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E-governe: Brazil’s Answer To A Modern Education System

Brazil has a number of internal issues to address. The economy seems to be coming out of the devastating recession, but getting back on track is a slow process. Education in Brazil is another problem area for the country. The government is working on reducing the number of illiterates nationwide. A recent government report listed 13.2 million people as illiterate. Seventeen years ago that number was 16.3 million. Brazil is far behind other emerging markets like China and Russia in education, but there is hope. The largest country in South America is making progress thanks to the E-governe Educacao School Management System.



The E-governe program will benefit more than 138 schools in the city of Sao Paulo. The municipal department of the city and the education center will also benefit from the three company approach to solving the education crisis in Sao Paulo and other Brazilian cities. The E-governe system is like a giant Rubik cube, according to the company’s website. The Rubik Cube is a 1974 puzzle that uses colors with millions of options to solve it, but in order to solve the puzzle, each face must only have one color showing. E-governe is a combination of three high-profile multinational companies that provide modern technologies, data security, and algorithms packaged in a modular system.



The advantages of E-governe not only help the education system, but it also helps the country by ensuring reliability, security of information and the delivery of management reports. E-governe reduces the amount work that has to be redone, and all information is easily accessible through the Internet. The demand for E-governe is growing at a rapid pace. The system is becoming a centralized database for the country.



E-governe will help every school in Sao Paulo. The Continuing Education Center and head office of the Municipal Education Department will also benefit from the security and the uniqueness of the information in the platform. There is less chance of data loss when the E-governe system is in place because reports happen in real time, and those reports are available in all the pertinent places.



The E-governe system will soon apply in ICI. ICI is a complete platform for communication between the public and the public administrator. ICI provides full service to municipal managers. The advantages of using E-governe is an increase in response time to the demands of citizens, identifying problems faster, and analyzing suggestions that will help solve those problems. The goal of E-governe is to effectively manage Municipal and State Health Secretariats. That is the most challenging task for public administrations. The attendance system also benefits from E-governe. Human Resource programs work more efficiently and issues become more economical, functional and simpler when the E-governe platform is in place.



E-governe is the best technology to solve issues that have made Brazil fall behind in education and city management. The E-governe program is a winner because it uses updated knowledge and data to ensure accuracy. Several areas of the education department are in training, and that will hasten the application of the program on