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The Benefits Of EOS Lip Balms

EOS is one of the best lip balms on the market. It has been around for many many years and is both convenient and fun. Below are just a few of the key benefits of EOS lip balms as well as a few of the most popular flavors.

All Natural

All EOS products are all natural and organic. They are filled with high quality moisturizing ingredients.

Smooth Texture

Because of the high quality ingredients EOS lip balms offer a very smooth and luxurious texture.

Very Hydrating

Each EOS lip balm is hydrating as well as protecting. It offers a smooth fine seal to lock in moisture and seal out dryness.

Fun Bright Packaging

EOS is know for their bright fun packaging. It is cute and very convenient.

Large Variety Of Flavors

EOS is also known for their large variety of fun and unique flavors. There are citrus flavors as well as fruit flavors. Below are a few of the top flavors that are available.

Sweet Mint: the sweet mint flavor is very light yet very refreshing. It is a light sweet mint taste with a smooth creamy texture. It leaves lips feeling soft and supple all day long.

Lemon Twist: the lemon twist flavor is very unique because it offers an SPF of 15. It has an energizing lemon smell and glides on smooth and soft.

Vanilla Bean: the vanilla bean flavor is very sweet and delicious. Although it is more common during the holiday season it is very popular all year round.

Pomegranate Raspberry:

These are just a few of the great EOS flavors that are available. They can be found in stores such as Well, Target and Walmart as well as online. With so many great flavors and so many key benefits it is easy to see why EOS is so popular all over the world.