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The Brown Agency: Keeping the Talents Alive

According to Heyman Talent-South was acquired by Wilhelmina Austin and relaunched as The Brown Agency. The two largest talent agencies in the region joined forces leveraging the unique capabilities and strengths of both entities and making The Brown Agency. In Austin, the agency is the only one with full service. In Texas, it’s among the few agencies with full service.

With Justin Brown in charge, Wilhelmina Austin started in the year 2010, in Austin. It has become among the most honored agencies in the entire central Texas for talent in modeling. Heyman Talent-South has been able to build acting talent agencies which have been successful in Austin over the last three years. The merging of the two companies that led to the launching of a brand-new company provides its clients with a wider portfolio of talent that is experienced and also the opportunities for talent that is greater across the country.

The Brown agency was to have its headquarters in Austin. Offices were to be opened in Dallas and also a presence in L.A. Justin Brown, who was previously the leader of Wilhelmina Austin, was the one to lead the new agency as The Brown Agency president and chief executive officer. The founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonée was to lend his skills to The Brown Agency theatrical division.

Justin Brown, who is the president and chief executive officer of The Brown Agency said that when they merged with Talent-South and became a full-service agency, it was an integral part of their strategy for growth and dedication to serving their clients and talent. Brown continued saying that both agencies are proud when they select the best, preparing them on a market level that is larger and then delivers the most dependable talent, elegant, and professional. They can now do that on a larger scale.

According to, Brown went to college, where he studied business management. His passion was not in business management; he was interested in what was happening behind the cameras. He aced other agency jobs and finally landed in subfield known as development and placement. Brown trained models how to operate like professionals. Then he placed them, meaning that he made sure that he finds them work or even help them in graduating to the big time. He is still doing the same the Austin’s Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency is a modeling and commercial talent agency. It is located in Central Texas. The agency provides clients with a broadness of talent options and also talent with exposure to several largest brands worldwide like L’oreal, Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and thousands of other companies that are well known. The Brown Agency launched in September 2015.