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White Shark Media, the Fastest Growing AdWords Agency, Moves to Address Clients’ Concerns

White Shark Media has been boosting small enterprises by offering them affordable online marketing services for the last six years. Shark’s good reputation has helped it to grow impressively well over the years, making it rank among the fastest growing businesses in the United States. Good work is mostly met with compliments, but for an emerging company like White Shark Media, compliments are met with an equal share of complaints.


White Shark Media does not shy away from addressing complaints that are thrown its way. In August of 2013, the ad agency took to its website to respond to some of the complaints from its clients. Several complaints were highlighted and their respective remedies outlined.


Complaints and Their Remedies


Some small business owners were uncomfortable with Shark’s reporting procedures. These businesspeople complained that they were not able to analyze Shark’s reports. As a redress to this, the agency started to train its clients exhaustively on how to access an advert performance for their new campaigns.


Another general concern from the clients was that the presence of receptionists was complicating the procedure of accessing Shark’s contact persons. The AdWords agency solved that problem by giving the customers direct lines to their contact people as well as their supervisors.


A good number of customers had complained that Shark’s optimized campaigns were not as effective as they had hoped. This was the elephant in the room as far as Shark’s reputation was concerned. To arrest the concerns, the firm moved with promptness to improve its performing campaigns by putting in place strong teams of supervisors for each SEM strategist.