreneur who is focused n making an impact in the business world. He currently works at Global Ventures, LLC where he holds the position of President. Todd Lubar also serves as the Senior VP at the Legendary Investments. He is a graduate of the Syracuse University where he managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication. His position at Crestar Mortgage played a huge role in shaping his model skills in mortgage banking.

Lubar went to work with the Legacy Financial Group in 1999 where he was responsible for the brokerage of loans and lending. It was in this organization that Todd was able to boost his lending capabilities. He established the Legendary Properties LLC in 2002. The firm managed to facilitate the renewal, attainment as well as marketing of approximately 200 transactions. Todd Lubar established Charter Funding in 2003 which is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. He has more than 12 years’ worth of experience in the real estate sector. He has been involved in the housing industry in Baltimore. Todd Lubar is also involved in other industries such as commercial demolition and the metal recycling industry. He serves as a role model to all entrepreneurs who wish to make it in the business world.

Nick Vertucci: An Investor’s Determination to Help Others

Nick Vertucci started industry at a tender age of 18 years when he started selling computer parts. At first, his business was successful. He even settled down and started a family. In the year 2000, things went south with the introduction of dot com crash. He had to watch all his finances dissolve. Nick could spend days without making money to sustain his family. He ended up accumulating significant debt. Despite working hard, he lost everything but his house.


Venturing into Real Estate


When Nick Vertucci was still struggling to rise up again, one of his friends invited him to a real estate workshop. At first, Nick was reluctant and felt like he didn’t want to lose an entire weekend at a workshop. He didn’t know that attendance to the workshop would change his life and make him one of the renowned investors in the country.


Although he didn’t understand everything the speaker was talking about, from the little he understood, he knew he will get out of his financial hole. His hope in making it again was renewed and he felt inspired to learn everything he could about real estate. After a decade of dedication and constant learning, Nick had gathered enough information to succeed in the industry.


Establishment of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


From years of learning, Nick Vertucci had gathered enough information and came up with a formula that would help him become a millionaire. Instead, he decided to help others and that is how he opened up the NVREA in 2013. In the academy, he trains other people who wish to join the real estate industry on how to use his system. Most people who come to the academy have the will to join the industry but they lack motivation. That is exactly what Nick gives them.


The NV Real Estate Academy team of real estate professionals will help you in tackling the day-to-day problem in the real estate industry. When you join the academy, you will be trained on how to buy and hold a property for long term cash flow, investing in commercial properties, flipping contracts, wholesaling, how to protect your assets, and leveraging your IRA.


Once you join the academy, you are equipped with hands-on experience using the proven Nick Vertucci system that helps you succeed in the real estate industry. Since its founding, the academy has helped many students who are now enjoying a career in real estate.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Offer Quality Wear through Fablectics

Before Don and Adam established Fabletics, consumers of active wear felt heavily exploited by the high prices in the market. Before Don and Adam established Fabletics, clients were never getting satisfied by the quality and variety of wear being sold. Unfortunately, companies were making huge profits, yet they could not afford to offer quality active wear. In 2013, however, consumers had started feeling the change in the industry after the introduction of Fabletics.


The brains behind Fabletics

The collaboration with Kate Hudson steered Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to come up with unique fashions of women active wear. Fabletics offered unique designs and affordable prices with the aim of meeting the needs of the women. Women could now choose the wear that pleases them since there was a wide variety of a design and wears.


The growth of the online business

The need for athletic wear by women continued to grow by the day. That explains why Don and Adam continued to spend days and hours brainstorming on how they could satisfy these needs. It was at this time that they met Kate Hudson who understood the needs of women. She understood best the psychology and desires of women regarding the selection of athletics wear. The collaboration of these entrepreneurs yielded better results than before. Kate Hudson was enthusiastic about helping women keep fit, maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain attractive. That helped Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg together with Kate, set out on a mission to put all the factors together. These helped meet needs of women regarding sizes, shapes, and colors that they preferred.


The success of Fabletics does not only go out to Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson but also because the prices were revised to fit the suitability of the consumer. The primary reason for the success of Fabletics was because the partners understood the needs of every woman and gone far beyond to understand their preference. The price of Athletics wear is affordable. Besides, women can feel attractive in it and extremely comfortable given the different sizes. From Kate Hudson’s interviews, it is confirmed that every business person needs to understand the core needs of the consumer completely. That will greatly help in creating business ideas that will in return counter the signif icant challenges and fears of taking bigger steps.

Don Ressler Leads the Way in Online Fashion with JustFab

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur behind a range of tech start-ups such as When this website was acquired by Intermix Media, Ressler cofounded Alena Media, an ecommerce and performance advertising firm, with the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg. The two smart working businessmen transformed Alena Media into the sole source of profit for Intermix, which was then purchased by News Corp in 2005.


Ressler, along with Goldenberg and a few members of the team at Alena Media, came up with Brand Ideas, a brand building company later renamed Intelligent Beauty. The first of its successfully launched brands include Dermstore, an online shop for skin care products, and Sensa, a weight loss system. The third company started under the brand constructing guidance of Intelligent Beauty, one of its major success stories in fact, is JustFab, a subscription-based online fashion store, which began operations in 2010.


JustFab has attracted quite a few wealthy investors and has secured multi-million dollar rounds of funding. In 2011, JustFab received $33 million from Matrix Partners and got Kimora Lee Simmons to lead the firm as President and Creative Director. In June 2012, the company garnered an additional $76 million from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners and Intelligent Beauty itself a couple of months after announcing that its number of worldwide members had crossed the 6 million milestone. In 2013, JustFab acquired FabKids, The Fab Shoes and ShoeDazzle, which were rival fashion ecommerce sites with a strong presence in Europe. After raising $40 million more in funding, JustFab launched Fabletics, a web store dealing in sports apparel founded alongside Kate Hudson. Finally, to round off the successful year of 2013, JustFab opened its first physical retail store, ending the year with 3 million subscribers to the online service in Europe alone.


In 2014, a further round of fundraising led to an investment of $85 million in the company made by Shining Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures and Matrix Partners. In 2016, JustFab, based in El Segundo, California, changed its name to Techstyle, a smart play on words that reflects the online nature of the fashion business.


Don Ressler has been at the helm of this period of success at Techstyle, launching fashion marketing campaigns such as #FABforAll that celebrated all women by introducing clothing in the wider XS to 3X range. Ressler commented that everybody deserves to feel good in what they are wearing when asked about the motive behind this campaign.

How End Citizens United Came About

In a way, it was the conservative lawyer James Bopp who started the political action committee End Citizens United. He was the lawyer who had made the court arguments for his client at the time, Citizens United, which had wanted to air their movie Hillary: The Movie on tv during the presidential primaries for Democrats. A court in Washington DC made up of three judges had basically laughed him out of court. He had made the argument that the movie was no different than what you’d find on any episode of the news show 60 Minutes which the judges found ridiculous.

When the case ended up before the Supreme Court James Bopp also made his arguments before the top judges in the United States. In a 5-4 ruling they agreed with him that blocking the airing of the movie was an infringement on his client’s first amendment rights to free speech. They also ruled that corporations are the same as people in that the government cannot restrict their right to free speech. Additionally, they said that giving money to political causes is free speech.

The inevitable result of this ruling is that corporations and very rich people are now pouring money into politics, giving them far more of a say and voice in the policies that are pursued and the laws that are written than everybody else in the country. Furthermore, James Bopp has continued his mission of eliminating every type of campaign-finance regulation that exists which has been around for decades. He uses his clients in order to create ever wider loopholes and in doing so brings direct benefits to both rich corporations and individuals. One PAC executive, Arn Pearson at Common Cause, said that he is doing the bidding of the Republican party in their years-long battle to destroy campaign-finance laws in the US.

Fighting back against these assaults on campaign-finance laws is End Citizens United. They seek to eventually have a constitutional amendment passed that will roll back the effect of the Citizens United ruling so that sanity is restored to the political system and regular citizens once again have more of a voice and say. This PAC started ahead of the 2016 presidential elections and raised $35 million which was used to support politicians, all Democrats, who support campaign-finance reforms. For the 2018 midterm elections, they are finding even more success and now expect to raise $35 million in support of their cause.

The executives at End Citizens United say that the donations they receive are typically very small and amount to about $12 per person. They also get comments along with the donations. Many of these comments express the idea that elections in the United States have become rigged in favor of what only the rich and powerful want.