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The Hometown Hero

Born in Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago has brought a new level of development and excitement to the area with the opening of Manaira Shopping, the premier shopping mall in the region. Roberto Santiago has been wildly successful in the world of business and it is this acumen that has allowed his forward thinking. Joao Pessoa offers a wide array of entertainment options and with a naturally beautiful backdrop, home to lush beaches, rising above the competition required Santiago to think outside the box. Santiago took Manaira Shopping beyond the realm of the ordinary shopping experience by implementing extra forms of entertainment, such as a movie theater and bowling alley. The Manaira Shopping mall boasts the largest concert hall in the Joao Pessoa, adding to the extensive list of entertainment opportunities available to shoppers. Located in a region that is renowned for its hospitality, Roberto Santiago was inspired by the cultural vibe of Joao Pessoa and sought to ensure that this same sentiment would be felt by shoppers. This motivation was spurred by Santiago’s high emphasis on the need to connect more intimately with consumers.

Roberto Santiago attended school at the Pio X-Marist College, earning a degree in business administration, and later attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa. After beginning at Cafe Santa Rosa, Santiago saw his first truly successful business ventures begin when be founded a cartonnage company. The business grew rapidly and saw to Santiago’s consistent expansion into new territory and today many of his business ventures continue to flourish. His love for sports began to grow along with his business’s as he developed a taste for Motorcross, even bringing home several trophies. Roberto Santiago is much more than just a businessman. He is a self-styled entrepreneur, who not only looks to champion innovation within his projects, he also does so while adding to the stock of his hometown.