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Michel Terpin’s Assertions on Becoming a Rally Driver

Michel Terpin began his rally driving unknowingly; he was just that young man trying his hands on different things before his brother ushered him into the world of car racing. It is worth mentioning that Michel was an avid motorcyclist who had taken long years struggling to time shine as a motorcyclist not until he was encouraged to join the car competitions. Today, he takes time to encourage other young aspiring rally drivers on the five ways to getting started in this fun yet risky sport.

Joining a Car Rally Club

It is prudent to join a car rally club to help you network and get information on how the competition landscape takes shape. Suffice to say, whenever you want to become an engineer, a Marshall or a navigator, a car club is the only best hub where one can network and come out resourceful. As he started out, he joined the T-Rex car club where he met various astounding rally drivers who together they exchanged ideas on how to better themselves.

Get a Mentor

After joining a car club, you are poised to identify a few rally drivers who you can look up to due to their immense experience in the rally scene. Be keen on striking friendship as it is the only way you get a guarantee of drawing a wealth of knowledge from individuals who can help you become a better. In this regard, the friendship, you need to look out for friends who are experienced: say 15 years into rally driving. Considering Michel’s case, he attests to have found a mentor in his older brother who had over two decades experiences as a rally driver and a famous one for that matter.

Find a Reliable Car

Before finding a permanent car, take time to drive different vehicles, as Michel opines. It will ensure that you have an up-close and a one-on-one feel of the how different cars operate as you gear to have cars you next niche. Your rally car can then be selected after extensive consultations with your mentors and other stakeholders in the industry before you can commit to any other endeavor. As per Michel, he chose the T-Rex model which he confirms to have gained confidence in while driving.