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Interior Design Advice from Richard Mishaan

It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll roll out of bed as good of a designer as the people we are about to talk about. For the past 45 years the city of New York’s design industry has played the part of host for some of the greatest interior designers in the world. These designers come to town to show off their work in a specially designed home. This year the excellent Richard Mishaan design firm will be working within a townhouse designed by the famous architect Charles Platt. The home is 35 feet wide and worth nearly $26.8 million.


In order to become a great interior decorator you have to know all of the things that you need to avoid. As it turns out — there are a great many errors that you can make while designing your own home. Neal Beckstedt, an architect as well as a designer in New York, advocates primarily for men with his advice — “Most men don’t use color, as they think masculine spaces need to be white, black, and gray.” Don’t let Beckstedt’s advice be spoken in vain and make sure to start incorporating color the next time you decorate your home. Beckstedt also gives more specific advice to wood loving designers: focus on contrast. He specifically advocates avoiding too much rough looking wood. Don’t look like you live in a lumber yard! Specialty architectural glass can also be fun to play around with stylistically and to upgrade a look. To begin the process of finding furniture pieces that work for you, it can be fun to browse online to get an idea of the style you are seeking.



Our next designer is Richard Mishaan and he runs his own design firm with his name on the front of the building. Mishaan’s advice is simple: don’t hide your personality away, even if you feel like there is a bit of a clash within the style. Mishaan’s room at the Platt townhouse showcased several layers of different fabrics as well as textiles even if it was slightly different than the rest of his modern flair. Platt doesn’t worry so much about matching as he does telling a good story. Allow your room to tell a story and give it the chance to breathe life into the people within it. You can read more about Mishaan’s design work in his latest book, “Artfully Modern” which just hit the shelves.