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The American Institute of Architects Advocates for Better Policies

     In 2010, Robert Ivy was appointed the vice president and head cheerleader of the American Institute of Architects. The premier organization that represents professional architects and designers saw that Ivy is not only competent but dedicated to revolutionizing the lives of architects through the introduction of viable policies. Robert Ivy’s reign at AIA began in 2011 when he was made the chief executive officer of the organization. Since then, members of AIA have enjoyed the input of a great leader.

Ivy’s Leadership

As a renowned architect and leader, Robert Ivy of AIA has vast experience in editorial works. His professionalism is reflected in his dedication to empowering architects across America. Ivy’s roles include generating viable advocacies for architects and their assistants. He has been on the forefront of initiating instrumental, community projects in his reign.

Ivy’s Advocacies

Perhaps the most notable factor that Robert Ivy is defined by is his character and commitment to generating new projects at AIA. To him, AIA is more than just working with architects to better their future as he focuses on initiating successful projects with the masses. Ivy’s roles extended to Ivy Architects where he served as the head. Ivy ensured that his teams are well-versed with building and design as that is the foundation of every community across the world.

Robert Ivy’s Roles

Robert’s roles at AIA extend to society projects and management. He also covers political and environmental initiatives. His focus lies in addressing issues that affect the building environment. By enhancing the voices of architects, Ivy has developed a platform that provides helpful resources for this profession.

AIA was established in 1875. The foundation is a project of 13 experienced architects who were moved by their passion for revolutionizing the industry. From that moment, AIA has expanded its services and reach across America with the primary purpose of catering for architects. With the central office in Washington D.C, AIA is trusted to facilitate the growth of architecture as a field and industry.

AIA’s Profile

AIA has over 50,000 members in different jurisdictions. The company uses these members to reach out to the community through significant projects. From builders, engineers, project managers, team leaders and associates, AIA has transformed the industry. AIA comprises of additional groups like the associate member’s group and emeritus. These groups play instrumental roles in developing strategies that will be used to structure building and design.

AIA’s Contribution to Women’s Career

On the other side are planners who focus on creating beneficial and structural designs. AIA continues to thrive in the midst of a competent world. For AIA, all projects are based on finding the means towards developing the careers of architects. To sum it up, AIA believes in women and their ability to contribute to architecture. That is why the company handles their licenses by initiating the sponsorship.