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The Contributions that George Soros Has Made towards a Better Society

George Soros is one of the most influential businessmen and philanthropist of modern times. He is a Hungarian Born New York business mogul. Soros is said to have made his big break when he made the short sale of ten billion pounds in 1992, making a profit of a billion pounds sterling. The event is now infamously known as the black Wednesday deal. After the deal, he moved to New York and started operating hisThe Contributions that George Soros Has Made towards a Better Society from here and read full article.

One of the events that marked George Soros childhood was the fact that he grew up in the Nazi-occupied Hungary. When the Holocaust started, he had to flee his country and move to England. He ended up doing a series of odd jobs. He began his first business, double eagle after many years of hard work and struggle. As a result of his past, George Soros has a very soft spot for people who are facing any form of persecution or mistreatment. In the past, he has supported individuals or groups of groups who are oppressed and what George Soros knows.

For the past two decades, George Soros, through the George Soros foundation has given more than $6billion to various groups which advocate for social justice. In the nineties, he was involved in the funding of a group which was supporting the equal educational opportunities between the black and white South African students. In 2014, he was in the middle of the racially charged debate which followed the shooting of an African American teenager by a white cop in Ferguson Louisiana. He contributed the money which funded the ferrying of busloads of people to the state for demonstrations which lasted several weeks and learn more about George Soros.

The political action committees, especially those that support Democrats, have been receiving a lot of support from the Soros Foundation. They say that people always put their money where their ideas are, and Soros banks on liberals all the times. For instance, he was very supportive of Senator John Kerry, when he decided to run against Bush in 2004. Soros was not happy about the war that Bush had started in Afghanistan, especially because of the number of innocent civilians who were suffering and dying. Even though John Kerry lost to Bush, Soros spirit to fight to deliver justice to those who cannot defend themselves and Follow his Twitter.

Soros has always liked Clinton’s style of politics. It is the reason why he supported her campaign from 2007 when she lost the nomination to Obama, to last year. Soros contributed more than $25million to Clinton’s campaign. He firmly believes that Trump may not be the right person to head the White House, especially because of the divisive politics that he plays. Soros has created a legacy that will live for hundreds of years and more information click here.

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