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Don Ressler And Adam Goldberg Go To Extremes To Provide Fabletics Customers With Personalized Style and Service

When Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler combined their talents and inspiration they contemplated the current trends. They focused on fashions and realized consumers were often unable to find what they wanted. Consumers were spending hours going from store to store and perusing websites. They wanted personalized fashion combined with the latest styles. This was when the pair decided it was time to create their own online service for personalized fashion. They were successful with JustFab and TechStyle and offered their members amazing promotional offers, recommendations based on individual style, and information regarding their preferences.


The word Adam and Don chose was fabulous and it was a perfect fit. This was the name they gave the Fabletics brand and it was enticing, fresh, and modern. Their ads supported everyone with their models being diverse and wearing all different sizes. They used fabrics of the highest quality because they provided ease of movement and their products sell quite well. They offered their member special discounts and promotional offers. A membership to Fabletics means women can find clothing to fit their unique styles and preferences.


Don and Adam then began working with the co-founder and actress Kate Hudson. Her passion for healthy living and helping women find their own sense of beauty inspired women. Their clothing brings confidence, is carefully designed, fits just right, and flatters women of all sizes. These were critical concepts for Fabletics brands. Fabletics began in 2013 and now have more than 1 million VIP members with a consistently growing demand. Their large customer base led to the opening of several stores throughout the country. They base their services on technology and use a high tech software that provides their customers with an optimal experience. They incorporate a membership system, tools for personal styling, a retail system, customer management, and a fulfillment system.


The technology Fabletics uses for their physical stores is not only innovative but provides exceptional benefits for both the company and their customers. When a member enters a store they are scanned automatically. This allows the store to give them recommendations using their individual profile so their shopping experience becomes more efficient and easier. This additionally allows Fabletics to analyze buying trends so the inventory at their stores can be correctly stocked. Don and Adam are continuing the personalization involved with their shopping services and are always looking for a way to make finding the right fashion easier and simpler for consumers.