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Todd Lubar and his Success as an Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar was just recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he shared his life story and how his career journey has evolved. An entrepreneur, Todd said that most entrepreneurs mostly do not have the skill of identifying the will in people when it comes to accomplishing their goals. Todd Lubar states that many entrepreneurs also tend to give up too fast which makes them to fail. He understands that customers are the most important part when it comes to any business venture. Todd Lubar told that his excellent business skills made him to get outstanding referrals in business.

The career path of Todd Lubar started at Crestar Mortgage when he served as a loan originator. Over the years, he went on to work extra hard and managed to hold many big different positions. Todd has earned a reputation as a hard working entrepreneur who is focused n making an impact in the business world. He currently works at Global Ventures, LLC where he holds the position of President. Todd Lubar also serves as the Senior VP at the Legendary Investments. He is a graduate of the Syracuse University where he managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication. His position at Crestar Mortgage played a huge role in shaping his model skills in mortgage banking.

Lubar went to work with the Legacy Financial Group in 1999 where he was responsible for the brokerage of loans and lending. It was in this organization that Todd was able to boost his lending capabilities. He established the Legendary Properties LLC in 2002. The firm managed to facilitate the renewal, attainment as well as marketing of approximately 200 transactions. Todd Lubar established Charter Funding in 2003 which is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. He has more than 12 years’ worth of experience in the real estate sector. He has been involved in the housing industry in Baltimore. Todd Lubar is also involved in other industries such as commercial demolition and the metal recycling industry. He serves as a role model to all entrepreneurs who wish to make it in the business world.