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The Co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is prominent for being a significantly prosperous Panel Participant, Executive, Investor & Executive Mentor, CEO of a Public Company, Entrepreneur, alongside the financial services. In his pursuit of his business and finance career for about twenty-one years, Glen is currently the CEO of the LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This is a SAAS firm that he co-founded in the year 2015. The firm deals with the development of software that offers services alongside the online planning of business for the young entrepreneurs.

He is a University of Scranton’s graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Finance. He graduated in the year 1981. This occurred before his attainment of a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago in the field of Finance which happened in the year 1993. It is after studies that Glen Wakeman started off a prosperous career at the GE Capital where he held the position of the P&L as well as that of business development. After this, he moved onto the Doral Financial Corporation where he occupied the Executive positions of the CEO as that of the President and the Chairman of the Doral Bank Panel.


In the course of his enduring career, and being recognized as an entrepreneur and a mentor, he significantly transformed commerce with staff members exceeding seventeen thousand as assets worth $15 billion. This is the factor that facilitated Glen Wakeman’s development as well as prosperity (Glen Wakeman Inspires Entrepreneurs). It is worth acknowledging the fact that his work covers a lot including start-up guidance, the new market entry, and even possible growth. This is in addition to his application of his prove strategy with the utilization of the five top performance sections such as governance, implementation, leadership, human capital and the management of risk.


The view of Glen Wakeman as an investor as well as an author has opened him opportunities so that he can share his insight via many regular blogs alongside worldwide fiscal matters, the future markets, the administration and management, and the strategies. He has also utilized his mentorship skills to support several C-level administrators. He is also a counselor of Dreamfunded together with the Sitter Bees. Therefore, Glen Wakeman has attained a significant global recognition in his entire administrative career (


Don Ressler And Adam Goldberg Go To Extremes To Provide Fabletics Customers With Personalized Style and Service

When Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler combined their talents and inspiration they contemplated the current trends. They focused on fashions and realized consumers were often unable to find what they wanted. Consumers were spending hours going from store to store and perusing websites. They wanted personalized fashion combined with the latest styles. This was when the pair decided it was time to create their own online service for personalized fashion. They were successful with JustFab and TechStyle and offered their members amazing promotional offers, recommendations based on individual style, and information regarding their preferences.


The word Adam and Don chose was fabulous and it was a perfect fit. This was the name they gave the Fabletics brand and it was enticing, fresh, and modern. Their ads supported everyone with their models being diverse and wearing all different sizes. They used fabrics of the highest quality because they provided ease of movement and their products sell quite well. They offered their member special discounts and promotional offers. A membership to Fabletics means women can find clothing to fit their unique styles and preferences.


Don and Adam then began working with the co-founder and actress Kate Hudson. Her passion for healthy living and helping women find their own sense of beauty inspired women. Their clothing brings confidence, is carefully designed, fits just right, and flatters women of all sizes. These were critical concepts for Fabletics brands. Fabletics began in 2013 and now have more than 1 million VIP members with a consistently growing demand. Their large customer base led to the opening of several stores throughout the country. They base their services on technology and use a high tech software that provides their customers with an optimal experience. They incorporate a membership system, tools for personal styling, a retail system, customer management, and a fulfillment system.


The technology Fabletics uses for their physical stores is not only innovative but provides exceptional benefits for both the company and their customers. When a member enters a store they are scanned automatically. This allows the store to give them recommendations using their individual profile so their shopping experience becomes more efficient and easier. This additionally allows Fabletics to analyze buying trends so the inventory at their stores can be correctly stocked. Don and Adam are continuing the personalization involved with their shopping services and are always looking for a way to make finding the right fashion easier and simpler for consumers.

The Importance of Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs According To Flavio Maluf

One thing about being an entrepreneur is that it is more likely than not going to cost money. Therefore, it is important for people to have a solid financial plan. Another thing that is almost certain is that the entrepreneur is going to need financial aid in order to get his business off the ground. This is one thing that is hard obtain because many creditors are hoping to get more money back. It makes a lot of sense. Anyone who makes an investment or lends money is going to want to get at least the amount they loaned back. Therefore, it is important to have a solid business plan that is sure to attract the confidence of the investor as well as customers.


Flavio Maluf understands the importance of a good financial plan. For one thing, he knows that finances are needed to secure a physical location and get all of the equipment and products needed to run the business. At the same time, the entrepreneur has to put aside some money towards marketing. After all, even the most well built businesses are going to fail without the right type of marketing. People have to know enough about a business before they can decide to shop there.


With a well thought out financial plan, a business is going to have a huge chance for not only survival but also profit and growth. The only thing is that the entrepreneur has to look over his plans repeatedly in order to find any flaws in the planning. It does help to get a financial expert to look over the plans so that he can let the entrepreneur know about any needed improvements. Entrepreneurs like Flavio Maluf has managed to not only build successful businesses but have also managed to make a name for themselves because of how wise they handled their finances.

OSI Group President David McDonald

David McDonald is the president and chief operating offers of the OSI Group, one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of meat products.

A 1987 graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, McDonald grew up in northeast Iowa on a farm. An excellent student, he received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior award. Upon graduating from ISU, McDonald was hired by the OSI Group. He has now been with the company for three decades. During that time he has held a variety of roles with the OSI Group until being chosen to become COO and president.

David McDonald OSI Group has remained deeply involved in his alma mater and has provided the school with an array of resources in an effort to have a positive impact there. He played a role in Iowa State’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and arranged for several students to visit the OSI facilities in China in 2011. Through McDonald’s influence, OSI has provided support for a student intern and other internship opportunities. One of the ISU students that made the trip to China now works with the OSI Group.

A generous supporter of Alpha Gamma Rho, his ISU fraternity, David McDonald helps to fund their scholarship program. He was also among the first to provide support for the fraternity during their fundraising effort to build the AGR house at Iowa State University. McDonald was also involved in the naming of the Marvin J. Walter Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Arena. In 2004, David McDonald was given the Young Alumni Award by the Iowa State University Alumni Association. A husband and father of 6, McDonald’s two oldest children attend ISU.

In addition to his work with the OSI Group, David McDonald is on the North America Meat Institute board of directors. He had previously been chairman of the organization. McDonald also works with Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director. He’s also very active in St. Michael Parish, located in Wheaton, Illinois.

That is not far from his home in Warrenville, Illinois where he lives with his wife Malinda and their other four children.

The Might of George Soros

In an era void of leadership, there remains hope. Moreover, there remains someone who understands the plight of the masses. With that being said, George Soros has dedicated his life to making the world a better place. On numerous occasions, George Soros stood up against tyranny, bigotry and so forth. Therefore, he holds a special place in the hearts of millions. Aside from his activism, George Soros remains one of the world’s most successful investors of all time. This remains noteworthy due to his chaotic upbringing. Moreover, George Soros and his family stand proudly as survivors of the Holocaust. In addition, George Soros hails from Budapest, Hungary. In fact, he grew up during a time when Nazi Germany wreaked havoc in Europe.

In particular, Nazi Germany seized control of his country. As a result, millions of Jews lost their lives to such senselessness. However, George Soros and his family stood the test of time. Moreover, they managed to escape along with several of their friends. Upon leaving his native land of Hungary, George Soros immigrated to London in 1947. Moreover, he felt as though London would give him a better life. Therefore, he attended the London School of Economics. While there, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. However, George Soros holds himself to a higher standard. Therefore, he also earned a master’s degree in philosophy.  Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Upon reviewing George Soro’s history, it remains easy to see why he started his own business. As a result, he opened his first hedge fund called the Double Eagle. In a matter of moments, the hedge fund became highly successful. This spurred George Soros to open up an additional hedge fund. Due to the success of his previous hedge fund, the Double Eagle went from being worth $12 million dollars to being worth $25 billion dollars. This remains noteworthy due to Soro’s desire for excellence. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to know that he remains impervious to adverse activity in the global economy. Visit his site to know more at

On numerous occasions, George Soros has proven his ability to withstand such adversity. In particular, he managed to make a $1 billion dollar profit during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. Not only did that require a great deal of skill, it remained something typical of Soros. Upon his arrival to the United States, he became actively involved in politics. Moreover, Soros remains someone who values human life. Therefore he has donated generously to charitable causes. In fact, he has donated over $11 billion dollars to charities. With such a commitment to philanthropy, Soros ranks among the most charitable people in the world. Moreover, his history as a philanthropist remains as extensive as his history as an investor.

Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

James Dondero; a Prolific Credit Manager and Philanthropist

In 2016, The Family Place, a leading organization in Texas that supports family violence victims, received $1 million grant award from Highland Capital Management through its philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation. The grant was contributing towards the organization’s Legacy Campaign that aimed at raising $16.5 million by April 2017. The campaign supported the construction of Ann Moody Place, a counseling center in Central Dallas for victims of family Violence.


James Dondero, the co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management said that their contribution was in response to a call to action by Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Police chief, David Brown. He also said that his company appreciated how the Family Place had used the philanthropic support it received to carry its campaign to the end in just a year. Mr. Dondero’s grant ensured that the Family Place finished their campaign strong.


An addition to being a highly active philanthropist, James Dondero is a successful businessman and a prolific manager. His experience in equity and credit markets spans over 30 years. His company, Highland Capital Management is among the largest and most experienced alternative credit managers globally. Under Mr. Dondero’s leadership, the company received numerous prestigious awards in 2014.


James Dondero began his career in the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984 as an analyst. In 1985 he joined American Express as a bond analyst before becoming its portfolio manager where he managed fixed income funds worth approximately $ 1 billion. In 1989, Mr. Dondero became the chief investment officer at GIC, a subsidiary of Protecting Life. He guided the business from startup to $2 billion in only five years before leaving in 1993 to start Highland Capital Management with his partner Mark Okada.


Mr. Dondero is an alumnus of the University of Virginia where he graduated with highest honors majoring in accounting and finance. In Addition to managing Highland Capital Management, the certified management accountant (CMA) also serves as the chairman of the board for Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and CCS Medical Corporation. His excellent work history has earned him the right to use the CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) designation.

USHEALTH Group CEO Wins an Award for Excellence

The year of 2016 was a widely successful year for one of the largest health care companies in the United States of America. The company is USHEALTH Group, and it won yet another award for excellence in its line of work. More specifically. The chief executive director of the USHEALTH Group was awarded a coveted recognition at a ceremony which took place in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr Troy McQuagge is the chief executive officer of the esteemed USHEALTH Group. He was recognized for his skills as a leader of the large corporation with One Planet Award. He won the Gold prize in 2016, and he also received the title of Best CEO of 2016.The company once won a Stevie award as well.

This recognition is given annually to people that have shown that they have excellent skills in the department of leading a team and a company. He delivered a speech at the award ceremony in Las Vegas and shared that the award he received is actually a recognition for the entire team of USHEALTH Group as the company is, in fact, a big family to him. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group has its headquarters set up in Fort Worth in the state of Texas. It has been operating for many years, and over the course of its operation, the services of USHEAH Group have become highly sought after. The company is one of the best-established ones in its line of work in the entirety of the United States of America. It service offer health care plans and plans distribution with is the responsibility of USHEALTH Advisors. CEO Troy McQuagge, in fact, used to be a part of USHEALTH Advisors. He moved up in the ranks of the company over the years and became the leader through his hard work and dedication to the enterprise.

CEO Troy McQuagge has had more than three decades of successful professional experience. He has been the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group for about three years and before that, he had dedicated about a decade of USHEALTH Advisors.

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Paul Mampilly’s Amazing Career in Investment

Profits Unlimited, a survey facility owned by Paul Mampilly reached a remarkable landmark. With over 60000 subscribers Profits Unlimited is among the leading developing newsletters in venture sector. Initially, Paul operated as hedge fund director for two decades on Wall Street for organizations like ING, Kinetics International among others. During the year 2009, he emerged the best in venture sector competition that was planned by Templeton Foundation which he converted $50 million venture capital to $88 million in which they achieved 76% profit in the time of economic crisis without deductions in current assets like stock.

In the last year, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing and came up with Profits Unlimited and the objective was to lead Main Street Americans in profitable venture opportunities. In this investment, Mampilly encourages a fresh stock in the journal he sends to his subscribers. Mampilly updates the journals each and every week on the stock models collection and follows the progress of the venture on his website. Instead of investing the venture capital on the behalf his subscribers they purchase shares in their personal brokerage accounts, giving a better option to traditional methods amongst financial consultant and his customer. Alan L, a client, confessed they had bought all the stocks Mampilly had suggested to them. He also confessed it was amongst the top profitable venture in the sector of the stock market that the subscribers have ever witnessed. Click here to know more.

One of the subscribers admitted he never had another financial consultant better than Mampilly, and he also claimed he had achieved incomes of over forty thousand dollars by following Paul’s instructions.

Paul Mampilly is the chief editor of Profits Unlimited and is also an editor at Extreme Fortune. He joined the company in 2016, and he majors in assisting Main Street Americans get rich in growth ventures, technology among other ventures. In 2016 he started to write Profits Unlimited with the aim of finding stocks that rise and he write weekly journal for the newsletter. Mr. Mampilly is an American entrepreneur and formerly hedge fund boss.

Political and Social Contributions of George Soros in the USA

For decades now, Gorge Soros has been an influential role player in the political and social fronts, thanks to his generous nature. Soros is Hungarian-born who left the country and studying Economics in London. According to Forbes, Soros started humbly, engaging in waiter and railway porter jobs. Later, he started a financial career at a merchant bank.

Then, he moved to New York, where he started working at Wall Street before building an establishment with $12 million in 1969. This later became the Quantum Fund. In his successful path, George Soros shorted the British pound in 1992 alongside Stan Druckenmiller. He raked in significant profits that he was considered to have broken the Bank of England.

All along, he has been a renowned investor through his Soros Fund Management. This year, the large finance investor hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, a prominent Wall Street woman. She was to assume the duty of running Soros’s investment portfolio as the Chief Investment Officer of the fund. This is the seventh CIO to work for Soros Fund Management since 2000. Soros has not only been an icon in the investment world but also in the political and social arenas as well.


Political and social contributions

In between his successful investment ventures, Soros has played a significant role in spending on the political as well as the social fronts. According to the Politico, the billionaire has been offering financial support to political candidates since 2004, when he gave out $27 million to John Kerry in a bid to defeat President Gorge Bush. He also committed over $25 million in financial support to Hilary Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates, the Politico reports.

Besides, he has also donated several million dollars to Priorities USA Action, which was a super PAC supporting Clinton. Soros also gave $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, which was yet an opposition research aiming Trump and other Republican candidates too. Moreover, he gave $700,000 to Democratic Party committee’s assortment.

Soros has been supportive of Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party. However, he has been against policies that may not bear positive results for the citizens. For instance, in his recent warning, he advocates against leaders embracing “siren songs”, terming it as a policy that could only mean a challenge in fighting terrorism.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

On social contributions, Soros has also offered a big deal of philanthropic donations. One of the ways he has played a significant role is through his international foundation. This has donated well over $13 billion to nonprofit in the last three decades. They have also been aimed at shaping democracy in the East of Europe. Other causes that his contributions have aimed at include enhancing access to healthcare as well as education in the US and the world over.

Visit to know more about George Soros.

Fundamentals Concerning PodCastOne’s Latest Network Package

Some time in end of 2016, Norman Pattiz greatly supported launching of a new program at PodcastOne. The primary goal of the program is to help their fan-base enjoy more entertainment, as they take time learning deeper from interviews conducted on some of the famous researchers. The “Beyond the Darkness” program is to be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, who are veterans in the industry, and have a massive audience already.

Norman Pattiz: the Great Mind Behind PodCastOne

Norman rejoices in thriving in his media endeavors where he has gained experience of over forty years, particularly in radio syndication. He founded PodcastOne, which has been registering constant growth over the years. He serves there as the Executive Chairman, considering that he is quite an influential leader possessing relevant skills. Still he is the founder of Westwood One, which has been recognized as America’s number one provider of news, entertainment, interviews, as well as leading in the larger broadcast industry.

During Presidents Clinton and Bush tenures he got appointed to serve in influential positions in the board of America’s broadcast industry. The Beverly Hills-based prominent mind has also pioneered several other programs that have been beneficial to the populace. PodcastOne celebrates over four years of abundant success.

Influence Behind Norman’s Ever-Growing Trend

While on an interview, Mr. Norman discloses that he takes heed of the ideas they get daily. Being on the media exposes them to so much, but they always have to weigh the capacity they can take. Soon as they realize they have the ability to implement, then the actions begin right then. That is how they have continued to grow, taking advantage of situations and doing keen analyses.

Pattiz’ Leadership Skills Worth Observing

Even after growing his endeavors so much, Norman Pattiz is ever-present to learn more. He describes consumption of content as democratic, and with the ability to reach the populace through diverse ways. Norman believes in working, and that is why despite the great success you will find him getting involved in a lot concerning their success.


Norm, as he is commonly known, boasts of great achievement in the media industry. He has initiated several programs, and was even recognized when his program performed excellently across America. Being a remarkable media personality has helped him grow and leave an indelible mark. He is talented and taps potential opportunities, converting them into his listeners’ favorite, hence winning their loyalty.

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