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Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto Offer Exceptional Transformation To InnovaCare Health

Healthcare is one of the fields that have seen many changes over the years and the growth that has been recorded in this duration has led to the issuance of high quality services. Many managed healthcare providers who offer Medicare Advantage have had to change their systems to conform to the massive demands of the market and to serve the increasing number of users of these services. Every company has been fighting to claim the top spot in the industry and in so doing they have made effort to change the leadership structure. One such company is InnovaCare Health, which embraced changes starting 2012 to include new breed of leaders, who are progressive and visionary.

With these changes, the company has seen their portfolio blossom and they are currently the best in Puerto Rico when it comes to managed healthcare services. InnovaCare Health enjoys the leadership of professionals like Rick Shinto, who came into the company in 2012 to occupy seat as the CEO and President. Several other executives also joined the top team and it is through reshuffling leadership the company has grown to its current level. View the company profile in LinkedIn.

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one among professionals who have given InnovaCare Health a new look and a better feel as a company in the healthcare industry. He boasts of over 20 years working in the healthcare industry with several successful companies, so his presence at InnovaCare Health comes as an addition to the vision and dreams of the company. Rick Shinto served NAMM California before be moved to Aveta Inc., in 2008 to become the CEO and President. He also worked with government agencies in the healthcare sector and has amasses a great deal of skills to effectively run a company like InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides works as the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health. She also joined the company in 2012 along with other professionals and her effort in restructuring operations has led to the creation of an effective and reliable system of service delivery.

More about InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is one of the most reliable managed healthcare companies in North America. It is based in Puerto Rico and has been working with customers from different regions, who enjoy the good support the company offers. In fact, InnovaCare Health is ranked best in Medicare Advantage plans and has been running a seamless system that ensures services are delivered effectively.