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The Many Talents Of Bruce Levenson

People bring many talents to the table each day. They don’t always have the opportunity to use such talents. A few people, like Bruce Levenson, are able to move past potential obstacles in their path and find the best way to help them express their own personal talents. He gets up each day realizing that he can be of us to this own company and his own employees as well to the people who has helped to serve as clients of his company. With his leadership skills, his company has not only done well, it has rise to the very top of his chosen industry.

Devoted To His Company

Levenson began to conceive of the idea of creating a company when he was only a young man just out of college and law school. He quickly realized that he could help found a communications company that would offer something very special that clients could not find anywhere else. With the help of his co-founder, he was able to start a company that offered special news to the oil industry. He and Ed Peskowitz began the United Communication Group with a vision they haven’t wavered from since. Their work has helped offer great news that clients can count on each day.

Charitable Work

In additional to founding the United Communications Group, Levenson has also taken the time to offer his many useful skills to charities. He has been instrumental in creating the U.S. Holocaust Museum, a museum that helps people learn about this tragedy. As a founding donor, he has offered his financial skills and his leadership efforts to one of the most important museums in the entire country. Thanks to his help, the museum helps millions of visitors each year learn what they can do to help prevent future genocides. For more info, visit and Bruce’s Wikipedia page.