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White Shark Media, the Fastest Growing AdWords Agency, Moves to Address Clients’ Concerns

White Shark Media has been boosting small enterprises by offering them affordable online marketing services for the last six years. Shark’s good reputation has helped it to grow impressively well over the years, making it rank among the fastest growing businesses in the United States. Good work is mostly met with compliments, but for an emerging company like White Shark Media, compliments are met with an equal share of complaints.


White Shark Media does not shy away from addressing complaints that are thrown its way. In August of 2013, the ad agency took to its website to respond to some of the complaints from its clients. Several complaints were highlighted and their respective remedies outlined.


Complaints and Their Remedies


Some small business owners were uncomfortable with Shark’s reporting procedures. These businesspeople complained that they were not able to analyze Shark’s reports. As a redress to this, the agency started to train its clients exhaustively on how to access an advert performance for their new campaigns.


Another general concern from the clients was that the presence of receptionists was complicating the procedure of accessing Shark’s contact persons. The AdWords agency solved that problem by giving the customers direct lines to their contact people as well as their supervisors.


A good number of customers had complained that Shark’s optimized campaigns were not as effective as they had hoped. This was the elephant in the room as far as Shark’s reputation was concerned. To arrest the concerns, the firm moved with promptness to improve its performing campaigns by putting in place strong teams of supervisors for each SEM strategist.

Harvard’s Young Basketball Star Wears a Suit: Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel was never too successful as a basketball player, he was cut from his high school team. Hufnagel’s love for the game stuck with him, and after graduating from Cornell university he landed a job as Harvard’s assistant basketball coach. Four years on the bench brought the Crimson’s success and put Hufnagel in the spotlight.


Hufnagel is proud of his Jewish heritage, and coached an American youth team to compete at the Maccabi games. He’s not the only Jewish coach in college basketball, over 25 Division 1 teams employ Jewish staff. Hufnagel stands out, he has more experience than other coaches his age, having gotten his start while still at Cornell. Colleagues describe him as hardworking, talented and genuine.


In college basketball, assistant coaches have to go the extra mile, doubling as recruiters. Younger coaches like Hufnagel have the benefit of being up to date with slang, as they often have to convince high school students to pick their college. Hufnagel’s age also makes him more relatable to his players, while still being mature enough to act as a mentor.


Hufnagel continued to work as an assistant coach after leaving Harvard, working at Vanderbilt, Reno and Berkley. While he has struggled, Hufnagel has always been able to work on and improve whatever team he’s at.


For Yanni the future seems bright, he’s a talented young coach with some serious credentials. In addition to his skill and success, he just has the right attitude. ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg said “It’s hard not to like Yanni Hufnagel”. A rising star in a competitive industry, Hufnagel is certainly one to watch.


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Bruce Levenson’s Do Good Initiative Is Nurturing The Business Leaders Of Tomorrow

Higher education gives an opportunity to young men to invent social solutions that will make the world a better place. That is why the Do Good Institute couldn’t have chosen a better breeding ground than the University of Maryland.

Do Good Institute is a philanthropic initiative at the University of Maryland that specializes in introducing undergraduate students to the world charity and volunteer work in the United States. The projects nurture a new kind of business leaders who are more oriented towards the betterment of the society.

In an interview with PR Newswire, The proprietor of this nobility, Bruce Levenson attributed the lack of progress in most charitable organizations to lack of necessary business skills and strategies required to navigate through this space. The former NBA team owner decided to concentrate on philanthropic projects such as the Do Good Initiative in a quest to make the society a better place.

The Do Good Initiative has already hit its target of raising over $75 million that will be used to run various charitable courses. Bruce has unmatched expertise in the field of philanthropy having have led the I Have A Dream Foundation as its president.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned philanthropist who has a great conviction in the power of generosity. Generosity is what separates the good leaders from the bad leaders. Together with his wife, Karen, they manage the operations of the various aids they create.

Apart from being a leader in the charity world, Bruce Levenson is also a family man. He loves playing basketball and spends most of his time in either Atlanta or Potomac where his houses are. Bruce earned his academic qualifications from the Washington University, St. Louis, and the American University. He boasts a rich work experience in journalism and law, given that he used to work for the Washington Star as a journalist. Check out his personal website:

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Eric Pulier, a Man of the People

Even after a brief study of Mr. Pulier and his many accomplishments, donations, and contributions to society, he strikes me as a man of the people, and not just of business. My own father is about the same age as Mr. Eric Pulier, he has always taught me of the importance of giving back to the world and to people around me. Mr. Pulier and my father are great examples of what men of the people look like. They give of their time, talents, and resources to better the lives of others. But they don’t just give money; They teach skills, encourage innovations and ideas, and they give people a way to show their best selves.

We all have examples in our lives of what to do, and what not to do. For many of us, we still remember the examples of our youth and how they shaped the lives we live today. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without my father and mother, but I also wouldn’t have the opportunities I have in this amazing country, without the help of influential men and women who do what they can to better the world. Mr. Pulier has been on the roster for numerous public speaking events at technology conferences around the world. He has influenced the ideas of countless entrepreneurs and business men and women, and those ideas will go on through their workers and children. THAT, is the power of a man of the people, their influence goes on and on.

With all that in mind, it is amazing to me to read how his brain works like most people. He recently said in an article published on, that he has to write down the basics of the ideas that he’s developing or he’ll lose them as the day goes by. I think there is a common misconception that you must have a super brain to be successful in life, but that is not true. Simple habits set the ground work for big success, which has been the story of Mr. Eric Pulier’s life.


Wengie Follows Her Dreams

Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty blogger that followed her dreams to a rewarding life as a YouTube vlogger. On this vlog, Wengie draws her whole life on a white board. From her birth in China, her families move to Australia, her school days, college days, first job, and her decision to quit that job to do what she loves, be creative.


This white board, hand drawn, self narrated video is one of hope and perseverance. Wengie shares her struggles, failures, and her success. She is real in a way that most people are afraid to be. Her story of being a horrible introvert proves that you can overcome things that seem to hold you back. With over one million followers of her video blogs, and her very extroverted personality on video, she gives a reason for shy girls to not give up and seclude themselves.


Wengie was raised with DIY toys and her family didn’t have a lot of money, so they found ways to make do. This was an amazing training area for all of Wengie’s “Hack’s”. Her YouTube vlog is full of these hacks including everything to edible school supplies, to “12 Life Hacks for Lazy People.” She shares her life experiences, her beauty tips, and is super spunky funny woman. Beware, once you start watching these videos, you might become addicted!



E-governe and their Innovative Solutions

The solutions that are provided by E-governe are not only innovative but they also help people to have the best understanding of the different things that they offer. The company works to help the people who they are able to use and that gives them the chance to be able to try new opportunities for each of these people. It also gives their own clients the opportunity to see that E-governe is so much more than just a technology company. While they do have a strong foundation in technology, E-governe also helps people with their data, with the options that they have for security and they even have a dedicated support team to do all of this with them.

According to, the technology aspect of E-governe is that they are able to help their clients have a better understanding of business technology. It is something that they are confident in and something that they want to be able to provide to each of their clients when they are doing different things with their own information. They also want to be looking for the most innovative technology options so that they can share them and their clients will be able to use them to make sure that things are going to work best for their own businesses.

Because of the way that E-governe is able to function and because of the technology that they have found and they have come up with, they are also able to help with different types of data. It is something that they are able to do and something that they will be able to include with the different things that are going on in the company at When someone uses E-governe to help with their data creation and the data analysis, they know that they will be getting the most technologically advanced data option available to them.

Security plays a huge role in the way that things are done with the company and with the various aspects that come along with the company. It is a good idea for those who use E-governe to understand that they are going to have a secure experience. Not only does the company work to provide their own security while they are doing different things but they also work to make sure that their clients have access to that same level of security so that they can use it for their own business use.

It is a good idea for E-governe to have a customer support team. They have worked hard to make sure that the team is not only professional but they are experts at handling the clients that they have. It gives them a chance to be able to show their clients what they are able to do and also allows them the chance to provide better customer service to them. Since they use professionals, they are always sure that their clients are being taken care of in the right way by the customer support team that they have developed.

The Happy Benefits of Beneful

If I were to ask you to pick one of your favorite foods to eat the rest of your life, what would you choose? You might enjoy eating your choice for a few weeks, but you’ll grow to hate it. Life shouldn’t be about regimented, bland, and boring meals. Life is about variety, and if you wouldn’t do that to yourself, why would you do it to your dog? Here is the detail.

With Beneful, it’s never been easier to treat your dog with a little more variety in their life. Beneful can will not only give your pet a choice, they’ll bring quality to the bowl. With a selection of dry and wet foods made with real ingredients, it’s easy to find what you and your dog might be looking for.

Are you planning on having a steak for dinner? Now you don’t have to leave out your furry member of the family! Pick up a bag of Beneful’s Dry Dog food made with real beef. So maybe it’s a chicken night, they’ve got you covered there too with a Dry Dog food made with real chicken. Making sure not to leave out all those pescetarian, there is also a delicious Salmon option.

If the Dry Foods weren’t already enough, Beneful offers a variety of wet foods guaranteed to settle any rumbling tummy. How about Beef, Carrots, Tomatoes and Wild Rice? Perhaps some lamb brown rice carrots and spinach? With so many possibilities, your dog will be jumping with anticipation to see what you’ve brought them today. You’ll never have to subject them to the same old boring meal day in and day out ever again.

Join the thousands of happy dogs and their owners by picking up some Beneful dog food today.

Why Highland Capital Management is Among the Leading Alternative Credit Managers in the World

Highland Capital Management was established with a vision of servicing clients who seek credit solutions in the alternative investment industry. The company’s vision is fostered by subsidiaries like Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors L.P. Nasdaq recently listed The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan EFT, managed by Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, as a financial product.


In celebration of the product’s listing, Highland Capital Management visited Nasdaq MarketSite’s corporate office in Time Square. Exclusive photos of the event were posted on Nasdaq’s official Facebook and Instagram pages. The event was also streamed on Nasdaq’s YouTube channel.


Highland Capital Management boasts a huge client base that comprises of high net-worth individuals, public pension plans, funds of funds, and financial institutions. Highland’s credit solutions are also customized to meet the needs of corporations, endowments, and foundations.


Nasdaq is renowned for its listing, exchange technology, clearing, and trading services. Established publicly traded companies, such as Highland Capital Management, are listed on Nasdaq’s stock exchange lists. Clients can purchase stocks and determine their value from the market site. With Highland’s stocks listed on Nasdaq, the company can monitor its stock market performance and determine the number of clients who buy the shares.


About Highland Capital Management


As an SEC-certified firm, Highland Capital Management manages both tangible and intangible assets worth over $1.8 billion. The firm relies on its retail arm, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, to relay its diversified investment solutions to customers. Mark Okada and James Dondero are regarded as the founders of the company. Since the duo founded the company, Highland Capital Management has earned a reputation as one of the most experienced and largest international alternative credit managers.


Highland’s credit management solutions encompass special situation private equity, credit hedge funds, and collateralized loan obligations. The company has also built a huge client base for its long-only funds and separate accounts. Highland Capital Management also specializes in alternative investments, such as emerging markets, natural resources and long and short equities. Besides its Dallas-based head office, the company has satellite service centers in New York, Seoul, Singapore, as well as São Paulo.



Adam Milstein Named Most Philanthropic

Adam Milstein was recently named one of the 200 Most Influential philanthropists in the world. It is mainly comprised of leading philanthropists and entrepreneurs in social media. It is London-based and strives to provide a list of amazing people together to showcase their work. Adam is currently No. 187 on this list. He is everything from a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council to a leader in many prominent Jewish organizations. He’s a part of StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC, and Campus Coalition.


This list is full of amazing people that have donated their time and money to help countless others. People like Elton John, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, among many others are a part of this brand. Adam is definitely honored to be part of this list because it puts him in the same spot as so many others. It’s giving him the chance to be recognized and witnessed as a hard working individual who loves to help others. He explains that his philanthropic work is very important to him and truly does gratify his life. He works with so many organizations and continues to showcase his respect and love for everybody he works with.


He has a Milestein Family Foundation that does quite a lot but mainly strives to strengthen Jewish people and their homeland. They fund projects, look to connect with other organizations, and provide as much funding and help as they can provide for everybody within the Jewish community. Adam Milstein definitely is honored to be part of this highly prestigious group of well respected philanthropists.


The Incredible Technologies And Work Of The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have entered into a collaboration with Allscripts and NantHealth. They have implemented a solution that will improve the information available regarding cancer treatments. This involves the integration of the Clinical Pathways program which contains the input of oncologists all over the nation.

According to Wikipedia, the system will show all of the appropriate treatments that are available. Any guesswork will be almost completely eliminated. Everything is customized with the CTCA standards of care so patients can choose from safe and efficient options. The Clinical Pathways system was designed to focus on the patients and has the latest treatments, complimentary therapies and a curated protocol list pertaining to diseases specific to the patients.

The options are available by tapping the screen and combines supportive therapies with clinical based evidence. The system is designed to meet the individual needs of each patient and improve the quality of their lives while they are receiving treatments for cancer. The guidelines also include adverse drug reactions and response rates.

Patients and the staff now have the ability to discuss the different treatment regimens available and what the best treatment would be for the patients particular situation. The data supporting the options is also easily available. Physicians now have access to a medical library containing more than 2,700 pieces of evidence based treatments and appropriate therapies. All cancers, modalities and subtypes are covered in the system.

The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America are based out of Boca Raton, Florida but operate on a national basis. They are a network of five profit based hospitals who serve patients with cancer all over the United States. They use conventional approaches including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery and radiation. They also offer therapies to help patients with pain, fatigue, malnutrition, anxiety, depression and lymphedema.

Richard Stephenson founded CTCA in honor of his mother after she passed away from cancer. He was dissatisfied with available treatment options so he opened the first CTCA location in 1988. The hospital was in Zion, Illinois and the other four locations opened between 2005 and 2012.

For more information on Cancer Treatment Centers of America follow them on Facebook.