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Julia Jackon’s Love for Excellent Wine

Julia Jackson grew up with the interest of being a winemaker despite the fact that she grew around wineries. Her passion fuelled her to learn French and learn the art as well as the business. She also learned how to be the best she can be at the business through the mentorship of her father. She is the middle daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke and all proprietors of Jackson Family Wines. They recently held a wine tasting event where over 50 wine tasters and professionals from all over the world marking one of the main events at their wineries. She always worked at the family wineries during the holidays which also helped her get to learn more about the business. Learning French and the ways of life for the French was a major highlight and a passion that pushed her to be part of the culture.

Julia and her family are part of more than 40 nonprofit community-based organizations where they give as a family. She is also the founder of Jackson- Kendall organization which works with charity organizations. The charitable network also works with the local government, scientists, educators and business leader with the employees giving their time to support issues around the community,

Julia Jackson attended the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management and Scripps College where she attained a BA in arts. She also studied Studio Art and graduated in 2010. Julia believes that Cabernet from Napa is one of the most promising wines and deserves more recognition. She also believes that wines from Sonoma should be getting more recognition and should soon be the leading brands.

The Jackson family has quite some estates in Napa including Lokaya, Freemark Abbey, and Cardinale. Other brands of wine from the Jackson family include Stature, Jackson Estate, and Grand Reserve.