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Don Ressler Makes Fabletics the Active Wear Company to Beat

Most sportswomen are very choosy when it comes to the type of sportswear they use in their sporting activities. Their choices lie between fashion and affordability, but functionality and style of their sportswear have had a gap for a long time. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler noticed that women’s sportswear was in a very high demand and the trend was not slowing down and so they co-founded Fabletics. This was in 2010, and the mission of the company was to produce attractive, fashionable, functional and affordable women’s sportswear.


Through their effort, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg brought a difference in women sportswear. They relied on what women needed but didn’t follow the trend of the day as the others did. They did a case study which helped them capture all the problems the women were facing with the sportswear of the day. The problems ranged from the size, cost, and comfort whereby to acquire the best sportswear as per one’s needs; the women had to spend a lot of money. It was not easy to find a smart fitting outfit which was comfortable without digging deeper into the pocket.


Kate Hudson who is an actress joined hands with Don Ressler, and the duo made a positive impact on Fabletics. Kate, as an actress was able to market the brand to the customers with ease. She became a co-founder and the organization’s spokeswoman and had a passion for media. The chemistry worked well to the organization since she would relate well with the customers through her actress personality and ability to talk to people through her love for the media. She holds the position to date and never takes a chance when undertaking her role to market the organization online and offline.


The organization experienced financial and other logistical problems common with new companies. This did not hinder Don Ressler from achieving his dream of complexity in the sportswear world. With his experience in the clothing industry and hard work, he helped the company make a comfortable, stylish and functional short pants which other manufacturers did not have. They joined hands and promoted the brand to a high level of comfort and quality. The combination of Don’s hard work and online experience and Hudson’s conversational skills, Fabletics was able to beat other competitors both online and on the ground. The company’s discount pricing system attracted many customers where one had to enroll for Fabletics VIP at $50 per month. The customers enjoyed discounts, free shipping, and reward points for any purchase they made.


This method boosted the company’s sales on the ground. The website also had an area where visitors would answer a quiz concerning women’s sportswear. The customer would suggest ideas based on options, and this made Fabletics stand on top of other competitors in matters of customer service. Through the affordable women’s sportswear and interactive online service, the company can serve even those busy women amicably. This year 2017, the company aims at reaching out to women with large bodies who have not been getting the quality they need. It will be a good thing because it will help feel much better and comfortable when doing their workouts to achieve their desired shapes and weight.