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Minty Lips

EOS lip balms have become extremely popular, and it’s easy to see why. They are made with all natural flavor, and taste great! Inside the light blue ball, you will find a sweet mint flavor that will leave your lips feeling refreshed and soft. For extremely dry or chapped lips, the balm can be applied right before bedtime and you will wake up with your lips completely hydrated! Great review here. The shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E work together to leave lips silky and smooth. The difference in hydration can immediately be felt, and the best part is not having to deal with any sticky residue. Instead of being left with an overpowering sticky shine, EOS leaves you with a uniquely soft pout and a sweet lingering flavor. The flavor lasts a few hours and reapplication is quick and easy. If you’re not into the minty tingly types of balms, EOS comes in many different flavors that are just as pleasant. Strawberry is another favorite, due to it’s light flavor and yummy scent. There are many varieties to choose from, and they are all equally flavorful, it really just comes down to your personal taste and small preferences, see it here at EOS comes in a stylish little ball that easily rolls over your lips, fits in your purse or cosmetic bag, and is not tested on animals, which is another huge plus! Follow them on for more cool stories.

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Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks

Steamworks is a Canadian craft beer establishment that features both a brewery and a brewpub. There are a number of locations, with the brewpub’s being the most popular aspect in the eyes of the public. However, guests to the brewpub’s are always delighted to be able to tour the brewery and tasting room. There are a variety of different kinds of craft beer produced by Steamworks. Some of the house favorites and specialties: Summer ale, salted chocolate porter, pilsner, heroica red ale, pale ale, and Kolsch.

Steamwork’s participated in the 15th annual Canadian Brewing Awards and Canadian Craft Brewers Conference in May of this year. This ceremony recognizes and awards a Canadian Brewery of the Year and a Canadian Beer of the Year. Steamworks is run by CEO Eli Gershkovitch ( He is a craft beer veteran who has been a mover and shaker in the industry for more than 21 years. Gershkovitch first got the idea to start a craft beer chain in 1987. Up to that point, his career had been in the legal world. He and his business partner, Soren Rasmussen, first founded Steamworks in 1995.


Eli Gershkovitch bought out Rasmussen’s share in the company in 1997. For years his joints were just brewpubs. This changed dramatically and for the better in 2013 when he began adding breweries to the mix. The change was very positive and has driven up revenue by 50%. Steamworks has today expanded to not only include operations throughout Canada, but also in 14 U.S. states, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. Eli Gershkovitch holds a pilot’s license so he is able to fly himself to Steamworks locations all over the world. He has had this license since 1993. Steamworks pioneered the way for brewpubs and breweries that controlled the product from its formations to its sale.

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Glen Wakeman Provides A Support System For Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is currently the co-founder and chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. It is a business planning service company that creates software for new entrepreneurs. The LaunchPad Toolkit is a collection of useful resources such as tips and suggestions are given to entrepreneurs to help in the early stages of starting their businesses. It is sponsored by a huge amount of providers and mentors.


Glen Wakeman has an extensive background in management operations, with 21 years of experience and knowledge. He has been successful as a financial services executive, board member, small business owner and the chief executive officer of varies corporations. He was the founder and president of Nova Four, a company that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses quickly through capital access and strategic guidance. Glen Wakeman is also the former chief executive officer and president of Doral Financial Corporation. It is a financial operations company that offer services catered to retail banking, mortgage banking, commercial banking, institutional securities, and insurance services. Glen Wakeman also served as the chairman of the Board of Doral Bank (Ideamensch).


Before joining Doral Financial Corporation, Glen Wakeman served at GE Capital for more than 20 years. He performed in several complex positions in general management, operations management, business formation and involvement in international markets.


Throughout those positions, Wakeman has transformed, revolved, and recapitalized the Doral brand. He changed it from being unorganized to a more smooth-running community institution, including the creation of a $2.7 billion US project from the headquarters of Puerto Rico. Glen Wakeman has obtained many international, local and national awards for his management positions, as well as his devotion to socially corporate duties.


Wakeman joined GE Money Latin America as the chief executive officer. It became his last role in the GE Capital brand but he ended it with a huge contribution to the company. As the CEO, he constructed a 9 country operation from the bottom. It produced $12 billion in assets with a staff of 17,000 individuals. Glen Wakeman created many new products and started a network of more than 1000 offices.


Glen Wakeman holds an MBA degree from the University of Chicago and a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton.

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Lime Crime Makeup Is As Ethically Conscious As It Is Beautiful

When Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, she set out to create a brand of cosmetics that reflected her own uniquely bright and playful aesthetic. Now, millions of social media followers later, the brand continues to dream up whimsical cosmetic creations that appeal to the imaginations of millennial women across the world.


The brand offers a variety of cosmetic products, but it’s best known by far for its lip products. That’s because Lime Crime’s lip products come in a range of colors and finishes that you simply can’t find elsewhere. The Velvetines line, for instance, is inspired by rose petals. It’s a matte liquid lipstick with a unique finish that gives lips the appearance of a velvet texture. The color choices mimic rose petals as well, coming in various shades of deep and moody reds.


The Metallic Velvetines are fairly new and already are flying off the shelves. A liquid matte lipstick like its predecessor, the Metallic Velvetines lipsticks’ shiny finish looks like luxurious silk satin. The line comes in astonishingly bold colors like dreamy deep violet and frosted pastel pink.


Perhaps Lime Crime’s top seller, however, is the Unicorn Lipsticks line. This product line was the very first put out by the brand and remains a highly coveted item by beauty enthusiasts to this day. Fans love the creamy and rich formula as well as the intensely pigmented colors.


What the brand’s products have in common is their complete abandonment of convention. While many commercial cosmetics brands stick to safe packaging and predictable color choices, Deere created a company that embraces playfulness and whimsical imagery. The packaging of the brand’s products are just as enticing as the products themselves, featuring bright metallic tubes and glittery wands.


In addition to delivering high quality and colorful products, Lime Crime is also notable for its dedication to cruelty-free practices. All of the company’s products are vegan and no animals are harmed or tested on during production. This strict ethical code gives the brand added respect from its loyal followers.


It’s safe to say by now that Doe Deere has created an empire by embracing the bright and colorful world of her imagination. Products on the company’s website continually sell out and the brand’s Instagram followers are in the millions. Beauty enthusiasts can’t wait to see what dreamy product line Lime Crime will come up with next. they  also have products on discount for the first time customers.

Beneful Dog Food

According to a leading U.C. Davis researcher, a Northern California college campus with a legendary reputation for animal sciences, some of the most “common proven allergens in dog food are wheat products.”

Grains are difficult for dogs to digest, this is due to their biological structure, more than finicky eating habits. Herbivores, or plant eating animals, have a substance, an enzyme – which allows them to properly digest plants and plant material.

Dogs, do not carry this enzyme, known as amylase.

Beneful grain free dog food understands how crucial amylase is to the digestive system of our canine buddies, thus they produced a line of dog food, created for the overall health of the dog. When switching dog foods it is important to ensure a smooth transition, monitor bowel movements for regularity.

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How Avaaz Picks its Campaigns

Avaaz, which means “voice” in various languages, is a United States-based civic advocacy group that empowers millions of people in the world to act on pressing global, regional, and national issues such as corruption, poverty, conflict, and climate change. Since its founding in 2007, Avaaz has become an online pressure group to be reckoned with, and its rapid growth is just one part of what makes it entirely different from campaigning organizations or traditional charities.

Its model of online organizing allows individual efforts, however small, to be quickly combined into a powerful collective force. Part of its achievement is down to the ease with which you can participate in the process. Once you log on to Avaaz’s website and get a petition that interests you, adding your voice to it is as simple as keying in your email address. You can also spread a campaign you are fond of by clicking on the social media tabs, which in turn posts the information about the petition on your Twitter feed or Facebook wall.

Avaaz’s members submit campaign ideas, and once an idea is accepted, it passes through a rigorous selection process. First, they send a tester email to a random selection of 10,000 members in selected a country. If at least 10 percent of the chosen group does not open the email, the idea gets discarded.

Emails that pass this process are then tested for content and must have around 40 percent conversion rate. At least two in five of those who opened the email must click through the website for it to go viral.

A promising campaign will encourage more than 80 percent of the selected group to sign the petition, and emails that achieve this ratio are then rolled out to the entire membership of Avaaz in the relevant country.

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The Brown Agency: Keeping the Talents Alive

According to Heyman Talent-South was acquired by Wilhelmina Austin and relaunched as The Brown Agency. The two largest talent agencies in the region joined forces leveraging the unique capabilities and strengths of both entities and making The Brown Agency. In Austin, the agency is the only one with full service. In Texas, it’s among the few agencies with full service.

With Justin Brown in charge, Wilhelmina Austin started in the year 2010, in Austin. It has become among the most honored agencies in the entire central Texas for talent in modeling. Heyman Talent-South has been able to build acting talent agencies which have been successful in Austin over the last three years. The merging of the two companies that led to the launching of a brand-new company provides its clients with a wider portfolio of talent that is experienced and also the opportunities for talent that is greater across the country.

The Brown agency was to have its headquarters in Austin. Offices were to be opened in Dallas and also a presence in L.A. Justin Brown, who was previously the leader of Wilhelmina Austin, was the one to lead the new agency as The Brown Agency president and chief executive officer. The founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonée was to lend his skills to The Brown Agency theatrical division.

Justin Brown, who is the president and chief executive officer of The Brown Agency said that when they merged with Talent-South and became a full-service agency, it was an integral part of their strategy for growth and dedication to serving their clients and talent. Brown continued saying that both agencies are proud when they select the best, preparing them on a market level that is larger and then delivers the most dependable talent, elegant, and professional. They can now do that on a larger scale.

According to, Brown went to college, where he studied business management. His passion was not in business management; he was interested in what was happening behind the cameras. He aced other agency jobs and finally landed in subfield known as development and placement. Brown trained models how to operate like professionals. Then he placed them, meaning that he made sure that he finds them work or even help them in graduating to the big time. He is still doing the same the Austin’s Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency is a modeling and commercial talent agency. It is located in Central Texas. The agency provides clients with a broadness of talent options and also talent with exposure to several largest brands worldwide like L’oreal, Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and thousands of other companies that are well known. The Brown Agency launched in September 2015.



Highland Capital’s James Dundero: 3 Decades of Distinction Within the Financial Industry

Founding member and President of Highland Capital Management James Dundero continues to advance the economic interests of his clients through his firm’s award winning financial products.

Winner of the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities and recognized in both Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation and by being Morningstar’s premiere-ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund sets this high achieving Dallas, TX-based firm apart.

Building on a track record of 3 decades of prior successes, before Dundero started Highland he served as the chief investment officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. During the 5 years of tenure at the firm, he grew the startup to $2 billion in earnings.

Dundero came to Protective Life from American Express, where he served as a portfolio manager, responsible for $1 billion in fixed-income funds at the time of his departure in 1989.

A graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Business, he graduated earning degrees in Finance and Accounting with Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma honors in 1984. That same year, James Dondero was accepted into the Morgan Guaranty Program, beginning his career in financial analysis.

Currently Dundero presides as Board Chairman for Highland’s affiliates including NexPoint, NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Health. He is also active in other organizations sitting as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

His management responsibilities at Highland include oversight of the firm’s operations and investment strategies for its retail and institutional financial products.

One of the original innovators of the Collateralized Loan Obligation, Dundero maintains Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant certifications.

James Dondero’s Highland also supports and sponsors a wide range of philanthropic activities assisting civics and educational programs.

Providing the Dallas Zoo with $1 million, Highland was key in building the 4,500 square foot Hippo Hut, saving the zoo’s hippos and providing resources for events and educational displays.

Other charitable activities include donations to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, Uplift Education, Southern Methodist University’s Capital Management Tower Scholars Program and Education is Freedom.

Dallas’ less fortunate have also been the recent recipients of Highland community assistance. Dundero announced a $1 million challenge grant, providing 50 percent matching on donations made to The Family Place, a counseling and shelter services facility for the area’s victims of violence.

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Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Innovate With Technology and Fashion

The fashion industry is at a very exciting time. For one thing, there are tons of changes being brought forth in the fashion industry. Even some of the slower areas of fashion are picking up speed because of all of the new innovations that are coming forth. Also more people are taking an interest in fashion and are discovering their own style. One must wonder what could be bringing forth this change. One thing that could have an influence on this is the contributions of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They are both people that are very passionate about fashion.


Adam and Don are mostly involved in women’s fashion. However, it is not just women that are taking an interest in fashion. Among the quickest growing groups of customers in the fashion industry are men. One thing that could be contributing to this is the emergence of interesting new designs for men. Adam and Dom have seen how men are actually a good customer base for fashion. This is one of the reasons that they opened up a men’s line for some of their companies. Some of the clothes they have to offer are rather unique in their designs.


It is not uncommon for many fashion retailers to start off as women only retailers. For one thing, it is a part of culture for women to be considered one of the more fashionable group. However, the stores often adopt a men’s section. One thing to consider about these sections is that they are often a bit ahead of the other stores. They offer some very unique designs for men to enjoy. This could be what is ahead for Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s business as they take on new innovations in technology and fashion.


One thing that is very important in the world of fashion is the ability to keep an eye on the trends and see what is coming. It is not just with clothes, but with the technology and business. It is important that businesses keep up with the techniques for reaching people if they want to be successful.

How James Dondero Became a Philanthropist After Becoming Rich

Highland Capital Management is a very influential financial advisory company based in Dallas, Texas.


It is led by the co-founder and President of the company, James Dondero, who is an expert in finances and in giving investment strategies to his clients.


James Dondero has an impressive record of successful investments, including his own company, Highland Capital Management, which today is one of the strongest financial corporations in Dallas, and has made Dondero and his partner who co-founder the company billionaires.


The entrepreneur and financial expert today is a philanthropist and uses some of Highland Capital Management’s profit to fund some honorable initiatives and foundations through the help of some of the company’s partners. As a philanthropist and a charitable person, James Dondero has already donated millions of dollars on multiple occasions like when he donated to the Dallas Zoo to help bring back the hippos and restore their habitat inside the zoo.


He is also a big supporter of the “The Family Place,” and he made a $1 million grant to support their cause and initiate a challenge in the foundation.


As a financial specialist, he founded the Highland Capital Management and has employees that are trained and gather experience from some of the best economists in the United States, including himself. Any employee in James Dondero’s firm is well-trained and experienced with investments, and they will find a custom, tailored financial plan for all kinds of clients and newcomers alike.


Commonly called as “Jim Dondero” by his friends and family, the man is committed to studying investments and the latest profitable assets in the world to help suit the Highland Capital Management’s clients with the most efficient and secure methods of earning money.


Today, James Dondero has been awarded with the nomination of one of the biggest philanthropists in Dallas as well as in the whole Texas. Having already donated to his firm’s Tower Scholars Program, where he promoted a lot of exposure to educational opportunities, he is also improving the education in the country by emphasizing the importance of a good study to develop the nation and the quality of life of the communities.