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Nick Vertucci, From Student to Teacher

Nick Vertucci started out as young, 18 year old kid living out of the back of his van with little purpose or direction. After an interesting change of events his life took an upward turn as he became his own boss selling computer parts. During this time period he had the opportunity of starting his lovely family as he married his wife and had three amazing daughters. His life seemed to be on a fast track to success until Nick Vertucci was hit with the unexpected dot com crash in 2000. This left him in an extremely vulnerable position as he spent 18 months unemployed, slowly watching his financial situation deteriorate and dissolve with no solution in site.

One day however during this seemingly long, hopeless time; a friend of Nick invited him to go to a 3-day real estate conference. At first he was reluctant to go, as he preferred to enjoy his weekend, but after some convincing he decided to go and experience it for himself. This decision was the vocal point for his life taking a complete u-turn and changing drastically. Nick Vertucci says that the best decision he ever made for his life was to attend that workshop.

He closely took in everything the speaker had to say over those beneficial and life changing three days. Although not everything made sense to him at the time, his gears had already began turning and for the first time, he knew exactly what he could do to dig himself out of the financial hole he had found himself in.

Over a decade’s time he became well versed in the skills and knowledge he needed for the success of his real estate career. Over time and with a lot of patience and endurance, Nick Vertucci developed a system for real estate that allowed him to make consistent money in the most direct and efficient way. From the humble beginnings of his friends real estate workshop, he has now developed a formula that allows him to attain consistent revenue with a method that makes sense.

After he attained his success and became a millionaire, Mr. Vertucci made a promise to himself to share the knowledge and information that helped him attain his success. He understands that there are many people out there with much drive and potential whose sole road block is lacking the know-how to achieve their success. With the tools set out in front of him, Nick Vertucci makes it his mission to help these individuals kick-start their career in real estate.