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How James Dondero Became a Philanthropist After Becoming Rich

Highland Capital Management is a very influential financial advisory company based in Dallas, Texas.


It is led by the co-founder and President of the company, James Dondero, who is an expert in finances and in giving investment strategies to his clients.


James Dondero has an impressive record of successful investments, including his own company, Highland Capital Management, which today is one of the strongest financial corporations in Dallas, and has made Dondero and his partner who co-founder the company billionaires.


The entrepreneur and financial expert today is a philanthropist and uses some of Highland Capital Management’s profit to fund some honorable initiatives and foundations through the help of some of the company’s partners. As a philanthropist and a charitable person, James Dondero has already donated millions of dollars on multiple occasions like when he donated to the Dallas Zoo to help bring back the hippos and restore their habitat inside the zoo.


He is also a big supporter of the “The Family Place,” and he made a $1 million grant to support their cause and initiate a challenge in the foundation.


As a financial specialist, he founded the Highland Capital Management and has employees that are trained and gather experience from some of the best economists in the United States, including himself. Any employee in James Dondero’s firm is well-trained and experienced with investments, and they will find a custom, tailored financial plan for all kinds of clients and newcomers alike.


Commonly called as “Jim Dondero” by his friends and family, the man is committed to studying investments and the latest profitable assets in the world to help suit the Highland Capital Management’s clients with the most efficient and secure methods of earning money.


Today, James Dondero has been awarded with the nomination of one of the biggest philanthropists in Dallas as well as in the whole Texas. Having already donated to his firm’s Tower Scholars Program, where he promoted a lot of exposure to educational opportunities, he is also improving the education in the country by emphasizing the importance of a good study to develop the nation and the quality of life of the communities.