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Don Ressler and His Company – Fabletics

Don Ressler is the co-founder of Fabletics, the women’s active wear company for which Kate Hudson is the spokeswoman. Don Ressler chose to work with Kate because of her conversational skills and her public image. Kate is also a co-founder.


Don Ressler along with his partner, Adam Goldenberg started Fabletics in 2013. They sought to address the women’s active wear market by giving the consumer what she couldn’t readily find in the market. They wanted to make affordable, good fitting and attractive active wear for women. At that point in time, the market wasn’t providing clothing that fit all three categories well.


Fabletics was poised to explode onto the market and that’s just what they did. Using a different marketing tactic, Fabletics presented TV and print ads featuring Kate Hudson enjoying her active wear and dressed in it while she exercised. The company set up a VIP subscription service requiring the customer to pay $50 per month to have access to customized outfits based on their preferences. This information is gathered via a quiz when they signup online. The consumer is given free shipping and pays a discount price for the first pieces. As a VIP member, you are entitled to 50% off regular prices and each purchase earns points toward loyalty items.


The consumer is excited about the concept of Fabletics causing it to grow a monumentally fast pace. To continue their growth, the company opened six retail locations in 2015 with more sites scheduled to open soon. The most recent plans according to Don Ressler are for Fabletics to start producing active wear for the plus-sized woman. He believes if the plus-sized woman wears attractive well fitting and affordable active wear, she will be inspired to exercise and will enjoy looking good in the Fabletics brand of active wear while she does it.


Despite the initial challenges Fabletics encountered as the business was growing, now it is quite successful. Their online presence and their brick-and-mortar stores are all prospering. Fabletics is continuing the expansion of their stores, expanding into new cities and states. With the addition of the new plus-size line, Fabletics will gain even greater market share.


Don Ressler and his partners garnered a winner in the Fabletics brand. Every aspect of the brand has contributed to its success. The consumer continues to be excited about the look, feel and function of this on-target women’s active wear line.