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The Latest EOS Has to Offer This Summer

Evolution of Smooth is a highly hydrating recently released lip moisturizing product. It is an ideal product for anyone who seeks to moisturize their lips with a product that is made from organic and natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and jojoba oil. It’s additionally the perfect beauty product for anyone looking for a new design concept out of their beauty purchases. The latest EOS lip balm flavors are the spring and summer released lip balms. Click for more good stories.


Fresh Watermelon EOS

The fresh watermelon eos is a new summery flavor from the eos company, hit this link. The aroma of watermelon that comes off of this scrumptious lip balm is perfectly fitting for the summer time. The fresh watermelon eos is soothing, summery, and highly hydrating. Summer and watermelon go hand and hand, so this is perfect for anyone who loves watermelon and summer vibes. The fresh watermelon is available in a pink watermelon fruit hued round eos lip balm container.


Soft Cucumber Melon EOS

One of the newer spring flavors in the Soft Cucumber Melon. It is available in the limited edition spring collection sets. The Soft Cucumber Melon has a cooling and hydrating sensation for the lips. This cooling cucumber and tropical melon scents in the lip balm are a perfect solution for the warmer spring and summer months. The lip balm comes in the familiar round shaped bottle that all EOS lip balm comes in. The Soft Cucumber Melon round container is a light green color that looks reminiscent of a slice of cucumber or a chunk of melon.


You can get the new spring and summer flavors from EOS at their websites, most beauty suppliers, and drug stores like Walgreens. Fresh Watermelon and Soft Cucumber Melon are some great new picks from EOS. You really ought to pick up one or both of them for you to keep your lips hydrated throughout the hot summer months.


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