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EOS: Innovating Beauty Products

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS for short, is known for their cute, colorful and pocket sized lip balms that have been seen being used by celebrities. These lip balms are being sold in small, round containers, and has been a major hit since it was introduced to the public. The company behind these phenomenal lip balms, Evolution of Smooth, has stated that they had a major upgrade with their signature product. Read more wonderful stories here on Evolution of Smooth recently introduced a new, smooth lip balm that is referred by some as a new “see through” version. The newly introduced lip balms also feel good once applied to the lips, providing a soothing relief. These new lip balms are stored inside egg shaped containers, away from the traditional round containers. Evolution of Smooth hinted the upgrade through an Instragram post. Thousands have viewed the teaser, and they eventually revealed the product later on. Evolution of Smooth also claimed that the new lip balms does not contain any traces of wax, and stated that vegetarians can use it. The new product also comes in two flavors – Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, refer to They also initiated a promotion for those who would be purchasing the lip balms at their launch, offering them at only $4.99 per piece. The product will hit the stores sometime in August, but pre-orders are now gaining traction as more people wanted to be the first one to take hold of this amazing product, click here. Evolution of Smooth also revealed that each container of lip balm included five essential oils that would make the users’ lips soft and smooth. The oils were kept as a secret, but they assured that it never came from animal products. People who wanted to place an order can visit the Evolution of Smooth’s website at and become one of the first persons to try it out.

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