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Fashion and lifestyle are two of the most ever changing trends in the world. Remaining in the forefront in the fashion industry happens to be one of the most difficult things. This is because of the stiff competition available in the market. Amazon is said to control 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, which makes it one of the leading entity in fashion sales. Regardless of this high-end competition, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is competing so well in the industry, having grown to a business worth $250 million in three years.



Previously, high value brands were defined by the price and their quality. The trend however has changed, as this combination no longer serves the full needs of the customers. Instead, customers are more focused on last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design as well as gamification. These are the new determinants of high-value to the modern consumer. Fabletics are able to provide this powerful combination.



Fabletics has plans to expand their physical stores with time, as its strategy and positioning is paying off for the fashion membership brand. They currently have stores open in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California. Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager says that Fabletics is more focused on building better high value brands, and sees their membership model as what helps them to offer personalized services at better prices. They offer services differently in their physical stores by using several tactics.



Encouraging “Reverse showrooming”, is one of these tactics. This where their model offers a platform in which they are able to build relationships with consumers, as well as get feedback and know the needs of the local market. As a result, this ensures most of members remain loyal to their brand. Fabletics competitors have lost a great deal of customers to Fabletics. This is because customers only use the competitors’ platforms to view available brands, then end up buying the same brands at a lower price from Fabletics. Fabletics has been able to reverse this model of offline viewing by potential customer, because of the unique way they started out. Instead creating negativity, Fabletics have turned browsing into a positive view, and this ensures that customers who view their products, are most likely to get it from their outlets.



When you subscribe to Fabletics Membership, you take a survey about what types of workouts you do and the styles of outfits you like. The platform then provides you; on monthly basis, with sampled outfits for you as per your interests. Fabletics is able to meet most of its customer needs, as they under promise and over deliver. This way, they are always able to remain ahead. From the surveys done, the quality of products sold by their outlets is just the best.



Their style is like non-other offered in the industry. They as well offer brands that requires little or no help when using, thus providing efficiency in their products use. Customer service happens to be their strong hold, as serving and knowing the customer needs remains to be the priority of the entity.



Motivation With Wengie

It’s important to stay hydrated, but sometimes, it’s hard to get enough water during the day when you have homework to do or you have to focus on your job. A large water bottle beside you can help, but even the best intentions don’t work if you don’t think about the bottle. One way that you can drink more water is by putting the bottle on top or near your phone. You likely use the phone frequently throughout the day, and when you do, you can drink water.


According to Wengie, Blot off the oil on anything greasy, such as pizza or chicken. This is an easy way to decrease the number of calories and fat that you consume during the day. You can also pile your pizza with vegetables and olive oil instead of using a lot of the meats and a lot of sauce. Try replacing a greasy meal with a salad or one that is baked instead of fried.


Thinking about the things that you want to do during the day and doing them are different. It’s easy to get distracted by television or using your phone. You might even go back to sleep during the day. A vision board is a good way to sit down and think about what you want to achieve during the week, month or even the year. Your board should include goals that include family, friends, health and your career. Don’t make the goals too hard to achieve, but you need to really think about where you want to be at the end of the year.


What You Don’t See About The Technology You Love

Okay, it is obvious that there is a lot of technology that we all use and love in our day to day lives. However, did you realize just how much thought goes into the tools that you are using? There are whole marketing departments that are dedicated to making sure that we not only want the technology for what it does, but also for what it symbolizes.


A Whole New World Of Fashion


The truth about fashion is that it is always changing. It goes through so many different styles and it is always looking for a new place to take on new challenges. Lately, the place that we have seen fashion moving into is the world of technology. Have you noticed how when a new piece of technology comes out we no longer just talk about what it can do? We also like to talk about how it feels, looks, and makes us feel.


Branding Expert Understands These Changes


The way in which fashion is moving into the world of technology is something being carefully observed by people like Chris Burch. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. This is a firm that has helped to launch brands and monitors the way in which marketing works on consumers.


Mr. Burch himself has been a leading name in this field for more than 40 years. He has a long track record of experience, and he reports that he is seeing more and more of the marriage between technology and fashion.


How Google Glass Is Changing Attitudes


For much of recent decades people have had a stigma against those who wear glasses. It is not nice and it is unfair to those who are simply wearing something that they need to wear in order to see properly. However, the truth is that this stigma exists nonetheless. It is most prominent among children, but that is also where the change is starting to happen.


Google Glass is a product that has changed the minds of some about what it means to wear glasses. Suddenly, it was viewed as something that was cool to have. There was no reason to be ashamed of wearing glasses when they became something that could help you to wear Google Glass.


Even something as small as this just goes to show you that technology can have a real significant impact in the world.