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The Startup Business Growth Earns Mike Baur Entrepreneurial Respect

Mike Baur is currently the managing partner of the Swiss Start up Factory. He Co-Founded the company in 2014 with the goal of taking non-modern business models and creating future business opportunities for early juncture startups. It’s been a successful enterprise, and in fact, Swiss Start up Factory was named as one of the foremost well-established ICT Startup Accelerator’s in the entire Country of Switzerland.


The SSUF accelerator program helps a startup company improve their platforms, technology resources and eventually increase the business rankings within their perspective market. By enabling a financial support system, technological and mentoring support system, the SSUF program creates an opportunity for the startup to focus on the strengths of the company, and for building solutions to produce a community of customers. Once generating sustainable revenue, the startup will be more effective in positioning the business towards better growth and stability.


The key to growing a company’s resources and how they can utilize them effectively requires the company to invest within themselves as a team. Mike says that the greatest asset a company has for building its success lies within the core alliance of the team. He believes in order to have that core foundation it’s vital the startup acquire a significant diverse talent to build upon.


Mike is an adventurous business-elite. With an extremely wide-vision focused greatly on taking risks, he says that going beyond the normal industry standards will allow for greater business successes. He started as an entrepreneur at a very young age and eventually focused his attention for 20 years on the banking industry. During that time, Mike learned the skillful discipline of going beyond an outdated methodology for creating business ventures.


As a venture capitalist, Mike knows that in order to launch a true startup opportunity, it means the business needs to pivot timely before it can establish a solid product base within their market. In order to prove their business model successful, it will require dramatic changes to gain momentum and traction. With that type of mandate, Mike Baur determined it was essential to create a 3-month long program to give a startup company the creative edge to succeed. The program carries out its successful transitioning of startup companies and bridge them further into their perspective industry.


The Swiss Start up Factory’s branding for developing a business to reach beyond the standard market methodology for growth, has been its greatest contribution to the startup innovation.