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End Citizens United

Looking ahead to the future and posed to initiate much needed changes, End Citizens United has a list of endorsements for the House of Representatives concerning the 2018 election cycle. It is actually a significant number of names that spans nearly a dozen states. The purpose behind compiling these names is to get endorsees access to millions of grassroots members. It is an effort to boost advocacy and raise awareness on the subject of campaign financing reform.


Within this list of candidates, there are 4 names from California, 3 in Maryland and 2 from Nevada, Illinois and Washington. There are single candidates from the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and Oregon. This action is actually a reaction to the trend of big-money special interests groups and their leaders having positions in the Trump presidential administration. Executive Director of the ECU organization, Tiffany Muller, understands that United States citizens do not want to see their government turn into a lap dog for anyone who has a lot of cash to throw around.


This is not the first time that End Citizens United has made a real change in the political arena. The organization has a past record of shaking things up for the good in Georgia’s 6th district to the tune of 14 million USD (United States Dollars). When this organization attempts to make changes in House and Senate races, their efforts yield results. This would be 15 new members of congress who continue to do their jobs and represent the best interests of the people. They have the power to bring about change and they are not afraid to use it. It is all about grass-roots action with this organization. The plan for the 2018 election cycle is to have 35 million USD raised and put to good use. However, how they plan to get this done is the real news. Instead of having a single donor give an amazing amount of money as a campaign contribution, they want multiple smaller donations from community members. This way they are not just throwing money at a problem, but instead they seek to galvanize the voter base and get people excited about what is going on in Washington.


Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. And, that is exactly what End Citizens United intends to do. As a PAC (Political Action Committee) it is kind of their job to make sure that money does not play too big of a role in the Hose or Senate. It also means they have to practice what they preach and not accept more than 5,000 USD from any one contributor. That policy is just fine with them. It acts as a model of behavior when they have to get aggressive about calling out individuals who may be trying to muddy political waters through the guise of traditional party contributions.