Twister Hits Oklahoma

As the spring season is officially underway, people in Sand Springs, Oklahoma experienced their first major storm of the season. A tornado struck the town on Wednesday and has killed at least one person while injuring several others. The powerful twister touched down in a mobile home park in the area.

The tornado has absolutely devastated area residents. It destroyed nearly 50 mobile homes leaving piles of rubble and debris scattered for rescue teams to search through. Storm surveyors are currently dispersed throughout the area surveying the storm damage. Official storm ratings are still unavailable at this time.
After touching down in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, the storm quickly made its way to Moore, Oklahoma. Located near Oklahoma City, Moore residents were caught off guard with the storm and its magnitude. News crews in the Oklahoma City area were able to capture bursts of light as the twister devoured power lines as it was passing through.
According to Jamie Garcia Dias the severe storm also caused trouble for motorists. As drivers were doing their best to avoid the downed trees and power lines, a traffic accident involving a semi forced the closure of a popular interstate.
In an attempt to deal with the aftermath and clean up their town, nearly 33,000 Sand Springs residents are also without power. Approximately 32,000 Moore residents are facing the some struggles; trying to bounce back with no power. Thanks to local residents, social media platforms have been flooded with pictures and video of the storm.


Saudi Arabia Warns Yemen Sects That It Will take Action to Control Its Borders

Officials in Saudi Arabia provided a general warning to all sects as well as the Yemen government that it will not stand by and let the conflict in Yemen spill over into its borders. The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Saud al-Faisal, said that his country will take what ever measures that were necessary to keep any violence contained within Yemen. Yemen shares sections of its northern borders with Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the main sect that is fighting with the Yemen government, The Shia Houthis, are widely settled in the northern regions of Yemen. The Saudi prime minister also admonished what he called “Iranian interference” in the internal affairs of Yemen.Saudis Warn Yemen

The Saudi warning comes on the heals of a similar warning by the United Nations which has versed that the country of Yemen is on the brink of major civil unrest and even possibly a civil war. The UN has been monitoring the activities of the Shia Houthis has the dissident group engages in violent action to expand and tighten its control in greater sections of Yemen. From its stronghold in the northern section of Yemen, the group has been pushing further south and clashing increasingly with Yemen government forces.

As people at Anastasia Date have found out, as the Houthis continue to move ever closer to the government base located in the port city of Aden, they risk more violent conflicts with government forces which are still supportive of the current President, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, who is still attempting to rule the country and control the insurgency.

Big Tobacco Doesn’t Actually Care

It is no surprise that recent scientific studies have found that the process of vaping that occurs with e-cigarettes actually generates almost as many harmful toxins as traditional cigarettes in the body and the air. Given how hard Big Tobacco companies fought the United States Food and Drug Administration to block warning labels from their products, some people are now surprised that many e-cigarette manufacturer’s are clearly and loudly outlining the risks from vaping with large labels on e-cigarette packages.

Well, these warnings really are not entirely about these companies being responsible with their products. Many e-cigarette manufacturer’s are also traditional cigarette, cigar and other tobacco product manufacturers. They are now doing whatever they can to stop smokers from choosing e-cigarettes because e-cigarette sales are skyrocketing and costing them an increasingly large amount of money every quarter.

People like Bruce Karatz wonder: Why are e-cigarettes sales increasing both nationwide and around the world?

A lot of health organizations, addiction treatment counselors and doctors now advise smokers who are having problems smoking to switch to vaping for a while so they can gradually stop smoking over time with less exposure to the habit-forming and toxic ingredients found in cigarettes. Large tobacco companies are also facing extreme competition from small e-cigarette companies that sell to vaping shops, general stores and gas stations.

So, manufacturers put large warnings on e-cigarette packaging to make it seem like e-cigarettes are unhealthier than traditional cigarettes.

Older People Today Happier and More Alert than Before

Researchers in Germany have concluded that 75-year-olds today are happier and more mentally fit than 75-year-olds 25 years ago. The researchers did studies on elderly people in the 1990’s and today. The 75-year-olds in the study rated their own happiness and satisfaction with life as well as taking mental agility tests. The results showed that today’s elderly people are doing better in every way. This was a study done by several different institutions in Berlin working with one another.

The researchers attributed this progress to better education as well as fitness opportunities for senior citizens stated They also said that since senior citizens are more independent today than in the past, they are generally happier and report less feelings of uselessness and depression than people their age in the 1990’s. It should be noted that the study looked at elderly people only in Berlin. The researchers also cautioned that the very end stages of human life are not getting any better.

I think this is a great trend, and I hope it continues. I would like to see a more active and fulfilling old age for everyone. A true hallmark of success for a society is how well its elderly people are doing.

Oklahoma Bans Atheists Marriages

All Marriages Licenses Must Be Approved By A Clergyman In Oklahoma

It must be Oklahoma’s turn to show the world how ignorant government bodies can be. The state has a real problem with gays and lesbians. In order to firm up their hatred for them, a new bill was passed that requires non-religious people to get approval from a clergyman before a marriage license can be issued.

The Oklahoma state House approved the measure, and it was sent to the state Senate for their vote. If the bill is passed, marriage in Oklahoma would only be valid if two people were members of a religion.

Anyone with any sense at all would see the message behind the decision to attack atheism. If a clergyman is assigned the duty to approve marriages, most gay and lesbian couples would be turned down, so the bill is a definite assault on same-sex marriage. One stare representative explained the legislative decision by saying the government didn’t institute marriage; God did. He went on to say that it made sense to have the church approved applications.

Zeca Oliveira knows that some people believe the state’s decision to pass this bill is crazy. The Presbyterian Church (USA) just amended their constitution to include same-sex marriages nationwide.

Never Mistake the Elderly for Weak

It is time that thugs learned that they should not mess with the elderly. The elderly often fight back when they are confronted in a potentially dangerous situation, and they are a lot more feisty than many thugs think they are. There are more than a few stories about how the older generations were able to fight off would-be thieves. It is especially true when the person attacked is a veteran who served during war times.

An attacker confronted an 84-year-old man, who is a veteran, and who was leaving his office. The attacker pulled him out of his truck and punched him in the face. The elderly man decided enough was enough and pulled out a gun that he was carrying with him. The attacker ran from the scene in fear and the elderly man is recovering from a sore mouth, but is safe from further harm.

Thugs often mistake the elderly for weak people who cannot defend themselves. Christian Broda agrees with CrunchBase-that is why so many older generation people are attacked. The thief does not have what it takes to attack someone who they think is their equal. That is a sad mistake that could cost them their lives. Although that did not happen in this case, it is a warning to all who want to attack those who came before them. Do not mess with the older generation because they are a lot tougher than they look.

The Dorchester Collection expands at a slow and steady rate

The Dorchester Collection is not a luxury hotel chain that will be opening up a location around the corner from everybody, states CEO Christopher Cowdray. The chain is held under the ownership of the Brunei Investment Company, which is headed by the Sultan of Brunei and does not have a group of shareholders calling for increased profits. As the chain is held under the ownership of a single individual the chance to take a unique and some would say slow expansion that has been designed to create a brand that will remain a signifier of luxury and opulence for those seeking the best in travel accommodation.

The arrival of Cowdray when the chain was established in 2006 was not seen as a major coup for The Dorchester Collection as the CEO was promoted from within. Cowdray had been the manager of The Dorchester hotel in London and had overseen the resurgence of one of the most famous luxury hotels in the world. However, The Dorchester Collection has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of Cowdray, who has a wealth of experience in the luxury hotel industry. A level of experience Cowdray has used this to make sure every hotel under his leadership has improved on how it is seen on its own and as part of the larger The Dorchester Collection chain.

Cowdray has proven to be a positive leader and has not shied away from taking the important decisions that have swept The Dorchester Collection to a period of success and growth that are almost unrivaled. The decision to avoid the fast growth many others have undertaken has seen only a small number of individual hotels added to the chain, but these have all been considered and approved by Cowdray to become parts of this ultra exclusive chain. Nine hotels stand under The Dorchester Collection banner in 2015 and the company aims to grow to 15 locations by 2020. Adding extra locations is the aim of The Dorchester Collection, but only in the major cities of the world where luxury guests spend the majority of their time.

Ancient Fault Lines Cause Risk of Oklahoma Earthquakes

Reuters is reporting the US Geological Survey has issued a report detailing the reactivation of a series of fault lines beneath the state of Oklahoma during recent years. The report states the state has seen hundreds of small earthquakes in the last five years, which are consistent with the reactivation of fault lines thought to be long dormant. Protesters in the state are looking for evidence linking the reactivated fault lines with the use of the gas extraction technique known as fraking. The report from the USGS does not make any claims about a link between the process and the fault lines according to Dan Newlin.

Concern has been raised by the USGS and officials in the state as Oklahoma building regulations do not take into account the chance of a major earthquake taking place within its borders. The report goes on to state the chance of many earthquakes at magnitude level 3 or 4 are high and a large earthquake of magnitude 5 or 6 is possible and would have a major impact on buildings and the infrastructure of the state.

The World Helps Wyatt Grieve His Father’s Death

On January 29, 2015, David Revels collapsed on the floor of his bathroom. The twenty-eight-year-old died of an unknown cause, leaving his four-year-old son, Wyatt and Wyatt’s mother, Alysha Starling, 25, to grieve his passing. Alysa had signed Wyatt up to attend grief counseling, but it did not seem to be any help. Wyatt can’t sleep at night and cries for his mother to be at his side. Sometimes he asks his mother if he can go to the cemetery and dig up his father all this according to AnastasiaDate.

So far, some people even sent Wyatt gifts including stuffed animals and all kinds of toys to help Wyatt with the healing process. Wyatt even received gifts with pictures of his father on it, such as a pillowcase. Wyatt has received so many gifts that his little post office box is too small now to handle the mail. The mail and gifts could never replace David, but Wyatt knows that there are people out there who care about him. Wyatt has received letters from all over the world including, Europe, the United Kingdom and South America.Friends of the Fayetteville, NC family started a Facebook support group and created a Wyatt T shirt with the words “My Dad is Awesome,” “My Dad’s the Coolest.” There is also a letter writing campaign going on in which people all over the world send letters and post cards of encouragement.

The Dorchester Collection: 5-Star Elegance and Sophistication

The Dorchester Collection includes standout luxury hotels in major cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Italy. The collection represents the height of elegance and includes several famous hotels. The Dorchester, Hotel Bel-Air, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Plaza Athénée, Hotel Meurice, Principe di Savoia, Coworth Park, 45 Park Land, Hotel Eden, and Le Richmond are all managed by The Dorchester Collection and held to the same high standards.

The Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel are well known around Los Angeles and Hollywood as attractions for actors and actresses, as well as visiting dignitaries. The Beverly Hills Hotel was named the first historic landmark located in Beverly Hills in 2012. It has had several lavish remodeling projects completed since it’s opening in 1912.

The Dorchester in London is a five-star luxury hotel opened in the 1930s and has many fine historic features. There are also five restaurants within The Dorchester, including The Grill, Alain Ducasse, The Spatisserie, The Promenader, and China Tang. It also features several bars. The culinary experience found at The Dorchester is well known for sophistication and quality. 45 Park Lane and Coworth Park are also in the United Kingdom and offer 5-star luxury service.

In France The Dorchester Collection offers Le Meurice and The Plaza Athénée. These hotels are both located in Paris and cater to elegant and worldly clientele with elegant luxury. The Plaza Athénée offers a stunning ballroom for weddings and other events. Switzerland’s Le Richmond is the oldest hotel in Geneva and boasts beautifully furnished suites for guests.

Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan and Hotel Eden in Rome also dignify The Dorchester Collection. The Hotel Principe di Savoia is widely known for the private swimming pool enjoyed by guests in the Presidential Suite. Many of the hotels in The Dorchester Collection also feature spa facilities. The entire collection features high standards and opulent furnishings making The Dorchester Collection absolutely worth a stay.