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Clay Siegall’s Brilliant Role In Seeking Solutions To Cancer

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics; a pharmaceutical company focused on developing biotechnology solutions for cancer. Under Siegall’s tenure, the group has developed innovative products including the much known antibody-drug conjugates aimed at helping patients. Clay Siegall was also influential in seeking the certification of the firm’s first antibody-drug conjugate, ADCETRIS by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011.


In a recent interview, Clay opened up on his role at Seattle Genetics and also shared his success story. Clay Siegall’s father was diagnosed with cancer when he was just nineteen years old. Unfortunately for him, he watched helplessly as his father’s condition deteriorated and he succumbed five years later, leaving Clay devastated. He was only twenty-four then, and when he earned a doctorate in genetics, he set on a path to help cancer patients. He did this by joining pharmaceutical research institutes the like of Bristol-Myers Squibb. It was here that he gained experience in running a company and had a chance to improve his leadership skills further. The work also brought him to Seattle and with the skills he had acquired, he founded Seattle Genetics with a commitment to treating cancer.


In his entrepreneur journey, Clay Siegall has learned the habit of seeking knowledge and interacting with deeply knowledgeable individuals as the key secret to success. Siegall is also apprehensive of the fact that progress in anything needs strong partnerships. This has been Seattle Genetics group’s primary business strategy as they have collaborated with other companies. This has led to the development of new ideas and approaches that have extended the firm’s reach, therefore, helping more patients.


About Clay Siegall


Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics and also serves as the group’s President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Clay is a professional geneticist and holds an array of academic credentials including a doctorate in Genetics from George Washington University.


Apart from his role at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall also sits on boards of different corporations in diverse industries. Siegall is also the author of numerous publications and holds numerous patents.