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What Has Eric Pulier Done For Society?

For those who aren’t really interested in information technology then this article may not stir any emotions. For those who are interested in information technology, this article should be right down your alley. Eric Pulier is the man in question, and he is the man of the hour. Pulier is a man of many intellectual talents. He’s a well-respected man in the technological industry, and he has brought forth a revolution through this fascinating field of work. If you’re not a believer then check out his extraordinary resume. Whether it is for government, healthcare or education, Eric Pulier has made a huge imprint on society in general.

In 1997, he was chosen to develop and build an exhibit for former President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. This was known as “Bridge To The 21st Century,” and it showcased advanced technology to the fullest. The multi-day event was attended by thousands of people, and it was displayed across many cable news networks. Pulier has even worked along side of former Vice President Al Gore. This was for technological and healthcare committees. Many years ago, Pulier developed one of the very first live-feeds for the astronauts in space. This live-feed was in actual real-time, which was unheard of at the time. The way this guy uses his brain to think is mind blowing, no pun intended. Pulier has stated that he does a lot of brainstorming for ideas. Some ideas are good while others aren’t so good. This action keeps him on his game as we all know and the rest is history.

MIT and Harvard University is where he received is higher learning capabilities. These two institutions helped to build a solid foundation in which he continues to use to this very day. While in college, Pulier was a journalist and an editor for the Harvard Crimson. In 1988, he graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in American & English Literature. As of today, this proud father of four resides in Los Angeles. He’s living the good life in a sense, but there’s one thing for certain, his success came from his very own hands.

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