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Former Hawks ownership sues insurance company over Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company, under the old leadership of the NBA Franchise Group, have filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance Company for their breach of contract. According to the old ownership company, the New Hampshire Insurance Company failed to repay them for an amount they were covered. This action involved settlement claims that were made by the former General Manager. According to the former Hawks ownership company, this lawsuit has nothing to do with the current management of the company led by Tonny Ressler. For this reason, Bruce Levenson is controlling these intentions as part of the management program of the company.

This litigation, filed at the Fulton County Superior Court in September against the New Hampshire Insurance Company, is part of the litigations that fall under the civil actions of bad insurance faith. The insurance company was sued for bad insurance faith and breach of contract. Because certain insurance policies covered the company, it was dedicated to receiving the money under this action. For this reason, we are here to maintain these policies under the coverage of certain losses. The Former ownership of the company is suing the insurance agency for their breach of contract against their employment practices that included certain acts of workplace torts and wrongful termination. For this reason, they are entitled to be repaid by the company.

According to the documents presented at the Fulton County Court, the insurance company got this notice in 2015 by the former Hawks Management team led by UCG chairman Bruce Levenson. For the company, they believe that these actions were covered. There was an undisclosed agreement that was reached by the two parties to the lawsuit. However, it is undisclosed. Their six-year relationship has been wrongfully termination. The two individuals were said to have received their general party agreement through the leadership of Brice Levenson.


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