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Fashion and lifestyle are two of the most ever changing trends in the world. Remaining in the forefront in the fashion industry happens to be one of the most difficult things. This is because of the stiff competition available in the market. Amazon is said to control 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, which makes it one of the leading entity in fashion sales. Regardless of this high-end competition, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is competing so well in the industry, having grown to a business worth $250 million in three years.



Previously, high value brands were defined by the price and their quality. The trend however has changed, as this combination no longer serves the full needs of the customers. Instead, customers are more focused on last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design as well as gamification. These are the new determinants of high-value to the modern consumer. Fabletics are able to provide this powerful combination.



Fabletics has plans to expand their physical stores with time, as its strategy and positioning is paying off for the fashion membership brand. They currently have stores open in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California. Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager says that Fabletics is more focused on building better high value brands, and sees their membership model as what helps them to offer personalized services at better prices. They offer services differently in their physical stores by using several tactics.



Encouraging “Reverse showrooming”, is one of these tactics. This where their model offers a platform in which they are able to build relationships with consumers, as well as get feedback and know the needs of the local market. As a result, this ensures most of members remain loyal to their brand. Fabletics competitors have lost a great deal of customers to Fabletics. This is because customers only use the competitors’ platforms to view available brands, then end up buying the same brands at a lower price from Fabletics. Fabletics has been able to reverse this model of offline viewing by potential customer, because of the unique way they started out. Instead creating negativity, Fabletics have turned browsing into a positive view, and this ensures that customers who view their products, are most likely to get it from their outlets.



When you subscribe to Fabletics Membership, you take a survey about what types of workouts you do and the styles of outfits you like. The platform then provides you; on monthly basis, with sampled outfits for you as per your interests. Fabletics is able to meet most of its customer needs, as they under promise and over deliver. This way, they are always able to remain ahead. From the surveys done, the quality of products sold by their outlets is just the best.



Their style is like non-other offered in the industry. They as well offer brands that requires little or no help when using, thus providing efficiency in their products use. Customer service happens to be their strong hold, as serving and knowing the customer needs remains to be the priority of the entity.



Former Hawks ownership sues insurance company over Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company, under the old leadership of the NBA Franchise Group, have filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance Company for their breach of contract. According to the old ownership company, the New Hampshire Insurance Company failed to repay them for an amount they were covered. This action involved settlement claims that were made by the former General Manager. According to the former Hawks ownership company, this lawsuit has nothing to do with the current management of the company led by Tonny Ressler. For this reason, Bruce Levenson is controlling these intentions as part of the management program of the company.

This litigation, filed at the Fulton County Superior Court in September against the New Hampshire Insurance Company, is part of the litigations that fall under the civil actions of bad insurance faith. The insurance company was sued for bad insurance faith and breach of contract. Because certain insurance policies covered the company, it was dedicated to receiving the money under this action. For this reason, we are here to maintain these policies under the coverage of certain losses. The Former ownership of the company is suing the insurance agency for their breach of contract against their employment practices that included certain acts of workplace torts and wrongful termination. For this reason, they are entitled to be repaid by the company.

According to the documents presented at the Fulton County Court, the insurance company got this notice in 2015 by the former Hawks Management team led by UCG chairman Bruce Levenson. For the company, they believe that these actions were covered. There was an undisclosed agreement that was reached by the two parties to the lawsuit. However, it is undisclosed. Their six-year relationship has been wrongfully termination. The two individuals were said to have received their general party agreement through the leadership of Brice Levenson.


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End Citizens United| A New PAC Devoted to Curbing Dark Money in Politics

Last year, End Citizens United, a new political action committee, expressed its commitment to campaign finance reform and be a renowned PAC. To spearhead its endeavors, End Citizens United made plans to funnel tens of millions of dollars to various Democratic candidates who were running in Senate races and the competitive House across the nation.

In the same month it was formed, End Citizens United raised over $2 million from small donors. Also, it expected to receive a total of $25-$30 million according to Richard Carbo, the group’s communications director. During the same duration, End Citizens United also unveiled the endorsement of 11 candidates belonging to the Democratic Party. Some of the mentioned candidates included Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Since its inception, End Citizens United has received about 136000 donations with average grassroots donations amounting to $14.86. Additionally, the group consists of five staff members including Valerie Martin and Reed Adamson, who are experienced in campaign management.

The Objective of End Citizens United

The driving force behind End Citizens United involves passing a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizen United. In 2010, this decision facilitated the emergence of a tidal wave of dark money and Super PACs in politics. Furthermore, over 325,000 individuals had signed the group’s petition aimed at forcing Congress to reverse the Citizen United decision. End Citizens United expected the number to rise after partnering with another group dubbed as Ready for Hillary.

End Citizens United has plans to create an independent expenditure arm early in 2017. The arm will be aimed at financially supporting candidates through numerous initiatives such as direct mailers, polling and television ads.

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About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that was formed on March 1st, 2015. Since its inception, the group has maintained its commitment to not only counter Citizens United but also reform its campaign finance system. End Citizens United aims at showing the voters, elected officials, media and candidates the devotion of the grassroots in combating the billionaires’ intentions to buy the elections. This action plays a vital role in fostering a broad coalition aimed at pressuring legislators to take action and campaign finance reform.

The End Citizens United is steered by its mission to combat the high spending in politics by the wealthy in society. The objective also involves dismantling the rigged political system through passing state ballot measures and electing campaign finance reform champions. Elected champions are intended to work towards ending dark and unlimited money in politics. The group also hopes to accomplish its mission through raising the money issue in politics as a national priority, electing pro-reform candidates and utilize grassroots membership to display political power. Follow the organization on LinkedIn.

Popular App Connects Parents and Teachers

Reaching outside the classroom to connect with the community, teachers are building build parental buy-in and creating continuity between the classroom and the home. They’re doing this with ClassDojo. The free app offers an easy way to facilitate regular involvement, engaging the family and improving the quality of education. Open communication regarding daily schedules, student’s classwork, progress and behavior helps parents track their child’s progress, and improves a child’s chances of success.


Based on, the free iOS and Android app is currently funded by investors. The App raised more than $31 million in recent expansion funding campaigns aimed at bolstering content and communications offerings. As the company listens to the educational community their thinking also expands. They’ve added content to empower students with growth mind-set concepts, harnessed new content that conveys difficult emotional concepts in accessible ways, and offered a closed-circuit communication platform to connect parents, teachers and students through messages, photos, videos, and student portfolios. The result is an increasingly popular (free) educational tool.

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Liam Don and Sam Chadhary, co-founders of the San Francisco-based ed-tech start-up believe that teachers, parents and students form the basis for ground-up change in education. Their goal is to foster positive change, and people like what they’re doing. ClassDojo is used in 180 countries around the world, and content has been translated into more than 35 different languages. Two thirds of the schools in the US currently use ClassDojo, and the company reports that parents and teachers exchange more than 8,000 messages per minute.

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How Sheryl Underwood Facilitated Her Weight Loss With


A detox program is one of the ways of getting a clean slate before you start on a weight loss program. With the kind of lifestyle most people lead nowadays, it is easy to forget how to keep your body healthy at all times. When you have a detox program in place, you can get a head start and reap the benefits that come with it. Full Body Cleanse



Sheryl Underwood is one of the celebrities who have tried various ways of losing weight. She decided to look for a product that would facilitate her weight loss program. It was while she was doing this that she discovered the Full Body Cleanse.



Starting on the full body cleanse program was as easy as integrating the recommended diet into her regimen. She decided to complement her diet with regular exercise and drinking a lot of water. She recently revealed the secret to her successful weight loss and how the products by Dherbs, Inc. helped her.



If you want to be part of a program that is all-natural and which actually works, try the full body cleanse. You will not only get lighter but your body will love you for it.

In a world where majority of health complications and diseases come from the processed, highly preservative-based and high sugar content, it can feel rather daunting to attempt to detoxify your body. With the products from, you can have a vegan cleansing system that eliminates all of these harmful agents from your body and start to repair the damage done by unhealthy food habits. The primary focus of the 20-day cleanse is to ingest only raw foods that are beneficial to the body and avoiding empty calorie foods.

EarthlyBodies writes that the primary objective at is to return the body to nature and allowing food to be your medicine. Most of common health problems (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, malnutrition, etc.) can all be prevented with healthier food choices and practicing healthier habits, so the return to nature philosophy is based on empowering the body to rejuvenate itself to the optimal level of performance allowing for a better quality of life. The best way to go about this method is to take personal initiative and incorporate self-discipline to achieve nirvana that is perfect health.

The focal point of the products that provides are mainly herbal supplements to promote the healing the process of the body and recipes of raw food meals to create a strong diversity of healthy foods to keep the palate entertained while instilling healthier eating habits. There are also products to create a calming atmosphere with accessories akin to aroma therapy and cosmetic items to lower exposures of harmful chemicals and agents that are detrimental to the body. So if improving your health is a major concern, every journey starts with a single step.

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Outfitting Your Home With The Right Paper Towels


As consumers, we do a lot with their paper towels. We use them to clean up spills, to wash windows and glasses, and sometimes we secretly use them to bridge the gap between our toilet paper purchases. Therefore, we must put a lot of thought into our paper towel brands. We need paper towel options that are thick enough to absorb all liquids but gentle enough not to scratch our glasses or hurt our sensitive areas. These three brands can do the trick:




Softest: Bounty Extra Soft

Bounty paper towel brands are known for their amazing absorbency, but not many people know that they also have awesome softness to them. The extra-soft option has the praise of many consumers.




Most Absorbent: Brawny

Brawny paper towels belong next to any refrigerator brands, and are popular with consumers not just because they are absorbent, but also because they are tough. These paper towels can take quite a bit of abuse before they tear apart. That’s a good thing.




Most Plentiful: Angel Soft

The Angel Soft rolls are soft, absorbent and plentiful. Shoppers can get a lot of paper out of these amazing options. Consumers can get up to 132 sheets per roll of plush paper towels.



Try any of the above-mentioned options. Use coupons to reduce the price of your first experience. Read consumer reviews to see what they said about the product before buying. Also, make sure you read all of the specifications so that you will know that you are getting the most out of your paper towel selection.

Thor Halvorssen on Human Rights in Bolivia

Thor Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. One of the very first projects that the foundation worked on was human rights violations in Bolivia. The foundation was very concerned about reports of lashing, stoning, burning, hanging, beating and lynching coming out of the country. The foundation working alongside others was able to get Cuban exile Amauris Sammartino political asylum in Norway even though he had chosen to spend the last seven years living in Bolivia.

In the eight years since their initial report little has changed under the leadership of President Evo Morales. Human right supporters still have to be very careful in Bolivia about the way that they speak out. A national vote did not pass that would have allowed Evo to run for a fourth term as president, so there is hope that the May 2019 election will bring reform.

The political system within the country continues to be undermined by corruption, delays and political interference. This is especially true in the military. A National Justice Summit was held in 2016 resulting in a call for more supervision of court judges. Many human rights advocates, however, remain unconvinced that there will be any real change.

Over 69 percent of the people held in Bolivia’s prisons have not been charged with any crime. Over 4,500 people have seen a reduction in the amount of time that they are waiting before sentencing according to official documents.

The government has passed laws that they can withdraw the permit of any nongovernmental organization that they do not like. The government has said that some organizations are not acting in the best interests of the Bolivian people, but they refuse to say which ones. The government has also stated that some journalists are spreading lies.

Thor Halvorssen continues to watch the situation in Bolivia very carefully. He is an outspoken critic of human right violations wherever they occur. Thor is proud to work alongside men like Amauris Sammartino who have spoken out about conditions in his native Cuba and in Bolivia.






Thor Halvorssen on Human Rights Foundation’s Presentation to Congress

As the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has assembled a well-respected team of experts. On February 16, 2017, team member Garry Kasparov had the opportunity to testify before a subcommittee of Congress about the need for leadership from the United States to protect and promote democracy and human rights around the world. Garry discussed the worrying rise of authoritarianism globally.

Thor understands the need to protect human rights from personal experience. His father was imprisoned by the Venezuelan government for uncovering government corruption there. His mother was shot at a protest over her husband being held in prison.

Garry Kasparov was joined at the subcommittee hearing by Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado Machado. El Sexto is a graffiti artist who was imprisoned several times under the regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba. He was just released on January 21, 2017, from being held without charges for two months in a maximum-security prison in Havana.

During his remarks, El Sexto called for the United States government to call for free elections in Cuba before building any strong ties with the government there. He says that over 85 percent of all people held in prison in Cuba would be found innocent if they were given a fair trial. He also calls on the United States government to encourage Cuba to change its policy on artist creation. In Cuba, artists may be arrested for creating works of art not supporting the government.

The two men were joined during the subcommittee hearing by Saudi Arabian women’s health researcher Dr. Halah Eldoseri who is a visiting scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute. She is responsible for promoting women’s rights around the globe.

The subcommittee meeting was presided over by Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio. Additionally, representatives from the National Endowment for Democracy, International Republican Institute, and National Democratic Institute were present during the meeting for more.

Richard Blair Masters Financial Planning

Richard Blair is one of the most interesting financial planners in all of Texas. He has managed to do some great things in Austin, and many people are thrilled about how he has helped them save their retirement.

Financial planning is something that a lot of people look forward to when they have jobs that allow them to save. The thing that a lot of people wonder about is how they will save when they don’t have the type of job that gives them access to saving money.

According to Bright Scope, this is why Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is available to help people sort through their issues. He has the experience that it takes to help people build better decisions when it comes to their retirement.

The large majority of people that are making plans for their retirement may have some savings, but they may not be totally maximizing their investment.

The great thing about getting connected with an expert like Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is gaining the knowledge that he is able to impart upon clients. So many people are going to be impressed with what someone like Richard Blair can offer because he has knowledge of annuities and stocks.

They are also well-versed in mutual funds and preferred stock Investments. He has a wealth of knowledge that can be shared by all that are interested in wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning.

In the city of Austin he is revered as one of the top financial experts for those that are trying to build better portfolios and enhance their knowledge on financial investment opportunities.

Richard Blair has become a leader in the financial investment industry because he has pounded the pavement and made it known that he is certified in various areas. He has also done the research and studied various areas where returns can be maximized.

He knows about what works and what doesn’t work because he has gone through the trial and error of investing in himself. He is not relaying any secondhand information that he doesn’t know anything about. To the contrary he is very knowledgeable in the areas in which he has studied.

Blair is someone that is going to take a lot of people by storm. He has multiple certifications so he is equipped to handle a lot of different investments. This makes him a professional in the financial field. He is a master in planning.

The outstanding Amenities of the Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star is one of the world-class hospitals in South America. It is based in Brazil and is recognized for the excellent medical services that it offers to its clients. The facility is one of the branches of the D’Or network, which presently manages about 22 executive hospitals in different regions of Brazil. The head of the network of hospitals is Jorge Molly. He believes that the D’Or network has managed to establish the pioneer five-star medical facility in Rio de Janeiro. The idea of having a luxurious hospital that offers top-notch treatment and accommodation is new in the region. D’Or network is devoted to increasing its services by establishing other state-of-the-art hospitals in cities such as Sao Paulo.

The primary objective of the high-end hospital is to offer medical care, hospitality, and luxury to the patients. Its doctors and nurses have adequate skills and experience that allows them to provide the best services to the clients. They also use ultramodern technology in offering treatment. Copa Star has been ensuring that it has the best staff members, and therefore, it uses exceptional methods in recruiting its employees. The relaxing environment that the hospital provides attracts patients from across the country and abroad. People who need world-class medical attention will no longer need to travel to other nations. Privacy has also been one of the main factors that the hospital considers, and therefore, celebrities can be off the spotlight when they are there. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

The Copa Star Hospital has heavily invested in medical amenities since its primary function is to treat patients who seek its services. The comfort and hospitality are secondary infrastructures. The machinery that has been installed in the hospital includes cardiac and neurological treatment equipment. It also has 59 ICUs that are fully functional. They units have video conferencing technology that allows the isolated patients to interact with their family and friends. Copa Star’s staff is made of more than 500 professionals who have been coached to offer remarkable treatment to its patients. The nurses fully understand how to handle various problems that its clientele may face.

Copa Star’s has a modern diagnostic ward that has excellent MRI machines. Its neurosurgery division also has the best infrastructure to deal with the most complicated conditions. It includes operating rooms, advanced robots, and the best surgeons. The patients are also given iPads that allow them to control their environment and contact medical personnel.

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