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How Kenneth Goodrich Made Goettl Great Again

Kenneth Goodrich is the brilliant mind behind the success of Goettl Air Conditioning. The company was on the verge of insolvency when he bought it in 2013 but he quickly turned its fortunes around and less than 5 years later, the company is doing exceptionally well. Kenneth acknowledges that it was not a walk in the park. Despite having bought more than 10 struggling companies and reviving them, Goettl gave him a particularly difficult challenge.


Reviving Goettl Air Conditioning


One of the biggest issues was that the company had a poor reputation due the misdeeds of the previous owners, and this was something Goodrich had never had to deal with before. He used a customer-focused approach to deal with this, and it worked wonders as his employees were motivated and clients were impressed with the services they received. He also got the company involved in various charitable initiatives to try and salvage its reputation. They prioritized the needs of customers and not profit generation as most other HVAC companies do. After fixing the company’s reputation, everything else fell back in place and from there, it was success after success after success. Goettl has grown tremendously in the last few years.


About Goettl Air Conditioning


Goettl is a leading HVAC company that has been in operation since 1926. As expected, it has changed leadership several times since it was founded, and this means that is has had a few rough patches along the way. It is well known for its high-quality and customer-oriented services. The company’s leadership and the winning strategies they set play a big part in Goettl’s excellent performance. Today, the company serves Las Vegas, Tucson, Southern California, and Arizona and its annual revenue is more than $50 million.




Kenneth Goodrich’s extensive experience reviving broken businesses makes him well suited for the leadership of the company. His secret to success is simply focusing on what the customer wants or needs and keeping his employees motivated as they are very instrumental in determining the clients’ perception of the company. Goettl is clearly going places with Goodrich at the helm.