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Get Into Real Estate Investment with Nick Vertucci

Every once in a while, a person must decide to forget the things that went wrong in the past and put their focus on making the future full of good tidings. One such person is Nick Vertucci; his story is that of legends like the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the fires that consumed it. By 18 years of age, he had already lost his father at the age of ten and was living in his van. With determination and ambition for a better life, he started his business selling and supplying computer parts, and his fortune changed, and he got a wife. However, his business took a turn for the worst when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. For nearly a year and a half, Nick did not have an income and sunk into more debt, losing everything except his home.


Education and Career


Nick graduated with a diploma from Canyon High School in 1984 and after tarmacking and hustling for a living, started his computer parts business. In 2001, he founded the Coastline Micro, Inc. where he served as the President and CEO for six years. The collapse of this business taught him many things, but it is not until a friend of his, invited him for a 3-day real estate seminar. Today, Nick Vertucci is one of the renowned real estate gurus in the world, and people from all over the USA and beyond attend his seminars.


During the seminar, Nick saw an opportunity, and for over a decade, he aspired to learn, train, and study on everything real estate, this he did by practicing what he learned overnight and applied it daily. Today, he is the founder and CEO of NV Real Estate Academy.


The NV Real Estate Academy


After many trials and errors, Nick Vertucci developed a simple and straightforward system that allowed him to make money in the real estate industry. Most people would keep the system to themselves but Nick saw the plight of millions of people struggling to make ends meet, and that is when he started his real estate academy. His primary motivation was that he saw people who had the drive and the desire but lacked the knowledge of penetrating the real estate market.


Presently, Nick Vertucci has a corporate staff team of 9 members and 14 highly trained and experienced educators who take the students through the system. The academy has achieved great results, and there are thousands of people quitting their jobs to go into real estate thanks to Nick’s system. You can watch his free webinar and attend his lectures where he will show you how to go about real estate investing. However, for success, you must be willing to go the full 8 miles and work hard to experience success.