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The Man Behind Some Of Brazil’s Most Famous Ads

Jose is a man of immense creativity and innovation when it comes to the ads he creates. He has worked with numerous clients and companies from various different fields. Some of the advertisements that he has made are still being recognized all over Brazil, years after it the campaigns have ended. One such instance was when Jose Borghi created an ad for Mammals Parmalat which features a number of children dressed up as stuffed animals. The ad was meant to spread a message of wildlife conservation and did so while maintaining maximum recall among the people viewing the ad. Some of his ads have been nominated for and have won awards at the Cannes Lions Festival, including his ad for Fiat which won the ‘Ad of the Year’ award at the festival in 2001.

Jose has had an enormous amount of experience in the Brazilian Advertising Industry having worked with Ogilvy and Leo Burnett, two of the top advertising agencies in the world.
Because of the immense knowledge and expertise in the field of advertising, Jose decided to branch out and start his ad agency named BorghiErh. Due to Jose’s successes with previous campaigns, he immediately began to land some big clients which included Delta Airlines and American Express. He achieved all of this in spite of not having any funding while starting out his new company solely due to this tremendous dedication to making fantastic advertisements.

With the success of BorghiErh, Jose decided to branch out even further and take his business to a more globalized platform. That’s when he decided to merge with MullenLowe. The company called Borghi/Lowe initially later changed it to MullenLowe as part of a complete makeover to the company’s corporate image. Currently, the company is spread over sixty different countries and has over ninety offices worldwide.

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