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Lime Crime Unicorn Hair: New Fall Looks

Adding a twist on an old favorite, Lime Crime is announcing their Fall Line of Unicorn hair colors. In fact, they’ve added 4 new shades to their collection: chestnut (deep maroon), squid (spooky purple), charcoal (dusty gray) and sea witch (an “evil” mermaid’s tail).

Lime Crime’s cruelty-free and vegan Unicorn hair color line has 2 pigmentations: full coverage and tint. The full coverage phase is best for brunette and dark haired girls, while the tint phase is best for blondes. With either phase you can mix and match colors to create a unique color that matches your personality and style. The Unicorn collection is a hyper-performance hair color line, that adds a little personality to your style.

Unicorn hair dye is semi-permanent and comes in 13 vibrant shades including, pastels and gothic-like fall shades. This beautiful, unicorn hair color conditions your hair while leaving behind clean, vibrant color that lasts longer and gradually fades over time. With these vibrant hair colors, there’s no need to worry about having a faded unicorn look as they will leave your hair looking vibrant and beautiful.

The Unicorn blue hair dye line is easily matched with the Unicorn lipstick line, which contains bold, highly pigmented and brightly rainbow colored lipsticks. It’s best matched with the Unicorn Queen collection, which is pretty with a touch of grunge, which seems to be the trend with any Lime Crime collection. It’s truly the makeup of Unicorns.

The Lime Crime brand encourages women to find beauty in the way that feel in the moment, instead of how a beige and natural society thinks they should look. They encourage women to stand out and be true to themselves and to embrace their weirdness. Embrace your beauty and channel your inner unicorn with a new look just in time for Fall.