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Michel Terpin’s Assertions on Becoming a Rally Driver

Michel Terpin began his rally driving unknowingly; he was just that young man trying his hands on different things before his brother ushered him into the world of car racing. It is worth mentioning that Michel was an avid motorcyclist who had taken long years struggling to time shine as a motorcyclist not until he was encouraged to join the car competitions. Today, he takes time to encourage other young aspiring rally drivers on the five ways to getting started in this fun yet risky sport.

Joining a Car Rally Club

It is prudent to join a car rally club to help you network and get information on how the competition landscape takes shape. Suffice to say, whenever you want to become an engineer, a Marshall or a navigator, a car club is the only best hub where one can network and come out resourceful. As he started out, he joined the T-Rex car club where he met various astounding rally drivers who together they exchanged ideas on how to better themselves.

Get a Mentor

After joining a car club, you are poised to identify a few rally drivers who you can look up to due to their immense experience in the rally scene. Be keen on striking friendship as it is the only way you get a guarantee of drawing a wealth of knowledge from individuals who can help you become a better. In this regard, the friendship, you need to look out for friends who are experienced: say 15 years into rally driving. Considering Michel’s case, he attests to have found a mentor in his older brother who had over two decades experiences as a rally driver and a famous one for that matter.

Find a Reliable Car

Before finding a permanent car, take time to drive different vehicles, as Michel opines. It will ensure that you have an up-close and a one-on-one feel of the how different cars operate as you gear to have cars you next niche. Your rally car can then be selected after extensive consultations with your mentors and other stakeholders in the industry before you can commit to any other endeavor. As per Michel, he chose the T-Rex model which he confirms to have gained confidence in while driving.

EOS Lip Balm’s Cult Following

EOS’s brand of lip balm, the round-shaped and moisturizing chapped-lip-preventing wonder, has amassed a cult following. Their followers were gained through their assortment of numerous different flavors that other brands do not churn out in such massive quantities. Additionally, EOS lip balm has moisturizers that keep your lips free of dryness even when not in use.

Some of their customer favorites include a few of the following flavors that are sure to make you lick your lips several times per minute:

1) Some lip balms have Mint flavors that are overpowering, but not EOS’ mint flavored lip balm. According to fans, this flavor is the Goldilock’s mint flavored lip balm equivalent of porridge because the mint is just right.

2) Cocounut is everyone’s summer time favorite scent. There are, however, times where Coconut flavors are too processed with a particular scent for the flavor to seem realistic. That is not the case with EOS’ coconut flavor though, as the flavor is coconutty enough for the most avid coconut snobs.

3) Vanilla is another flavor that can be too processed to taste right. With EOS though, they somehow managed to perfect the flavor to make it seem almost like tasting vanilla frosting, but better. It has the perfect scent, too! You may also browse the product here,

4) The peach flavored EOS lip balm is reminiscent of a peach-flavored mixed drink and the scent is just subtle enough to make you feel like you are tasting actual peach.


EOS lip balm fans also share that some flavors are somewhat difficult to find, so if you find one particular flavor that you really like, be sure to buy more than one at a time.

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EOS Lip Balms Look Extra Delicious!

EOS is a company that makes various types of lips balms. Most of their lip balms come in signature containers that are circular. You can find these lip balms online, as well as in stores. EOS Lip Balms has an online shop that you can directly purchase lip balms from. They have a “212” area code, which means that if you call their offices, you are calling somebody in Manhattan, New York City. EOS Lip Balm also provides supplies of shaving cream, body lotion and hand lotion. Their other products also come in beautifully streamlined containers.

They have different product lines of lip balms: Organic Lip Balms, Visibly Soft Lip Balms, Crystal Lip Balms, Shimmer Lip Balms, Active Lip Balms, Medicated Lip Balms and Organic Stick Lip Balms, click for more.

The containers that the lip balms are carefully placed into visually invoke an appetite—which is ingenious on the part of Their most tasty looking containers are the ones for the Visibly Soft Lip Balms. The containers for this specific line of lip balms include one color with swirls of another color all around.

For example, the Peppermint Mocha Visibly Soft Lip Balm packaging is teal with brown circles around it—like brown lines of latitude on a teal planet. It looks like a piece of candy, or perhaps a sundae. The flavor, itself, is holiday themed.

The Honey Apple Visibly Soft Lip Balm is light pink with slightly darker pink rings around it. It looks like a jellybean. Like the other flavors, this flavor has a pretty impressive ingredients list that consists entirely of naturally derived oils from healthy materials.

Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm comes in light blue packaging with rings around it that are a somewhat darker blue, check also The ingredients include shea butter, cocoa seed butter, jojoba esters,olive oil, rice bran wax, peppermint extract and sunflower extract.


Get Into Real Estate Investment with Nick Vertucci

Every once in a while, a person must decide to forget the things that went wrong in the past and put their focus on making the future full of good tidings. One such person is Nick Vertucci; his story is that of legends like the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the fires that consumed it. By 18 years of age, he had already lost his father at the age of ten and was living in his van. With determination and ambition for a better life, he started his business selling and supplying computer parts, and his fortune changed, and he got a wife. However, his business took a turn for the worst when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. For nearly a year and a half, Nick did not have an income and sunk into more debt, losing everything except his home.


Education and Career


Nick graduated with a diploma from Canyon High School in 1984 and after tarmacking and hustling for a living, started his computer parts business. In 2001, he founded the Coastline Micro, Inc. where he served as the President and CEO for six years. The collapse of this business taught him many things, but it is not until a friend of his, invited him for a 3-day real estate seminar. Today, Nick Vertucci is one of the renowned real estate gurus in the world, and people from all over the USA and beyond attend his seminars.


During the seminar, Nick saw an opportunity, and for over a decade, he aspired to learn, train, and study on everything real estate, this he did by practicing what he learned overnight and applied it daily. Today, he is the founder and CEO of NV Real Estate Academy.


The NV Real Estate Academy


After many trials and errors, Nick Vertucci developed a simple and straightforward system that allowed him to make money in the real estate industry. Most people would keep the system to themselves but Nick saw the plight of millions of people struggling to make ends meet, and that is when he started his real estate academy. His primary motivation was that he saw people who had the drive and the desire but lacked the knowledge of penetrating the real estate market.


Presently, Nick Vertucci has a corporate staff team of 9 members and 14 highly trained and experienced educators who take the students through the system. The academy has achieved great results, and there are thousands of people quitting their jobs to go into real estate thanks to Nick’s system. You can watch his free webinar and attend his lectures where he will show you how to go about real estate investing. However, for success, you must be willing to go the full 8 miles and work hard to experience success.

Your Child’s Education Could Take Off with Rocketship Learning

Rocketship Learning started in a church in San Jose, California ten years ago. It has come a long ways since then, and has reflected by giving us ten lessons they have learned over the past 10 years. They have learned actions speak louder than words. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Parents as just as much educators as teachers. Parents need to know what their children need and ask for it. Classroom inclusion has been beneficial for all students. Children with disabilities spend up to 80% of their day in a main stream classroom with their peers, which has helped all parties see their true potential. Define your mindset. What do you want to achieve for learning throughout your life? You won’t go far in life alone. Having a strong relationship with others can make a world of difference when faced with a challenge. To create a change, they needed to create a demand. Creating a parallel school to help parents and students once they leave the fifth grade year, there needs to be a demand for it. Personalized learning starts in the home. Having a home visit each year allows parents to help become a teacher for their child. Teachers will create an integrated school, not students. Having diversity among teachers, it lets students see how to treat others. Never stop learning. Always find something new to challenge yourself with. And lastly, they are proud to be a public school. Most parents will wonder how they are getting such a good education that does not come from a private school. These schools are free for students and families!

Rocketship Learning believes in having parents, teachers and student collectively work together to transform the future of low-income communities that are across the country. They believe that in these public schools they are unleashing students potentials.

They are a non-profit elementary charter schools that focus on making sure each child has what they need to succeed in school as well as outside of school. Parents are also on the hiring committee and work with the school to figure out who will teach there.


OSI Group is one of the largest privately owned companies in the world. The company based in the US handles food supplies, specifically meat processing. Its products include bacon, beef patties, pizza, hot dogs, pork, fish, poultry, and vegetable products. OSI Group has plants in Geneva, Chicago, Oakland, Riverside and West Jordan. The company’s international headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group president, David McDonald, admits the company’s appetite for growth. It partners with clients on products that can help them expand their business, OSI encourages its suppliers to help them achieve increased sales.

McDonald stated that the constant variable is that the food should be tasty and healthy. As President, he gives credit to Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, with driving the organization and creating the energy that makes it develop, offer more food choices and become more relatable to clients.

The Group has establishments in more than 15 countries. The company is seen as a global leader that operates a large-scale operation yet maintaining local management personnel who appreciate the cultures and tastes. OSI Group serves both Foodservice and retail customers. Among the industry’s biggest customers is China. The group sells its products to outlets such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, and Subway.

The productivity of the group the previous year alone reflects its emphasis on growth with seven new facilities for processing and production around the globe.

Ongoing Expansion Activities

OSI has bought numerous food supply groups over the years. One of the latest procurements was the Tyson Foods plant on South Side. The OSI Group, LLC procured Baho Food, a Dutch company.The acquisition of the producer of convenience foods cemented the presence of the Group in Europe.

OSI is still delivering top quality meat products to its clients. OSI Group has received several accolades including awards for management health and safety risks. It has also been acknowledged for its environmental governance efforts. Recent acquisitions are an indication of a brighter future to the large meat supplier.

History of the Group

OSI was started as a small family-run establishment by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. After eight years he expanded the business into a wholesale outlet. The company is renowned for offering top-quality meat products. For more info about us: click here.

The world’s leading brands regard OSI Group as their premier global food supplier. They trust OSI to consistently supply leading-edge food solutions for their product development and food processing needs. These solutions deliver quality, value, and streamline processes while optimizing costs.

Ask Sujit Choudry Yourself

If You Could Change Society

The power to make the world into the image you see is a significant power.  But this access to make your dreams a reality is not far from reach.  The world itself is one large community that’s connected by today’s technology. Which makes the power to change society a drastic issue for the planet we live on. Just imagine yourself as having the power to make a difference.

There’s a field of study that often gets overlooked though it influences so much of the progress we’ve made in the last century. That field is called comparative constitutional law, and it takes into account the development of humanity. This progress of humanity is the realization of the constitutions of men.

Since political revolutions like the magna carta, men have relied on the formation of governmental powers but in writing.

In most cases, the object of governmental accountability comes in the form of a document. The world’s leader in democracy, for example, has a United States Constitution. Like the work of Sujit Choudhry, the U.S. Constitution was the result of a political party who first looked at and then considered the facts.

This was to first make a comparative study of the past failures and successes in society. The USA now leads the world in constitutional reform, but there’s one person who leads transition.

The One Social Pillar That We Know

Sujit Choudhry is a unique image of the diversity which our modern world is seeing. He alone is becoming the face of comparative law. But, let’s put that into perspective. Behind the media’s stories of destruction and chaos, there’s a great deal of progress being made on the world stage. Part of the progress occurs as nations adopt more democratic systems.  More details about him on

Additional article recommended for reading here.

This adaptation is a process which calls for the professionals in comparative constitutional law. Sujit not only leads the world is constitutional studies, but his organization was created to improve those methods and skills.  To read his shared insights on issues and things around, head over to

The Center for Constitutional Transition enables “the advanced world” as a possibility for all nations.  Visit the website, click on and read more about him.

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What Has Eric Pulier Done For Society?

For those who aren’t really interested in information technology then this article may not stir any emotions. For those who are interested in information technology, this article should be right down your alley. Eric Pulier is the man in question, and he is the man of the hour. Pulier is a man of many intellectual talents. He’s a well-respected man in the technological industry, and he has brought forth a revolution through this fascinating field of work. If you’re not a believer then check out his extraordinary resume. Whether it is for government, healthcare or education, Eric Pulier has made a huge imprint on society in general.

In 1997, he was chosen to develop and build an exhibit for former President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. This was known as “Bridge To The 21st Century,” and it showcased advanced technology to the fullest. The multi-day event was attended by thousands of people, and it was displayed across many cable news networks. Pulier has even worked along side of former Vice President Al Gore. This was for technological and healthcare committees. Many years ago, Pulier developed one of the very first live-feeds for the astronauts in space. This live-feed was in actual real-time, which was unheard of at the time. The way this guy uses his brain to think is mind blowing, no pun intended. Pulier has stated that he does a lot of brainstorming for ideas. Some ideas are good while others aren’t so good. This action keeps him on his game as we all know and the rest is history.

MIT and Harvard University is where he received is higher learning capabilities. These two institutions helped to build a solid foundation in which he continues to use to this very day. While in college, Pulier was a journalist and an editor for the Harvard Crimson. In 1988, he graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in American & English Literature. As of today, this proud father of four resides in Los Angeles. He’s living the good life in a sense, but there’s one thing for certain, his success came from his very own hands.

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The Contributions that George Soros Has Made towards a Better Society

George Soros is one of the most influential businessmen and philanthropist of modern times. He is a Hungarian Born New York business mogul. Soros is said to have made his big break when he made the short sale of ten billion pounds in 1992, making a profit of a billion pounds sterling. The event is now infamously known as the black Wednesday deal. After the deal, he moved to New York and started operating hisThe Contributions that George Soros Has Made towards a Better Society from here and read full article.

One of the events that marked George Soros childhood was the fact that he grew up in the Nazi-occupied Hungary. When the Holocaust started, he had to flee his country and move to England. He ended up doing a series of odd jobs. He began his first business, double eagle after many years of hard work and struggle. As a result of his past, George Soros has a very soft spot for people who are facing any form of persecution or mistreatment. In the past, he has supported individuals or groups of groups who are oppressed and what George Soros knows.

For the past two decades, George Soros, through the George Soros foundation has given more than $6billion to various groups which advocate for social justice. In the nineties, he was involved in the funding of a group which was supporting the equal educational opportunities between the black and white South African students. In 2014, he was in the middle of the racially charged debate which followed the shooting of an African American teenager by a white cop in Ferguson Louisiana. He contributed the money which funded the ferrying of busloads of people to the state for demonstrations which lasted several weeks and learn more about George Soros.

The political action committees, especially those that support Democrats, have been receiving a lot of support from the Soros Foundation. They say that people always put their money where their ideas are, and Soros banks on liberals all the times. For instance, he was very supportive of Senator John Kerry, when he decided to run against Bush in 2004. Soros was not happy about the war that Bush had started in Afghanistan, especially because of the number of innocent civilians who were suffering and dying. Even though John Kerry lost to Bush, Soros spirit to fight to deliver justice to those who cannot defend themselves and Follow his Twitter.

Soros has always liked Clinton’s style of politics. It is the reason why he supported her campaign from 2007 when she lost the nomination to Obama, to last year. Soros contributed more than $25million to Clinton’s campaign. He firmly believes that Trump may not be the right person to head the White House, especially because of the divisive politics that he plays. Soros has created a legacy that will live for hundreds of years and more information click here.

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GregoryJames Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the chairman, chief executive officer and president of National Steel Car. This organization is among the most prominent engineering and railroad freight cars manufacturers in Hamilton, Ontario. He was born in London, Ontario, in 1949. He attended the Ridley College and later enrolled at the University of Western Ontario and majored in business and economics.

James Aziz joined the wholesale food business in 1971 which was a family business. His contribution to the family company enabled the business to realize an enormous growth in the following years which made it become the biggest fresh food products importer from South America, Central America, and Europe. The organization gained a large market share in the United States of America and Eastern Canada.


Gregory J Aziz also worked with numerous popular investors, especially in the banking sector. Greg Aziz finally ventured in buying National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. His main goal was to transform the Canadian based firm by reviving its former glory in railroad cars production and expand it across North America.


After James Aziz acquired the firm, National Steel Car was able to clinch a niche in the market and expand its scale of operations. Under the new management, the company improved its manufacturing capacity from its previous yearly production of 3,500 to 12,000 quality cars by the end of 1999. The number of the company staff members increase from 600 to more than 6000. This remarkable success was as a result of advanced engineering capabilities, stronger teamwork, human investments and proper capital that were focused on the company. Click Here For More Info


National steel car provides excellent engineering and manufacturing solutions to customers around the globe. The organization has managed to surpass other top competitors in the industry by coming up with the highest car innovation so far. The company equally has been able to build many modern models used as railroad freight cars. In the last eighteen years, national steel car has remained the only manufacturing and engineering company in Northern Canada to have the ISO 9001:2008 Certification. The company has been inspected and recertified making it a force to reckon with after it was awarded the TTX SECO honor which is an award for high quality introduced in 1996 that is given annually.


James Aziz is a successful and highly qualified businessman. His great contribution to make National Steel Car engage in different community development projects is highly respected worldwide. The company has offered sponsorship to United Way, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army and many other community projects.