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George Soros And His Bold Philanthropy

George Soros has certainly had his fair share of wealth and he understands the need to help others with his success. He has made philanthropy through the Open Society Foundation one of the essential aspects of his work. Few billionaires can say they’v donated $18 billion to philanthropy, but then again few can say they’ve had his level of financial success. Recently, philanthropy has been stigmatized in the media and his particular work has been smeared by those on the right seeking cheap political points. Nonetheless, he plans on doing what he can to make philanthropy an important focus point again.

George Soros made himself the world’s most successful hedge fund manager through his careful business acumen. He understood how to make private capital return incredible profits and does so on a worldwide basis. Obviously, success in the world of hedge fund managing requires someone to have considerable capitalist and democratic values. No one manages to succeed in the world of hedge funds by holding onto to Communist values or authoritarianism. This has inspired him to go pursue efforts to spread capitalism to countries that typically haven’t had it before. The Open Society Foundation has played a key role in making that happen everywhere from eastern Europe to South Africa.

Even though his values are hardly similar to those of a socialist, his philanthropy has been attacked as an attempt to destroy western democracy. The claims are themselves bizarre, but they are often espoused by those on the right and the number of people who understand they are far from the truth is far from what it needs to be. Glenn Beck and others on the right are trying to turn him into some sort of demonic prince for their purposes. They often know little about him themselves and simply decide he is going to be their villain for now.

The most disturbing them about these attacks is that they take philanthropy and turn it into something down right evil. Nobody should be of the belief that helping others or doing what is right for the world is an act of corruption. That’s precisely what they are trying to do with these attacks and it’s something that defies any common knowledge of Soros. He has actually helped the world move towards more free markets and he has worked towards making the world more connected.

Despite the villainy being attached to philanthropy, Soros is going to donate more than %18 billion to the Open Society Foundation. He understands the need to make the world a more connected and open place because that’s the only way that people are going to be able to change their lives. If they aren’t allowed to make their own decisions and control their situation, the world economy is going to suffer greatly. Soros does what he does with the interest of other people in mind. That mindset is a rare find among people who obtain his level of wealth but it is certainly something to be welcomed.

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