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Eric Pulier, a Man of the People

Even after a brief study of Mr. Pulier and his many accomplishments, donations, and contributions to society, he strikes me as a man of the people, and not just of business. My own father is about the same age as Mr. Eric Pulier, he has always taught me of the importance of giving back to the world and to people around me. Mr. Pulier and my father are great examples of what men of the people look like. They give of their time, talents, and resources to better the lives of others. But they don’t just give money; They teach skills, encourage innovations and ideas, and they give people a way to show their best selves.

We all have examples in our lives of what to do, and what not to do. For many of us, we still remember the examples of our youth and how they shaped the lives we live today. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without my father and mother, but I also wouldn’t have the opportunities I have in this amazing country, without the help of influential men and women who do what they can to better the world. Mr. Pulier has been on the roster for numerous public speaking events at technology conferences around the world. He has influenced the ideas of countless entrepreneurs and business men and women, and those ideas will go on through their workers and children. THAT, is the power of a man of the people, their influence goes on and on.

With all that in mind, it is amazing to me to read how his brain works like most people. He recently said in an article published on, that he has to write down the basics of the ideas that he’s developing or he’ll lose them as the day goes by. I think there is a common misconception that you must have a super brain to be successful in life, but that is not true. Simple habits set the ground work for big success, which has been the story of Mr. Eric Pulier’s life.