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Outfitting Your Home With The Right Paper Towels


As consumers, we do a lot with their paper towels. We use them to clean up spills, to wash windows and glasses, and sometimes we secretly use them to bridge the gap between our toilet paper purchases. Therefore, we must put a lot of thought into our paper towel brands. We need paper towel options that are thick enough to absorb all liquids but gentle enough not to scratch our glasses or hurt our sensitive areas. These three brands can do the trick:




Softest: Bounty Extra Soft

Bounty paper towel brands are known for their amazing absorbency, but not many people know that they also have awesome softness to them. The extra-soft option has the praise of many consumers.




Most Absorbent: Brawny

Brawny paper towels belong next to any refrigerator brands, and are popular with consumers not just because they are absorbent, but also because they are tough. These paper towels can take quite a bit of abuse before they tear apart. That’s a good thing.




Most Plentiful: Angel Soft

The Angel Soft rolls are soft, absorbent and plentiful. Shoppers can get a lot of paper out of these amazing options. Consumers can get up to 132 sheets per roll of plush paper towels.



Try any of the above-mentioned options. Use coupons to reduce the price of your first experience. Read consumer reviews to see what they said about the product before buying. Also, make sure you read all of the specifications so that you will know that you are getting the most out of your paper towel selection.