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Your Child’s Education Could Take Off with Rocketship Learning

Rocketship Learning started in a church in San Jose, California ten years ago. It has come a long ways since then, and has reflected by giving us ten lessons they have learned over the past 10 years. They have learned actions speak louder than words. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Parents as just as much educators as teachers. Parents need to know what their children need and ask for it. Classroom inclusion has been beneficial for all students. Children with disabilities spend up to 80% of their day in a main stream classroom with their peers, which has helped all parties see their true potential. Define your mindset. What do you want to achieve for learning throughout your life? You won’t go far in life alone. Having a strong relationship with others can make a world of difference when faced with a challenge. To create a change, they needed to create a demand. Creating a parallel school to help parents and students once they leave the fifth grade year, there needs to be a demand for it. Personalized learning starts in the home. Having a home visit each year allows parents to help become a teacher for their child. Teachers will create an integrated school, not students. Having diversity among teachers, it lets students see how to treat others. Never stop learning. Always find something new to challenge yourself with. And lastly, they are proud to be a public school. Most parents will wonder how they are getting such a good education that does not come from a private school. These schools are free for students and families!

Rocketship Learning believes in having parents, teachers and student collectively work together to transform the future of low-income communities that are across the country. They believe that in these public schools they are unleashing students potentials.

They are a non-profit elementary charter schools that focus on making sure each child has what they need to succeed in school as well as outside of school. Parents are also on the hiring committee and work with the school to figure out who will teach there.