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Popular App Connects Parents and Teachers

Reaching outside the classroom to connect with the community, teachers are building build parental buy-in and creating continuity between the classroom and the home. They’re doing this with ClassDojo. The free app offers an easy way to facilitate regular involvement, engaging the family and improving the quality of education. Open communication regarding daily schedules, student’s classwork, progress and behavior helps parents track their child’s progress, and improves a child’s chances of success.


Based on, the free iOS and Android app is currently funded by investors. The App raised more than $31 million in recent expansion funding campaigns aimed at bolstering content and communications offerings. As the company listens to the educational community their thinking also expands. They’ve added content to empower students with growth mind-set concepts, harnessed new content that conveys difficult emotional concepts in accessible ways, and offered a closed-circuit communication platform to connect parents, teachers and students through messages, photos, videos, and student portfolios. The result is an increasingly popular (free) educational tool.

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Liam Don and Sam Chadhary, co-founders of the San Francisco-based ed-tech start-up believe that teachers, parents and students form the basis for ground-up change in education. Their goal is to foster positive change, and people like what they’re doing. ClassDojo is used in 180 countries around the world, and content has been translated into more than 35 different languages. Two thirds of the schools in the US currently use ClassDojo, and the company reports that parents and teachers exchange more than 8,000 messages per minute.

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