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InnovaCare Health Revolutionizes its Modes of Payment to Foster Quality Services

InnovaCare health deals in the provision of managed health care services in North America. To guarantee adequate provision of its services, it has employed and embarked on two avenues of care, provider networks, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs. It has ensured that the services offered are of high quality. To achieve this quality, the health care provider has created sustainable models that are cost efficient and have fully embraced the dynamism in technology.

To govern its services, the heath care provider has set the mission of redefining healthcare management. By doing this, InnovaCare will be able to meet today’s challenges with tools equipped to tackle the health care environment. At InnovaCare, the workers are driven by the institution’s core values that include; provision of quality medical care, the patient always comes first mentality, establishing strong patient-provider relationships, providing with the intention of growing the institution, and teamwork among many others.

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The organization runs under the management of Richard Shinto. Rick Shinto serves as the Managing Director and the President of the organization. He has been in the medical industry for over 26 years. Before managing InnovaCare, he held similar positions in different institutions. For instance, he held the position of CEO at Aveta Inc. His contribution in this company lasted for four years till 2012. Rick Shinto also worked at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer. His career in the medical industry began after completing his degree of health from the State University of New York. He began as an internist and pulmonologist. Rick Shinto’s commitment to his job and the desire to succeed has played a significant role in today’s achievements.

With the aim of revolutionizing it modes of payment, InnovaCare has joined the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The LAN is a partnership between the public and private sector that seeks to move the U.S health system towards payment models that champions for quality rather than quantity according to Rick Shinto. A press statement from the company said that they were willing to measure their progress and consequently, participate in quantitative surveys and revolutionize their payment methods by using the APM framework.

The health care provider announced the hiring of an additional three executives in their leadership team. Kokkinides was among the executives hired. Her extensive knowledge in the medical field and her prior government operations proved to be an advantage during hiring. She also has years of experience in managed health care.

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