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EOS Lip Balm’s Cult Following

EOS’s brand of lip balm, the round-shaped and moisturizing chapped-lip-preventing wonder, has amassed a cult following. Their followers were gained through their assortment of numerous different flavors that other brands do not churn out in such massive quantities. Additionally, EOS lip balm has moisturizers that keep your lips free of dryness even when not in use.

Some of their customer favorites include a few of the following flavors that are sure to make you lick your lips several times per minute:

1) Some lip balms have Mint flavors that are overpowering, but not EOS’ mint flavored lip balm. According to fans, this flavor is the Goldilock’s mint flavored lip balm equivalent of porridge because the mint is just right.

2) Cocounut is everyone’s summer time favorite scent. There are, however, times where Coconut flavors are too processed with a particular scent for the flavor to seem realistic. That is not the case with EOS’ coconut flavor though, as the flavor is coconutty enough for the most avid coconut snobs.

3) Vanilla is another flavor that can be too processed to taste right. With EOS though, they somehow managed to perfect the flavor to make it seem almost like tasting vanilla frosting, but better. It has the perfect scent, too! You may also browse the product here,

4) The peach flavored EOS lip balm is reminiscent of a peach-flavored mixed drink and the scent is just subtle enough to make you feel like you are tasting actual peach.


EOS lip balm fans also share that some flavors are somewhat difficult to find, so if you find one particular flavor that you really like, be sure to buy more than one at a time.

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