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Patty Rocklage and Scott Rocklage are Celebrated at MIT’s Department of Chemistry

Recently, Patty and Scott Rocklage were celebrated for their donation to the MIT’s Department of Chemistry. The couple volunteered to fund the renovation of the department’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space in Building 2. Lester Wolfe’s professor of chemistry, Moungi Bawendi, is in charge of the lab.

Patty Rocklage’s husband was a student at the department. He pursued his doctorate under the supervision of the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Prof. Richard R. Schrock. His time at the prestigious institution had a positive influence in his career.

Professor Bawendi guided the couple during their tour of the newly renovated lab. Whitney Hess and He Wei, his graduate students toured the institution together with the couple and the professor. The department displayed the Rocklages’ plaque at the lab’s vestibule. Some of the renowned personalities who honored the Rocklage’s are Timothy Jamison, the current department head, Sylvia Ceyer, the former department head, and Prof. Moungi Bawendi. Patty Rocklage on Twitter.

The department’s newsletter featured Dr. Rocklage. On the newsletter, he said that he is a survivalist and an accomplishment junkie. He notes that those skills were critical for his success at MIT. He also talked about his good luck of doing his postgraduate degree under the supervision of Richard R. Schrock. The scientist was part of the Nobel winner’s research group. While at the institution, he was able to make lasting friendships with several people. He also thanked Jere Fellman, Clayton Wood, and Howard Turner for the ‘chelate’ activities. Dr. Rocklage has also pledged his commitment to contributing to the needs of the department in the future. This commitment pleased Sylvia Ceyer, the former head of the department.

About Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is a Sudbury-based marriage & family therapist. She spends her time helping individuals and families to overcome their life’s struggles. Patty has an expansive experience of over 20 years in the field. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California. Patty is licensed to practice in the state of Massachusetts. Patty is the wife of Dr. Scott Rocklage. She has made significant contribution in Scott’s life. Over the years, the couple has engaged in different philanthropic activities.