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Waiakea Water Recognized For Its Fast Growth

Each year the top 5,000 fastest growing companies in the world are recognized at an annual conference with the top 500 being the aim of many new companies entering the retail marketplace. The 2017 Inc. 5000 event will see the fast-growing bottled water brand, Waiakea Water provided with its spot at number 414 for the rapid expansion the company has undergone from 2014 through 2016. The California-based company has seen its level of growth hit more than 1,000 percent across the last three years to see it finally recognized as an impressive entrant in the business world since being established in 2012 by Ryan Emmons.

Waiakea Water remains sourced from a natural area of production which begins with water passing through a volcanic environment of the island of Hawaii where this impressive sustainable water company sources all its naturally alkaline products. The natural filtration system the water passes through sees porous volcanic rocks created from lava used to naturally filter the water to create a healthy form of water now bottled and sold in a charitable and sustainable way. Waiakea Water is sourced on the big island of Hawaii and is high in minerals and vitamins needed to develop a healthier lifestyle that has been seen in the lives of many people who do not live in an area with access to water sourced from a volcanic filtration system.

There is more to Waiakea Water than just providing a healthy bottled water option, particularly as the company has been created with three main principles in place which include clean water access, conserving the environment, and educating customers about the importance of clean water for all.

Waiakea Water has developed its own position in the beverage industry with its dedication to a socially responsible future from its headquarters powered through sustainable energy sources at a rate measured at 33 percent. The company has built its reputation to such an extent it has become the first Hawaii-based company to receive the carob neutrality award.