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MB2 Dental Solutions: Building New Centers for Accessible Dental Care

MB2 Dental Solutions will be opening another affiliate office in Seagoville, Texas. Picasso Dental + Orthodontics have constructed a new clinic, and this expansion has been planned a few years back, with the hopes of providing dental care and orthodontic services to patients within the surrounding area. Seagoville, Texas is a growing community, which means that the demand for different services is moving up, making the opening of a new dental clinic timely. Dr. RishankKorupolu, the new clinic’s owner, stated that their passion is to help people by providing them with dental care, and that he is looking forward serving the local community. He also stated that after being on so many visits to different cities and towns in the US, one thing he learned that he would never forget soon is the building of strong and iron clad communities that has available access to healthcare. He cannot express how grateful he is as Seagoville, Texas welcomed them with open arms.

The new clinic will make sure that all patients needing assistance would be attended to, giving them great customer service that would cause the patients to leave the clinic with a smile. The services that will be offered in their clinic consist of basic dental procedures, as well some advanced services. Dr. Rishank Korupolu has been practicing his profession for four years, and while studying at the University of Southern California, he used to join medical missions where he developed his passion of helping children who has no access to dental care. He used this experience to complete an externship at the La Maestra Community Health Clinic, for selective pediatric and general dentistry practice. From then on, he’s being practicing his profession and offering his services to those who need him, treating his patients not as strangers but as a family. Currently, he is a proud and active member of American Dental Association, and has been enjoying his job ever since. Visit their profile on Facebook.

Dr. RishankKorupolu is just one of the thousands of dentists who are currently enjoying the system that was introduced by MB2 Dental Solutions. They could practice their profession independently, while at the same time having fun and enjoying their stress free environment. Prior to the introduction of the MB2 Dental Solutions system, dentists are complaining about their jobs as being stressful and demanding. But everything has changed as the new system became available in the year 2009. The organization has grown tremendously over the years, and it had a positive feedback from the dentists themselves. Now, it boasts the largest network of dentists all over America, which has the autonomy to run their practice efficiently. Because of the great independence that the dentists are having, exceptional patience care became more evident, making patients return to clinics affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions just to avail the dental services offered. MB2 Dental Solutions has indeed changed the way the industry works, and Dr. RishankKorupolu is just one of those dentists who are currently enjoying the new system, aimed at helping those who are in need of accessible dental care.

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